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Starbucks Workers File OSHA Complaint Over Rats and Insects at Stores

Worker Freedom | Starbucks Workers File OSHA Complaint Over Rats and
Insects at Stores more...  3 Comments

"Still We Ride" to the People's Public Forum

TIMES UP! | Stop the NYPD's Parade permit revision scheme!
"Still We Ride" Bike ride to the People's Forum.
Meet @ Union Square South 6 PM 8.17

People's Public Forum
St Mark's Church 7 PM 8.17
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Industrial Worker - Issue #1686A, September 2006

Worker Freedom | Starbucks fires 3 IWWs for union organizing
8 million U.S. workers may lose union rights
The General Strike - By Staughton Lynd
Featured Articles:
more...  0 Comments

National Lawyers Guild Condemns Starbucks Over Unlawful Termination of Union Co-Founder Daniel Gross

Worker Freedom | NLG Supports Boycott of Starbucks Until All Fired Union Members Are Reinstated more...  0 Comments

The August 12 protests and their implications

Fred Bergen | Only the working class, mobilizing the power that is uniquely its own to stop war production and paralyze the war industries, and based on its material interest in the defeat of imperialism, can stop the war! But the strategy needed to stop the war -- massive political strikes aimed at bringing down the government of the imperialists -- requires a political break with the bourgeois forces. more...  1 Comments

Teachers' Strikes in Honduras, Mexico

Weekly News Update on the Americas | On Aug. 4 striking Honduran teachers blocked two entrances from Tegucigalpa to the Northern Highway for five hours; they ended the protest peacefully after the government agreed to start talks. But violence broke out on Aug. 9, when thousands of teachers blocked access from Tegucigalpa to the Southern Highway and part of an avenue in the capital. more...  0 Comments

You Gotta Give it To ACORN...

John Atlas | Wrenching concessions from private companies is a major goal of activists these days -- and that's exactly what ACORN did with Forest City Ratner and its Atlantic Yards housing and development plan. more...  12 Comments

NYPD Proposes Changes to Parade Permit Regulation

Adrienne | For those of you that don't know what the NYPD is trying to do, here is a brief recap. The NYPD has proposed a change to the rule that interprets NYC's Parading law.
People's Forum August 17, St. Mark's Church at 7pm.
Rally outside of 1 Police Plaza August 23 at 6pm. more...  1 Comments

(Updated) STARBUCKS INFAMY: IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Terminated for Union Activity!

Worker Freedom | The Starbucks "investigation" of IWW member Daniel Gross concluded today with his termination after more than three years of organizing at the company. more...  0 Comments

Iran:Leader of bus workers Mansoor Ossanlou released

worker Freedom | Mansoor Ossanlou, the jailed president of Tehran’s bus workers’ union (the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company), was released at 3.30 pm local time today, 9th August, after spending over seven and a half months in prison. He was warmly greeted by his family and colleagues more...  0 Comments

Statement of Solidarity from David Bleakney, National Union Representative - Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Worker Freedom |
Dave Bleakney - National Union Representtaive - Canadian Union of Postal Workers more...  0 Comments

Providence: Protesters chase off 21st Century Klan ride

red Bergen |
The protesters, organized by the International Socialist Organzation, the Workers International League, Working Class Emancipation, and independent activists, clearly scored a minor victory by demoralizing the racists and discouraging them from returning. But as this writer emphasized in a speech at the protest, only the massive, independent action of the working class can decisively defeat the racist vigilante groups like the Klan, the Minutemen, and the Paul Revere riders and, most importantly, overthrow the capitalist state apparatus that stimulates and defends them. more...  0 Comments

Associated Press: Starbucks fires union organizer

Worker Freedom | SEATTLE -- Starbucks Corp. has fired the co-founder of a union claiming to represent employees at six of its Manhattan coffee houses.
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me | August 12 National March to Stop the U.S.-Israeli War

Defend the People of Palestine and Lebanon!
From Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!
Money for Jobs and Occupation, Not for War and Occupation!
Support the Palestinian People's Right to Return!
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Third World Solidarity Group | Support an immediate stop to the US-UK-Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Israeli troops, stop to all US-led bogus, gunboat diplomacy, adequate and fair representation of Lebanese, Palestinian and other Arab governments in the settlement of the conflict, support for the sovereignty and independence of the Palestinian and Lebanese governments!!! In the long term, end US-UK-Israeli exploitation, control and interference in the Middle East!!! more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges :25,000 US Citizens in Lebanon;Latino Workers Sue City Contractors;Korean Workers Receive No Overtime:

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, August 7, 2006, 7- 8 pm EST,
over WBAI Radio 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
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Interview with Nancy Burton

David Grace / | Green Party Candidate for Attorney General, Connecticut more...  0 Comments

Rev Billy And Choir Banned From Mall Before Ever Setting Foot Inside

Church of Stop Shopping | Unnamed South Street Seaport officials and the NYPD "Protest Team" have warned surprised Spiegeltent producers their Sunday 2pm performers, Reverend Billy and The Church Of Stop Shopping, were effectively banned from making any political speech in the retail section of the Seaport. more...  1 Comments

STARBUCKS INFAMY: IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Terminated for Union Activity!

Eco-Wob | The Starbucks "investigation" of IWW member Daniel Gross concluded today with his termination after more than three years of organizing at the company. Daniel's expression of solidarity at a union picket line with co-worker and fellow union member, Evan Winterscheidt, was deemed threatening by Starbucks despite multiple eyewitnesses who confirm that Daniel merely asserted to District Manager Allison Marx that Evan should not be fired. With the termination of IWW members Daniel Gross, Evan Winterscheidt, Joe Agins Jr., and Charles Fostrom in less than a year, Starbucks has demonstrated conclusively its intense hostility to the right of workers to join a union...Take Action Now! more...  0 Comments

Public Transit Could Transform The Quality Of Life For Workers And The Environment

Richard Mellor | Having destroyed it once, public transit, like health care and education, is a project that US capitalism is incapable of providing its citizens. more...  0 Comments

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