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Farmers Speak Out: The Global Struggle for Food Sovereignty

World Hunger Year | What do farmers and food activists in the US have in common with farmers around the world? How can we develop a system of fair trade that respects each nation’s right to provide food for its people? What lessons can be learned about organizing for justice across borders?

WHY (World Hunger Year) and The New School invite you to a free evening discussion on global food justice featuring prominent farm leaders from Latin America, the US, and Canada. more...  0 Comments

Market Efficiency Hokum

Stephen Lendman | Debunking the myth free markets work best. more...  0 Comments

Wall Street's frozen zone

-- | Since the stock exchange is busy destroying the US economy its work must remain unimpeded!
Check out the street closures. more...  1 Comments


Dave Barnett | The BLUEPORT MURDUCK TARGET MARKET INDEX is intended to guide globalist investors both new, large, and small (the poor) toward more international dateline focused opportunities based on need, then greed, during expected growth cycles based on 21st century, fox-like information distribution processes, crystal balls, and dart throws on a shoestring. BMTMI is a soley owned enterprise interested in MONEY and is a grassroots superpower tool.
more...  0 Comments

The Royal Prerogative

Richard Mellor | The present economic crisis has the capitalist class calling for state intervention again. They claim another bout of memory loss, they simply "forgot" the business cycle exists. more...  0 Comments

Who Profits From the Crash?

freeman | A criminal corruption on the highest planes of the economic and political system is at the heart of the assets transfer. Every few decades, the real owners of the world arrange an economic crisis to steal the assets of the people. All the central banks of the world have injected the incredible sum of $325 billion into the financial system within a few days. The financial Armageddon can create a world of wars, chaos, lawlessness, hunger, thirst, homelessness, mass migrations and people with nothing to lose who will do anything to survive. more...  0 Comments

Rally and Block Party In Brooklyn Against Evictions

SBLS | Fifth Avenue Committee invites you to a block party against evictions, where we ask landlords Deanne Cheuk and Andrew Wiesmayr to be good neighbors and not throw low-income families out onto the street more...  24 Comments

Steamed workers taking on Starbucks [Daily News]

Worker Freedom | Tuesday, August 21st 2007

more...  0 Comments

Sin Patron: Argentina's Worker-run Factories, Sat. Aug. 25 at 7pm in Queens

Haymarket | Join Haymarket Books for the book launch of our new publication, Sin Patron, an inspiring account of the worker-run factories that developed out of the struggle against neoliberalism in Argentina. Featuring excerpts from "The Take," a documentary by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis

Saturday, August 25 at 7pm Sunnyside Community Center 43-31 39th Street, 2nd Floor
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BUILDING BRIDGES RADIO: Utah Mine Disaster; Midsummer Markets Meltdown

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 28.5 minute radio program.

Hurricane makes landfall. Speculators make windfall.

Trotsky the Horse | Hurricane Dean in Belize and Yucatan is likely to worsen the gap between rich foreigners and poor locals more...  0 Comments

Carlyle Groups' Carlyle Capital at risk in market meltdown

War profiteer has to 'borrow' $100 million | LONDON (MarketWatch) - European shares weakened on Tuesday morning, as the chief executive of a German lender warned that foreign banks were holding back credit and an affiliate of The Carlyle Group had to get a $100 million loan.

European shares lower as credit concerns mount
WestLB CEO points to crisis in German banking sector more...  0 Comments

It’s a Miserable Life: PAUL KRUGMAN; Terrorizing Social Protest +

PAUL KRUGMAN - THE NEW YORK TIMES | KRUGMAN: New-fashioned bank runs are at the heart of the current financial crisis and more. more...  0 Comments

David Walker, comptroller general, warns of impending crisis

max news | There were striking similarities between America's current situation and the factors that brought down Rome including declining moral values and political civility at home, an over-confident and over-extended military in foreign lands and fiscal irresponsibility by the central government. more...  0 Comments

IWW continues organizing and free speech fight in Providence

Worker Freedom | I.W.W. Victory: Jacky's Galaxy Discontinues Business With Dragonland Trading Inc. more...  0 Comments

Conference call Sunday for October mobilization

October Coalition | On Sunday August 19, 7 pm ET, there will be a conference call to plan national outreach for the October 19-21 mobilization in Washington DC against the IMF/World Bank annual meetings. more...  0 Comments

CALL TO ACTION: Confront Ulises Ruiz in NYC Today (Saturday)!

Ulises Ruiz Welcoming Committee | Ulises Ruiz, governor of the Mexican state of Oaxaca and architect of of police brutality, paramilitary violence, mass disappearance and extrajudicial murder against social movement in Mexico, has embarked with several other state-level Mexican officials on a tour of consulates in the United States. This Saturday, when Ulises Ruiz appears in New York City, come out to confront his program of lies and brutality! more...  3 Comments

Starbucks: A Baristas Union?

Worker Freedom | At the Labor Board trial of the company, twentysomething activists try to poke holes in the company's socially responsible image
more...  0 Comments

Stop the War Against Women At Home & Abroad

Womens Fightback Network | Unite against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia!
Unite against economic exploitation!
Unite to win everything we need! more...  1 Comments

Workouts, Not Bailouts: PAUL KRUGMAN; Homeland Security Expects Martial Law

PAUL KRUGMAN - THE NEW YORK TIMES | KRUGMAN: The housing slump will probably be with us for years, not months and more more...  0 Comments

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