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Building Bridges Radio::McLibel & The Future of Food

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, October 24, 2005 7 - MIDNIGHT EST, over 99.5 FM
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Victory as Tito Kayak walks free

Arturo J. Pérez Saad | The U.S. wanted to criminalize Kayak’s action. The district attorney hoped to give him 90 days in prison. But this hearing came soon after the cowardly assassination of independence fighter Filiberto Ojeda Ríos in Puerto Rico by an FBI hit squad. The Puerto Rican community was angry and activated, and came out in large numbers to the Manhattan court. more...  0 Comments

Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein's "The Take" Returns To NYC For One Weekend Only

Chhandasi Pandya | Director Avi Lewis will be on hand at two screenings of "The Take - Occupy, Resist, Produce" to discuss the making of the film - about how "thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act —the take —has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head." (From

Director/producer Avi Lewis (Counterspin) and writer/producer and renowned author Naomi Klein (No Logo) take viewers inside the lives of ordinary visionaries, as they reclaim their work, their dignity and their democracy. more...  0 Comments

Amiri Baraka Monday

todd | ~~ more...  3 Comments


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Cuckoo Economics

Gavin R. Putland | By failing to distinguish between assets that can be
*produced* and assets that can only be *acquired*, modern
economics laid the ideological foundation for unemployment,
poverty, inequality, and the looming global depression. more...  0 Comments

Insourcing: Immigration as American Economic & Foreign Policy

John M. Kelley | The article describes foreign and economic policy issues seldom examined in immigration policy. more...  0 Comments

Charas: The Battle Continues

AUGUST LEPPELMEYER | The former Public School 64 had been used as a community center for many years, until developer Gregg Singer purchased it at a 1998 city auction for $3.15 million. If the Board rules in Singer’s favor, he may finally be able to move ahead with his proposal to construct a 19-story building, with 222 dorm units on the site. more...  0 Comments

Their lies sold the war

Workers World | Little of political significance has emerged so far from the prosecutor. But there have been important indirect revelations in the capitalist media about the way the conspiracy to go to war was executed. more...  0 Comments

GATS as a Political Project

Christiana Deckwirth | GATS is not a privatization agreement but its market-opening clauses faciliate the entrance of transnational corporations in intensely regulated areas..With the acceptance of GATS in the world trade system under the WTO, services were first generally recognized as internationally exchangeable goods (first financial services and then education- and health care systems), GATS ecounrages the expropriation of public property through privatizations. more...  0 Comments

General Strike Begins in British Columbia

By Fighback Editorial Board |
In a matter of days, all of the contradictions that have been building over the last four years in British Columbia have come to the fore. Gordon Campbell's mis-named Liberals have spent their time in power attacking the working class - slashing social programs, closing schools and hospitals, ripping up collective agreements and sending tuition sky-rocketing. This has been met with several waves of unrest. The workers of this province have fought back with demonstrations, strikes and occupations. The movement has passed through many different stages; the working class has learned from bitter experience. Now this battle is reaching new heights. The province stands on the brink of an all-out general strike.
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Consumer Shock at the Pump

Alexander Jung | People in the southern US are experiencing this today. Gasoline and diesel oil are scarce and expensive. The oil giant Chevron is rationing fuel to its wholesalers.. Around a quarter of US production was lost through the hurricane.. Nevertheless most economists guard themselves from drawing parallels to the price shocks of the past.. What matters most for businesses is the uncertainty about consumer conduct. more...  0 Comments

small WORLD interview with Michael Stanat, “Doogie Howser” of International Marketing

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Michael Stanat, author of China’s Generation Y: Understanding the Future Leaders of the World’s Next Superpower. more...  0 Comments

Wednesday Could Mark Turning Point Over Future of the Charas Building

August Leppelmeyer | A ruling on October 19 by New York City’s Board of Standards and Appeals may provide a turning point in the almost decade-long struggle over the fate of the CHARAS building site. Located near Tompkins Square Park, the former Public School 64 had been used as a community center for many years, until developer Gregg Singer purchased it at a 1998 city auction for $3.15 million.
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Labor’s Militant Voice Statement on Delphi

Labor's Militant Voice | The Employers Can Be Stopped Starting With Delphi
But not without returning to the methods of the thirties. more...  1 Comments

Dairy Salesman, Alleged Mob Member Feared “Whacked”

Bennett Baumer | Ricci, on trial for corruption and fraud with top International Longshoremen's Association officials, went missing this week. His lawyer fears he may have been murdered. more...  2 Comments

Bloomberg's 3 sexual harassment lawsuits

DR | "After her doctor told Sekiko Garrison she was pregnant, in 1995, the top sales executive with a major finance company went to inform her boss of the good news. 'Kill it,' he reportedly said. Ms Garrison, aghast, asked him to repeat himself. 'Kill it,' he repeated. These words, as readers of New York's press now know only too well, were alleged to be those of Michael Bloomberg... more...  6 Comments

La Marcha Los Temas del Movimiento de Millones (Décimo Aniversario): National Mall Wahington DC, Sábado Octubre 15 2005

Movimiento de Millones, Millions More | Los Temas del Movimiento de Millones: Declaración del Décimo Aniversario de la Marcha del Millón de Hombres
National Mall in Washington, DC
En La Alameda Nacional en Washington, DC more...  0 Comments

Breaking the grip of Big Oil

Susan Webb/People's Weekly World | The day after President Bush advised Americans to deal with skyrocketing gas prices by avoiding unnecessary driving, he flew to New Orleans for a photo-op, burning up about 11,437 gallons of jet fuel, worth over $24,000. Apparently, it all depends on what you consider “necessary.” more...  0 Comments

When Americans Learn Fear

Thomas Fischermann | The German writer for DIE ZEIT describes another scenario for an oil crisis in America that would be similar to past experiences: a sudden price jump on the oil market in an uncertain environment could accelerate the loss of trust in the American economy.. The shopping rage of American consumers has kept the world economy going up to now, more...  0 Comments

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