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Dear Liberal, Take Action Against the War

an | What is the sane and responsible reaction to an insane and irresponsible system? When the lives of Iraqi’s are being ripped to pieces in the name of “democracy” and “freedom”, when citizens instead of governments become targets for the hatred of the exploited, when the interests of the privileged take absolute precedence over the interests of the rest of us, what is the sane and logical response to this blatant disregard for our individual desires of safety and security? more...  2 Comments

Yugoslav leader exposed U.S. war crimes in Balkans

John Catalinotto | From the day he was kidnapped from a Belgrade prison to Scheveningen in The Hague and placed under NATO imprisonment, he carried out, under horribly unequal conditions, a heroic legal and political battle against the people who ordered him there. Like his fellow Balkans political prisoner of the 1930s, Bulgarian Communist Georgi Dmitrov, who successfully defended himself against bogus Nazi charges that he burned the Reichstag, Milosevic waged his own legal defense in the bogus NATO court.

Milosevic turned the tables on the court and showed that Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroeder, Gen. Wesley Clark and the rest of the NATO heads of state and government and their generals were the real “butchers of the Balkans” and the ones who deserved to be on trial for war crimes. more...  6 Comments

Iraqi people, U.S. troops: Both want end to occupation

LeiLani Dowell | Perhaps the most insightful poll was released on Jan. 31 by the Program on International Policy Attitudes. Entitled “What the Iraqi Public Wants,” the poll divided the Iraqi population into Kurds, Shia and Sunnis, and shows that 80 percent of all Iraqis polled believe that the “U.S. government plans to have permanent military bases in Iraq.” Seventy-six percent believed that the U.S. would refuse “if the new Iraqi government were to tell the U.S. to withdraw all of its forces within six months.” Eighty-seven percent would approve the government’s endorsing a timeline for U.S. withdrawal, as opposed to only reducing the forces “as the security situation improves.” Almost half of those polled—47 percent—said they approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Changing Course: No New Nuclear Power Plants!

Florian Roetzer | Offensive wars, normalization of war, militarization of foreign policy, exploding inequality, privatization, political corruption and nuclear power plants as panaceas have brought us to the brink of ruin. Changing course and accepting new priorities - decentralization, regionalization, nonviolence, infrastructure development and conservation - could be signs of a human-friendly future. more...  1 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Worst Immigration Bill; Disrupting Bronx Mail; U.S. & Cuba: The Lessons of Katrina

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | Radio WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, March 13, 2006, 7 - 8 pm EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
more...  1 Comments

A World Lit by Energy Warfare

populist | ...What "Mission Accomplished" in reality achieved was an intractable quagmire of bloodletting and a nightmarish prospect of global conflict... more...  0 Comments

Life is More than Capital

Stefan Drossler | Ulrich Duchrow and Franz Hinkelammert focus on the mis-developments in the third world where for example privatization of the water supply led to higher prices. International conglomerates made profits on which they paid no local taxes. more...  0 Comments

The Land Needs a New Vision

Angela Klein | The postulate `Work as cheap as possible and at the worst possible conditions' leads us back to the 19th century. We are faqr removed today from the 1985 watchword `More Time for Living and Loving'. more...  0 Comments

Where the Hell Are We Going? Is Anarchy Lost? with CGB.

Guiseppe Zangara | Tuesday, March 21st. 7:30pm Rm. 906 @ NYU's Kimmel Center for University Life, 60 Washington Square South. Photo ID required upon entering. more...  77 Comments

Concerned citizens heed Paul & Heather McCartney's plea to demand end to the seal slaughter!

VOLUNTEER | This year, the Canadian government is ignoring its own mandate to apply the Precautionary Approach to ecological management as it stubbornly refuses to cancel the seal "hunt" despite ice conditions worse than ever before recorded. This situation poses a dire threat to the seal pups since they require thick, sturdy ice to hold them for weeks until they learn to swim.

more...  0 Comments

May comes to Paris in March

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Students and workers protesting a new law designed to strip legal protections from most young hires have been occupying buildings and demonstrating throughout France more...  19 Comments


a union activist | Industrial Workers of the World IU # 660's Starbucks Workers Union made a noble effort to unionize 3 Starbucks stores in Downtown Manhattan. Despite their best intentions, the union activists involved basically bit off more than they could chew. After all, it is hard for 4 people to face off a multibillion dollar global retail giant, with a high turnover workforce and an elaborate system of on the job surveillance. So, the IWW was faced with coming up with an exit strategy. They actually did a good job of that. Sadly, the union has declined to face reality, and admit that a defeat is a defeat. more...  7 Comments

Union Scores Big Victory Against Starbucks at Labor Board

Worker Freedom | Coffee Giant Must Rehire Fired Baristas and Rescind National Anti-Union Policies
more...  25 Comments

Women of the World United for Change in NYC

Talia Whyte | Hundreds of passionate, dynamic women- and a few men- from around the world gathered at UN headquarters on February 27 for the start of the 50th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The event marks 60 years of working for gender equality, peace and development.

Meanwhile, truthout provides an update on Cindy Sheehan's arrest Monday at the UN.
more...  0 Comments

New York City transit workers reject givebacks

Worker Freedom | Shocking city and state politicians, the corporate world and their bosses at the MTA, New York City transit workers rejected their proposed contract after a three-day strike. The vote was close; of 22,461 total votes cast, 11,227 Transit Workers Union members voted to ratify the contract, and 11,234 voted against – a difference of only seven votes.
more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Activities are planned for March 30, March 31 and April 1, 2006.

Details will be posted shortly. more...  0 Comments

March 7: IWW v. Starbucks Hearing Day 2

Worker Freedom | March 7: IWW v. Starbucks Hearing Day 2
more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Faces March 6 NLRB Hearing for Anti-Union Violations

Cup o' Coffee | The National Labor Relations Board will hear testimony Monday from senior Starbucks
officials and members of the Industrial Workers of the World on allegations of threats, bribes, surveillance, discrimination, and retaliatory discharge of union employees. This marks the first time the world's largest coffee chain faces a Labor Board
hearing based on its treatment of baristas. The hearing begins at 9:30 a.m. at 26 Federal Plaza Suite 3614 in Manhattan. more...  2 Comments

The Persistence Of Poverty In the New Venezuela (The Indypendent)

In Capuchino, there are no mattresses, just hammocks made by the sweat and labor of the local women. A tiny little girl, hair discolored from malnutrition, peered out the door of one shack, and more followed. A young man, José Orlando Blanco, peeked from behind a tin door plastered with magazine advertisements, embarrassed to show his face to the newcomers. His right eye was inflamed, deformed from birth. more...  0 Comments

Black Gold Funds The Chávez Dream (The Indypendent)

CHRISTIAN PARENTI | Created in 1975 when the entire Venezuelan petroleum industry was nationalized, PDVSA has operated as “a state within a state,” never fully controlled by any of the governments that technically owned it. The engineers, geologists and managers who traditionally ran the company constituted a class unto themselves: petroleros: the cream of the Venezuelan elite. more...  0 Comments

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