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Why striking bus drivers in Tehran are the real defenders of Muslim rights

Worker Freedom | For three weeks, there have been demonstrations across the planet about a great injustice done to Muslims. After baton-wielding cops inflicted dozens of injuries, the fear of death is in the air. George W Bush's State Department has warned of 'systematic oppression', while secularists and fundamentalists have revealed their mutually incompatible values. Since you ask, I am not talking about the global menace of Scandinavian cartoonists that has so terrified our fearless free press, but mass arrests in Iran.
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LEND A HAND: Starbucks Engaging in Religious Persecution of IWW Barista

Worker Freedom | Suley Ayala, Right Side, With Her Family
A Message from the Starbucks Workers Union:
February 10, 2006
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American Family or ‘Anti-Fag’ Association

DAVID JASPER | Christian right’s American Family Association (AFA) has also been in discussions with Ford to sever ties with gay community markets. Since May 2005, AFA has been threatening a boycott if talks failed to produce results. In early December, the AFA claimed that it forced Ford to cancel ads that it had planned to run with LGBT media. more...  3 Comments

Jewish Labor Activists Zap Scab Symposium at NYU (Press Release)

rozele | Jewish supporters of workers’ rights zapped a symposium on S. Ansky’s play “The Dybbuk” today at NYU, where graduate teachers are in the second semester of a strike. Members of the Clara Lemlich Group for Radical Heat (KHL) pointed out that asking scholars to cross their colleagues’ picket line to honor Ansky, a strong and lifelong supporter of the labor movement, was an insult to both the writer’s memory and the striking teachers. more...  0 Comments

LEND A HAND: Starbucks Engaging in Religious Persecution of IWW Barista

Tomer Malchi | Religious Discrimination

For the second time in as many months, Starbucks management has kicked SWU member Suley Ayala out of
the workplace for wearing her modest Pentagram necklace.

Call Starbucks District Manager Kim Vetrano NOW and demand that Suley be allowed to freely observe her
religion while at work and that she be compensated for the work hours she missed:

Phone: (646) 256-9929
Fax: (917)591-8599 more...  1 Comments

EZ Supply workers in Queens NY vote to unionize with the IWW

Worker Freedom | The Industrial Workers of the World chalked up another victory in an NLRB election on Thursday, the ninth of February, at E-Z Supply Corp., a wholesale distributor of restaurant supplies and foodstuffs, located in Queens, New York.
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Mountain People Suffering (The Indypendent)

ANTRIM CASKEY | Have you ever turned on your tap and had the water come out black? I witnessed this several times in the last two weeks. Water from every tap in Kenneth Stroud’s home in Mingo County came out rust colored, laced with a gritty oily substance some alleged to be diesel fuel. When the coal company has been pumping toxic sludge into your mountains for 30 years, this is what can happen. more...  0 Comments

Tenant Groups Pressure Banks to Enforce Repairs (The Indypendent)

BENNETT BAUMER | Housing Here and Now recommends that government regulators deny NYCB’s bid to buy Atlantic Bank of New York if it cannot enforce its good-repair clauses. In 1977, Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act to curtail discriminatory banking practices – known as “redlining,” after the practice of drawing red lines around low income neighborhoods on a map and denying loans on buildings inside that line. more...  0 Comments

The Anti-Valentine

Adam Eidinger | Organic Consumers Association Releases New Flash Animation
National Organic Consumer Group says, ‘Unchain Your Love:
Buy Organic & Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Flowers in 2006’ more...  0 Comments

Islam bashing part of racist war for empire

Leslie Feinberg | According to the big-business media, “free speech” is the core issue. In reality, this is a battle between oppressor and oppressed nations. more...  23 Comments

Frustrated by Low Wages, Starbucks Employees Sow Union Seeds

Worker Freedom | As if ordering a cup of coffee wasn’t complicated enough these days, things could get even muckier if federal labor law weighs in.

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The South is Bled White

Philipp Hersel | Since the Asian crisis and the 1980s, we have had massive net capital flows from the South to the North. These flows are much greater than what flows to the South in economic aid to developing countries. Thus the South is systematically bled white under the present conditions of the world economy. more...  0 Comments

Piled Higher and Deeper?

Nerds on Strike! | On Wednesday, February 1, garbage collectors refused to cross GSOC picket lines to collect trash at Washington Square Village. NYU security and residential life staff paid the trash a visit and expressed amazement at the fact that it was there. [Full Post || Pictures] more...  2 Comments

Union / Community Alliance Wins Big

DMI Blog and the Indypendent | In an innovative collaboration aimed at drastically improving wages, benefits and working conditions for retail workers along Bushwick's Knickerbocker Avenue, Make the Road by Walking launched a community organizing campaign that reached out to thousands of neighborhood consumers and got them to commit to stop buying from stores that exploit or mistreat their workers. Make the Road also reached out to the workers and encouraged them to organize a union that would give them lasting power in the workplace. The RWDSU was eager to experiment with community-labor partnerships, and eager to organize the workers in these retail shops. They engaged and developed strong leaders among the workers. [Read More at DMI Blog || Indypendent Coverage (8/2005) || (9/2005)] more...  0 Comments

Remembering Al Lewis: 1923-2006

Anonymous | "I've been in the struggle over seventy years -- it doesn't bother me I may not win," Grandpa Al Lewis said in a cantankerous, wide-ranging 1997 interview with The Shadow. "The victory is in the struggle, for me. And I accepted that a long time ago."

On Friday, the 95- (or 82) year old Lewis passed away. Best known as "Grandpa Munster" for his role in a television sitcom, Lewis was a social justice fighter going back to labor and tenant struggles during the Great Depression. In recent years, he was a Green Party gubernatorial candidate and the host of a weekly radio show on WBAI-99.5 FM. Do you have any personal memories of "Grandpa"? Feel free to share them here.

Today, Democracy Now! reported that "Grandpa Al" was 82, not 95 as he always claimed. Does the difference matter with regard to Grandpa Al's legacy?

[Democracy Now || Wakeup Call more...  10 Comments

Can the State Save Us from Work?

Guillaume Paoli | Whenever more profits are prodeuced with fewer and fewer workers, income should be separated from work. Every citizen should automatically receive a part of the money cake to buy goods produced without his help and find his or her own fulfillment. more...  2 Comments

Transportation Workers Resist Global Attack

Workers Rights and Unity | The latest attack on workers' rights around the world is now hitting the people who make public transportation possible in many of the world's metro areas. Tehran and New York City are both in states that are bitterly opposed to one another but share the similarity of not allowing public transportation workers to organize and fight back against the attacks by local transportation companies. In both Tehran and New York City, local or national governments have deliberately tried to hamper the efforts of striking workers who want their unions to defend workers' rights.
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Manifesto against Labour

Crisis group | How strange that work fanaticism and work fetishism should increase while work becomes a corpse! How strange that profits soar while investments fall! How strange that corporate welfare is stylized as job creation while human welfare is decried as dependence!
Corporations should be obligated to create living wage jobs before receiving any state subsidies or tax writeoffs. more...  0 Comments

Union victories at NYC Union Square Starbucks

Tomer Malchi | On Friday Nov. 18, Starbucks workers at Union Square publicly declared their membership in the Starbucks Workers Union. Throughout the weekend workers showed their strength by refusing to take off union pins in the face of management attempting to enforce a no-pin policy. Our key demands were for guaranteed hours, a group meeting with management, and an end to anti-union discrimination. more...  21 Comments

"No Contract, No Work" - The 2005 New York City transit strike

Worker Freedom | By New York city MTA Train Operator Harry Harrington more...  0 Comments

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