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Wal-mart in Brooklyn?

Rine (repost) | As you may know, Wal-Mart has had its eye on New York City for years. Now, Wal-Mart's latest attempt to sneak into NYC is taking place in Brooklyn at Allbee Square.
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Stop Animal Torture at the New York Stock Exchange this Friday

Vegan | meet at Starbucks (6th ave & 46th st) at 3:30 on Friday, Feb, 9th. Take the B,D,F, or V to Rockefeller Ctr. more...  12 Comments

Unlawful Anti-Union Retaliation Continues in Brooklyn Food Industry Warehouse

T^M^ | At 5:00 AM Monday December 18, 2006 IWW members from Top City Produce, along with a delegation of IWW members marched on Top City Produce to demand justice. Workers at Top City refused to go to work until the boss agreed to obey the law and start paying minimum wage and overtime. That afternoon workers at top city went back to work after the boss agreed to start paying the legal wage and open dialogue to discuss owed back wages.

On Saturday February 3rd workers were all suspended from work. The bossed handed each workers a letter saying Top City Produce will close from February 3 rd until February 24th in order to restructure to be able to pay off debts. Another 6 workers are jobless in retaliation for organizing a union, enforcing minimum wage laws, and demanding respect. For background info about the organizing drive among immigrant workers in the Food Warehouses check out more...  1 Comments

Protest Today at NYC Diamond Conference

African People's Solidarity Committee | On February 5th, human rights activists will hold a press conference, demonstration and street theater at the New York City Hilton Hotel where the 4th Annual Rapaport International Diamond Conference will take place. Speakers at the press conference include African physicist Aisha Fields; Uhuru Movement leader, Diop Olugbala; and Penny Hess, author of Overturning the Culture of Violence. more...  0 Comments

NY Parents for War

Mack "the knife" Machiavelli | Supporting the wholesale rape and pillage of people worldwide for the benefit of corporate profit and the buttom line more...  0 Comments

Basic Income Strengthens Workers' Negotiating Power

Katya Kipping | Basic income would be an effective instrument against the growing poverty, a kind of democracy package and a good vehicle for self-determined reduced working hours.. Some leftists have a hard time with the idea of basic income because they follow a certain work fetishism. more...  0 Comments

IWW Starbucks Workers Union: A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

Worker Freedom | IWW Starbucks Workers Union: A Year in Review and a Look Ahead more...  0 Comments

Maxine Waters Visits NOLA Housing Occupation

Infoshop News | Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) visited the closed St. Bernard Housing Complex in New Orleans on Sunday. more...  0 Comments

How the Rich Become Richer and the Poor Poorer

Otto Meyer | The increase of wealth in the hands of the rich requires greater exploitation of their workersd worldwide and further expropriation of the poor.. How long will humanity fall to capitalism and the asocial drives of a small clique of beneficiaries? .. We can't afford the rich. more...  0 Comments

Optimism in the Kingdom of Phantasies

Robert Kurz | The credit-financing of the worldwide takeover battles has built a gigantic bankruptcy potential in the private quity funds that can lead to a chain reaction with the business loans in 2007.. The dreaded hard landing of the consumer economy in the US seems programmed. more...  0 Comments

Images from the Picket Line: Wobbly Workers Fight Back 1/20/07

Michael GW | Wobblies, fellow workers, community and anti-capitalist activists come together to fight back. more...  0 Comments

More Employment through a Different Distribution

Alternative Economic Policy study group | More employment comes through reduced working hours and public investment more than tax subsidies. The state (in Germany and the US) has destroyed jobs. The global attack of neoliberalism has gravely damaged the pillars of the democratic welfare state. more...  0 Comments

Now there’s blood even in your bananas

KMU | Be careful when you peel open your fresh bananas from the Philippines – it’s oozing with blood. more...  0 Comments

The Growth Spiral

Hans Christoph Binswanger | Infinite economic growth in a finite world is impossible. Growth in justice, opportunity and environmental caring require identifying blind spots and abaondoning myths. Economists must learn to subtract. The state must control the market so everybody shares in wealth and increased productivity. In his 1969 bok, Prof. Binswanger showed that unemployment, destruction of the environment and trade imablances can only be solved by breaking out of the system and emphasizing qualitative growth. more...  0 Comments

Community Unites to face cold, wage slavery

Worker Freedom | Despite the below-freezing wind chill and icy patches on the ground, New Yorkers showed yet another display of endurance as more than 50 people converged in Brooklyn to demand an end to Handyfat Trading Co.’s union-busting activities. In early January, Handyfat management illegally fired nine workers for union activity, despite the company’s claims they were fired because of their immigration status. more...  0 Comments

New Orleans Tenants Face Eviction by Unnatural Causes Right Now!

friend of St. Bernard Housing Development | Several people have returned to and are occupying apartments in the St. Bernard Housing Development, which the city has been keeping vacant since the floods during Hurricane Katrina. These people are there at the request of, and as guests of, leaseholders in St. Bernard's. The Housing Authority of New Orleans plans to demolish and redevelop this historic housing project and 3 others, leaving thousands of tenants homeless. more...  0 Comments

Break with the "peace" popular front

Fred Bergen | ************************************************
Peace parades can't stop the surge and slaughter
Answer imperialist war with class war

To the union members marching on January 27: Turn your anti-war contingent on Saturday into an anti-war picket line on Monday! more...  3 Comments

The donkey won't fly: How to end the war, for real

Yosef M. | ************************************************
Peace parades can't stop the surge and slaughter
Answer imperialist war with class war

The Goodyear strike shows that US workers and the peoples of Iraq face a common enemy, the exploiting class of capitalists in the US, those who own and control everything, including their political puppets in the White House and Congress. more...  2 Comments

Starbucks Workers Union Expands to Maryland in Spite of Harsh Anti-Union Effort

Worker Freedom | Barista Struggle for Fair Wages and Secure Hours Extends Across Three States
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Earth First Enemy, Pacific Lumber Co. files bankruptcy

The Toxic Reverend | Posting of a news story from the Santa Rosa California Press Democrat: about Pacific Lumber Co. filing bankruptcy. That is the lumber company that Juli Butterfly Hill was tree sitting about as an Earth First advocate. The question of Pacific Lumber spending too much money when they funded a recall campaign against the Humboldt County District Attorney that had charged them with fraud, is also posed. With a link to "Red Collar Crime" that is documenting the "political fallout" when criminal charges are filed against a corporation. at more...  0 Comments

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