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Testify! (On Making NYC a Leader on Immigration)

DMI Blog |

While people all over the country are taking to the streets over anti-immigrant legislation some people in NYC need to spend some time in their seats. Their seats in the NY City Council's hearing on immigration that is. [Read More at DMI Blog]

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Marcha del Enmigrante New York

Maria Sanchez |
Description: Say "NO" to H.R. 4437 and "YES" to a comprehensive, realistic, workable immigration reform. Come and support Immigrants' Rights around the country. March starts at 11:00 AM, at the Brooklyn Bridge entrance and crossing into Manhattan final destination 26 Federal Plaza Immigration Offices.

An urgent call on all ethnicities and races! Come and join in solidarity with our immigrants in their struggle to gain dignity to live decently and provide for their families. more...  0 Comments

“Cities In A World Of Migration: India and China in Global Perspective”

INDIACHINIA INSTITUTE | “We created the India China Institute because we wanted to include Asia in the university’s involvement in global issues,” New School President Bob Kerrey said. “India and China are key players in this era of globalization. The ICI Fellows Program and this conference give us the opportunity to join in the greater international debate. The New School has always promoted social change. And using this kind of collaborative process, I hope the ideas discussed here can be converted into a political agenda—that, ultimately, is where success lies.”
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Starbucks Workers Union Member to Moderate Labor Panel at National Lawyers Guild Conference

Worker Freedom | This panel will explore alternative forms of organizing for low wage workers in an increasingly global economy. Topics will include the resurgence of rank and file militancy, the rise of worker centers, solidarity unionism, and the importance of undocumented workers in the movement for transformative change. Emphasis will be on worker victories in the face of assymetric resources, voices of the rank and file, global solidarity as a challenge to neoliberalism, and organizing outside of the deeply flawed NLRA system. more...  0 Comments

April 15: Benefit Extravaganza for the IWW Starbucks Workers Union!

Party People | Saturday, April 15 from 8p-late
Theater for the New City
155 1st Ave. (betw. 9th and 10th St.) more...  1 Comments

Who says the French aren't hard-working?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | ...against neo-globalism, the United Resistance has decided on April 4 for its next day of strikes, occupations, and so forth. Of course, individual initiative is encouraged in the French workplace, and in schools and universities. more...  2 Comments

Revolution or Misapprehension

cleaves | The people’s movement in LA, France, Thailand, China, Philippines, the South Americas etc., verifies a power dynamic outlined in an earlier paper:

“…the erosion and final dissolution of power concentrated in specific locations is rapidly occurring today. The ultra-right/left authoritarian contractionism we witness today is symptomatic of its failure to harmoniously engage the greater (world) dynamic. The ‘greater’ the contractionism/antagonism the greater attraction it creates for precisely those forces and conditions that would equalise it [dispersion] in the broader world context.” more...  0 Comments

Freeganism & Dumpster Diving 101 @NYU Tuesday!

Louis Lingg | What is freeganism? Freeganism = living beyond capitalism. more...  28 Comments

Preserve Randall’s Island! Information, Email Action and Hearing date

Howard Ellis | Preserve Randall’s Island

A proposed private theme site would occupy 26 acres of our public waterfront park.

Access: Price of admission to this private enterprise will be more than $60.

Alienation: Would result in the loss of 10 of the island’s already overcrowded baseball and soccer fields.

Bankruptcy: The company involved has gone bankrupt before, this kind of project has never succeeded in a large City and what happens if it is not profitable? We will be stuck with a gargantuan empty building. more...  0 Comments

Where's the Sense of Panic or Urgency?

Dave Lindorff | The nation goes nuts if it hears about a mad cow somewhere or if a bird comes down with flu, but global warming, a biblical flood on the way within a generation? Who cares? more...  0 Comments

After Massive Protests Nationwide, Smaller March in Washington Heights For Immigrant Rights

IMCista | Cispes writes: "Following the wave of protests nationwide against pending immigration legislation, immigrants, families, youth, religious, labor & community leaders gathered and marched through Washington Heights from 165th & Audobon to 186th & St. Nicholas." [See Pictures || See Nationwide Coverage from US IMC more...  1 Comments

Problems at Work? Don't Fight Alone!

Worker Freedom | It's the "Introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World".
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Living Wage Cartoon

supersizemypay | to see this hilarious cartoon, click on more...  0 Comments

Tenants and Foreclosures in Bushwick: The Underside of Neighborhood Hotness

DMI Blog |

I wish Robert Sullivan, the author of a recent article in the New York Times Magazine about real estate in New York, could have been in the basement of the Hope Gardens Senior Citizens Center in Bushwick last night. There he would have heard the conversation on predatory lending and its devastating effect on the lives of people in Bushwick, the community deemed by Sullivan as the "next cool NYC neighborhood".

Bushwick has the highest rate of foreclosure among multi-family buildings (5 units and above) in the entire city. Period. Much of this has been as a result of elaborate property flipping and deed theft scams that have left tenants, at best, scratching their heads and wondering to whom they should pay their rent, and at worst, unfairly evicted. While there has been a lot written about predatory lending over the last ten years or so, most of the attention has been on homeowners. What is lost in the story is the toll taken on the people unfortunate enough to live in the apartment buildings with property titles that are shuffled around like a game of Three Card Monte. What is also often lost is how this inflates property prices and makes the area ripe for the moving out of low income people of color and the moving in of artists, then yuppies, looking for a "cool" place to live. [Read More]

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Celebrate Wal-Martlessness with us Sunday 3pm

Michael O | From Wal-Mart No Way to the neighborhood believers, from living wage shouters to Rego Park Queens labor heroes – the anti-Wal-Mart community will be honored by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on Sunday March 26th at 3 PM, St. Mark's in the Bowery, 10th and 2nd Avenue. Those of you who have done the right thing – PREPARE FOR YOUR SAINTHOOD! more...  0 Comments

Triangle Shirtwaist, In Memoriam

NYU Nerds For GSOC | Today, Nerds attended a city-wide labor rally held in honor of the 147 people (mostly Italian and Jewish immigrant girls and young women) who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 95 years ago. These deaths would have largely been prevented if basic safety precautions had been taken, such as keeping all exit doors unlocked, having sturdy fire escapes, and having sprinkler systems. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

France Erupts Into Riots!

Anne Archist | French President Jacques Chirac on Friday ruled out withdrawing a new youth employment law that has provoked mass demonstrations and sporadic riots as his prime minister sat down with unions to discuss the crisis. more...  1 Comments

Slow Roasted - Seven Years of Anti-Labor Practices Backfire on Coffee Giant

Worker Freedom | Starbucks settled 15 charges of unfair labor practices in New York Tuesday — a move the Industrial Workers of the World are hailing as a victory in their drive to unionize the coffee’s giants baristas.
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[WAR] In solidarity with SPEAK: Stop the Oxford Animal Lab

Win Animal Rights | Dates: Friday, March 31 & Saturday, April 1, 2006
Place: Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Ave. (49thSt.)
Times: Friday, 5:30 PM & Saturday, 12:00 PM more...  0 Comments

New Map Hack of Yankees Stadium Proposal

Will, OnNYTurf | Will at OnNYTurf writes: "Before I get into explaining the new Yankee Stadium map, take note that there is a critical city council sub-committee vote coming up on Tuesday, March 28. City Councilors need to hear from you before then. I strongly urge you to find that three minutes to look up their number here and give them a quick call about this project" [Read More] more...  0 Comments

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