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Hopeful...and wary in Bolivia (The Indypendent)

MIKE AGRESTA | “Our aim is to be a point of reference in the struggle,” says Ramiro Saravia, co-founder of Tinku. Almost everyone drawn in by the bulletin board eventually finds Tinku’s office, where almost every night a different meeting, discussion group, video screening or lecture is open to the public. There, the political consciousness encouraged in the main plaza is given full space to develop.
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Looking for a Rainbow in New Orleans (The Indypendent)

NICHOLAS POWERS | Six months later, Reverend Walker is working on obtaining transitional housing for city workers, counseling his congregation and stepping through the political redtape that is strangling the city. more...  1 Comments

The March 2nd Issue of The Indypendent

Indypendent Staff | The Indypendent is the award winning newspaper of New York Independent Media Center. Enjoy the PDF attached. Articles will also be posted on newswire. more...  1 Comments

Statement by the activists of Iran to International anti imperialist, anti war forces

Worker Freedom | You might be aware that ICFTU &TUAC -OECD has issued a joint call for demonstrations in solidarity with striking Tehran bus drivers on February 15th. However the fact that this call has coincided with recent efforts by the USA and European countries to refer Iran to the Security Council of the United Nations and lingering accusations about the origins of some trade union organizations has created doubts and suspicions amongst anti war, anti capitalist activists regarding intentions behind this call.
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America's Glorious Empire of Debt

Bill Bonner | Economists have all become like rich notables in the time of Trajan, doing the emperor's work whether they are on his payroll or not. more...  0 Comments

The Statement of the Syndicate of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company on the Supports and Solidarity of Worker

Worker Freedom | With the warm greetings to all workers organized with the international federations of trade unions who supported the Syndicate of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company on a day of solidarity on February 15, 2006 across the world and voiced their protests at the violations of trade union rights in Iran to the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The syndicate of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Workers is striving for numerous unresolved demands, including the realization of the following three urgent matters:
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Dems finally find an issue

Workers World | Now comes the fraudulent, bogus issue of the ports. Suddenly New York senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton are agreeing with Republicans Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert that a deal made by the Bush administration allowing a company from the United Arab Emirates to manage six U.S. ports is a horrendous threat to “national security.” more...  0 Comments

International Women’s Day

Workers World | Women have an especially large stake in fighting for a society where the ownership of the wealth and resources is taken out of the hands of the few and shared by all.

In this struggle, working-class women will be leaders of the multi-national force—African American, Latino, Asian and Native—that can break politically with the capitalist parties and fight for a total overhaul of society. more...  0 Comments

Anti-women bigots go on rampage

Sue Davis | But reproductive rights aren’t related merely to sexuality, though they include full rights for lesbians, bi and trans women, freedom from stereotyped gender roles, an end to sexual harassment and vio lence against women and no forced sterilization. Reproductive rights are a constellation of social, economic and cultural conditions that allow every woman to make informed decisions about her life.

It’s really a program for women’s right to control their lives—a platform of demands needed for women’s liberation. more...  2 Comments

Protesters in Papua blockade Freeport mine

Anne | West Papuans have blockaded the Freeport Gold Mine for several days now. Here are some reports .... more...  0 Comments


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The meaning of the New York City transit strike

Internationalism | The transit strike that paralyzed New York for 3 days in December was the most important struggle in the U.S. in 15 years and has had a significant impact on the development of class consciousness. more...  2 Comments

Jewish Labor Activists Zap NYU Scab Conference

rozele | Jewish supporters of workers’ rights zapped a Yiddish studies conference this weekend at NYU, where graduate teachers have been on strike for over 100 days. Since fall 2005, NYU’s graduate teachers have been on strike for a new contract, and the entire campus has been under picket; attending events held in NYU buildings is crossing a picket line. The conference’s organizers aligned themselves with that effort by placing it on the NYU campus, rather than at one of the many community venues which have hosted events during the strike. more...  0 Comments

Help us to finish the film about Zanon's workers.

Ernesto | This film narrates the whole story about the fight of Zanon's workers. Now is in postproduction. Help us to finish the film. Visit our website where is all the information.
The address is
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Festival Sanremo e Salute Gratuita in Africa: Spegni la TV!

2010: Eliminazione Povertà | Inizia il Festival di Sanremo, milioni di persone in Italia rivolgeranno la loro attenzione verso il piccolo schermo, ma non si può fare di meglio? Noi stiamo cercando di dare la salute gratuita a tutti gli africani, che ne dici? Cosa scegli? Salute gratuita in Africa o Festival di Sanremo? more...  0 Comments

IWW-Starbucks Workers Union annual Winter Benefit Show Extravaganza!!!

Worker Freedom | So come on over to Bklyn. for cheap drinks, live music, union solidarity, and all the standard debaucherous debauchery that comes along with any great house par-tay!
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Memorandum 2005: Alternatrive Economic Policy

Bremen study group | In Germany and the US, corporations are often stylized as the suffering servant. The market is made sacrosanct; all problems are defined as interferences with the market. Corporations pay increasingly less tax (if any) and receive subsidies and incentives. Corporate welfare is called job creation (though few living wage jobs are created) and human welfare is decried as dependency. Alternative economic policy is needed to avoid confusing sickness and health and to restore long-term sanity in investment, distribution and taxation policies. more...  0 Comments

You be the judge: Is Renco robbing steelworker pensions?

Milt Neidenberg | Pensions, health care and jobs are a property right. Only under workers’ control can they be guaranteed. That’s the lesson of the WCI/Renco struggle. more...  1 Comments

Free Movie Screening @ Times Up! with Guest Speaker Sander Hicks.

Times Up! | Screening of Horns and Halos with Guest Speaker Sander Hicks. more...  1 Comments

Defending Union Jobs in the Global Economy

Monday, February 27, 7pm | Patricia Campbell, a long-time activist and Vice-President of the Irish Independent Workers Union, will talk about the labor struggles going on in Ireland today, including the successful fight of Irish Ferry workers to keep their union jobs from being outsourced. Mark Brenner of Labor Notes will join Patricia to put the Irish workers' stuggles in a global context, discussing the pressures workers face under globalization. more...  0 Comments

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