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Albert Kada | It is my grave concern that American workers, especially Christian workers, and others who snub wisdom in spite of, or in lieu of faith, be paid on time, and on their regularly scheduled payday. Therefore I demand that Bush pay me what he owes me on time or God will surely torture him in hell for a minimum of 500 years. The current balance due would be about 100 million dollars.
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Economic Values and Impending Collapse

finch | Foreboding has hit the ranks of private equity firms; try as they might to unload vast amounts of funds (monetary value is inextricably linked to the movement of those funds) they have been unable to spend/invest at a rate that would sustain value let alone increase real profits! The ‘healthy figures’ reflecting increased acquisitions/investments are on paper only – it ‘looks good’ at the moment! more...  0 Comments

Furious Fur Free Friday 11/24/06 NYC

CAAAAF | Meeting time and location will not be announced until Thanksgiving Day, but will be somewhere in Midtown, New York City in the afternoon more...  0 Comments

Fired IWW Baristas Conduct Delegation to Starbucks Regional HQ to Demand Jobs, Right to Organize

Taylor | Five unjustly fired IWW baristas entered the Starbucks regional headquarters today to demand their jobs back and demand that Starbucks cease its scorched earth union-busting policy. more...  0 Comments

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Discussed at Brecht Forum

Clark Merrefield | Last night, the Brecht Forum sponsored an information session titled Holding Israel Accountable: The Case for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). With hostility between Israel and Palestine showing little or no sign of attenuating, lawyer and human rights activist Issa Mikel and Riham Barghouti, former Director of Public Relations at Birzeit University in Palestine, presented a non-violent alternative to combating what they perceive to be war crimes committed by Israel against Palestine. more...  2 Comments

FRANCE: riots, burning barricades - 10.000 fire fighters against the police (video)

marc | About 10.000 french firefighters protested for better working conditions. The protest ended in massive clashes with the police. barricades were set on fire, the firefighters defended themselves against the attacking police with stones, bottles and so on...
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Venezuela: ¿invasión o falso antiimperialismo?

PCInt. | Tomando como pretexto esta vez la participación de Estados Unidos en el golpe de Estado fallido de 2002, que no tiene otro propósito que el de suscitar la unión nacional entre todas las clases sociales para defender a la «patria», es decir, el Estado y la economía burgueses, la Administración Chávez ha lanzado una campaña sobre el riesgo imaginario de una invasión militar dirigida por el Gran Hermano del Norte; como toda campaña patriótica, nacionalista, chovinista que se precie, esta ha tenido por destinatario al proletariado; aquí se trata, en pocas palabras, de impedir que éste comprenda que sus intereses son diferentes y opuestos a los de las clases burguesas y pequeño-burguesas. La experiencia histórica es formal y categórica: el proletariado no podrá defender sus intereses si no se organiza y lucha sobre bases independientes de clase. Y, la única forma de solidaridad que podrá recibir, será la de sus hermanos en lucha de todos los otros países contra sus propias burguesías. El antiimperialismo proletario no tomará su verdadero vigor sino del combate de clase, cuando éste se reanude dentro de las fortalezas imperialistas, en este caso, la reanudación de la lucha de clase del proletariado norteamericano; lejos y difícil, pero lo más real. more...  1 Comments

"Horses Shit and Carry Pigs"

Modern Pitung | Activists from NY who can remember the massive February 15, 2003 anti-war protests and the brutality of the NYPD horse units will find an eerie parallel in the story of Houston janitors being stomped by police horses more...  3 Comments

NGO of the Week: Basic Income Network

Gunter Solken | The internationally practiced social cuts sold as combating unemployment have terrible social and economic effects.. Since the world economy becomes ever more efficient, what will become of the 80% without paid work? more...  0 Comments

Ludicrous Assumptions

gan | Ludicrous assumptions are many but perhaps the most absurd is the assumption that those who steal the greater percentage of available wealth and continue to implement economic strategies designed to enslave are (somehow) safe and secure. From the Pacific islands to the pitch battles in Mainland China, exploited people of the world are retaliating against injustice. more...  0 Comments

BNFL MOX Nuclear Fuel Shipment - 22nd November 2006

turoe |
According to news sources, a shipment of MOX fuel will leave the Sellafield Nuclear Facility in the UK, for France. The shipment is due for arrival on Wednesday the 22nd of November.
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Providence, RI: Protest Monday, November 20: Defend the Oaxaca Commune!

Working Class Emancipation | US, Mexico, Hands off Oaxaca!
Troops and police out of Oaxaca!
For a general strike until Ulises Ruiz falls!
For a government of the APPO and the workers' organizations!

Monday, Nov.
20, 3PM
Kennedy Plaza
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Inverted Values

finch | An Australian corporate director who FAILED to perform was recently relieved of his position; he nevertheless was able to walk with a $30 million severance package. This case is not uncommon, directors who fail to perform ensure they win regardless of other factors. Public companies are milk cows for these unscrupulous types. more...  0 Comments

Nationwide action against Starbucks: Nov 24th -25th - demand the right to Organize

IWW STarbucks Workers Union | This November 24th-25th, stand in solidarity with Starbucks workers as we call for an end to the anti-union campaign waged by Starbucks and for the reinstatement of all unlawfully fired workers. In addition we are calling on Starbucks to give Ethiopia control over its coffee. more...  2 Comments

Building Bridges National Edition: Sweatshop Tomatoes at McDonalds and Union Democracy in NYC

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents
this 27 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW. more...  0 Comments

DR Prez Raises Taxes, Loses Support

sus ymr prl mf | Dominican President Leonel Fernandez is dealing with the greatest challenge of his term on Tuesday by announcement of a new fiscal reform.
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Izquierda dominicana rechaza anunciada reforma fiscal

mgt prl | El probable aumento del impuesto al café, azúcar, aceite y harina, afectará el costo de la canasta básica, y los efectos de esta política se sentirán también en la salud, la educación, los servicios del agua y energía eléctrica.
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Brazilian Republic, 117 years

Tom Sanders | Benjamin Franklin in his
"A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency" (1729)
he demonstrated for his contemporaries and the posterity that a state is ridicule to take loaned money, having been he himself charged to print pounds at Philadelphia.

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URGENT: Immediate Action Needed to Protect Free Speech

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Building Bridges Radio Monday: Venezuela Rising;Houston Janitors Strike;Union Jobs for the Mob

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, November 13, 2006, 7- 8 pm EST,
over WBAI Radio 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
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