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"The Dollar Will Fall Enormously"

Kenneth S. Rogoff | The American balance of payments deficit must be reduced. Today's business model is dead. Moody's rating agency will be the Arthur Andersen of this decade. more...  0 Comments

The Latest Battle in the War Against the Poor

Mumia Abu-Jamal | In New York City, homeowners are spending between 30-- to -- 50% of their income to pay for the mortgage. The prices, even of rents, drives people from Manhattan, from Brooklyn and from Queens, into the Bronx...In cities across the country, working-class Blacks are being forced, by the inability to make ends meet, to leave the cities of their birth and familial memory. more...  0 Comments


NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade | Join us this upcoming Thursday, September 27th to learn about how this agreement affects Peruvian workers, small farmers, women and the indigenous. Its effects on the environment and access to health care, especially treatment for AIDS patients, will also be discussed. Learn about the fierce opposition mounted by Peruvian social movements, trade unions, farmers and the left, and what you can do here in the New York area to stop this agreement.
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Thomas Riggins | Some forms of capitalism not only thrive off of disasters but actively try to create them. more...  0 Comments

CUBA Calls for End to Insensitivity...

posted by F Espinoza | Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque spoke on Monday, September 24, at a UN high-level event on climate change in New York, United States. We offers here the full text of the Cuban diplomat's speech. more...  0 Comments

Central Banks Reduce Their Holdings

Rainer Sommer | Japan, the largest investor in US debts, has been reducing its holdings for three years.. The decline of foreign treasury holdings is not surprising because foreign dollar investors suffered massive losses through the dollar's devaluation in the last two months. more...  0 Comments

Mobilize to Support Autoworkers

Socialist Party USA Labor Commission | On Saturday September 24th over 73,000 UAW workers across the country walked out in the first nationwide GM strike in 37 years. The Socialist Party USA calls upon its members and allies to demand a decisive victory for striking UAW workers and upon the entire labor movement to mobilize in solidarity.
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IWW Extends Legal Fight Against Starbucks Over Anti-Union Operation

Worker Freedom | Coffee Giant on Trial in New York, Faced with Complaint in Michigan more...  0 Comments

Questions to the Maestro Alan Greenspan

Thomas Fischermann | Greenspan was responsible for the credit problems that now shake the world finance markets. Did the maestro drastically lower interest rates to help the Bush administration? What about his public support for the tax cuts that only benefited the super-rich? more...  0 Comments

Posh Protest: IWW food workers rally at Pastis

Worker Freedom | MEATPACKING DISTRICT. The workers who filed a class action lawsuit yesterday against Wild Edibles, a high-end seafood retail and wholesale company, didn’t hold their press conference at the company’s Long Island City warehouse or one of its three retail locations. Instead, they stood in front of Pastis — Keith McNally’s fashionable French restaurant. more...  0 Comments

Rolling On: A Summary of the Bay Area Starbucks Workers Union

Worker Freedom | Rolling On: A Summary of the Bay Area Starbucks Workers Union more...  0 Comments

Discussion: Avi Lewis "Sin Patron: Stories From Argentina's Worker-Run Factories

IMCista | Join author and filmmaker Avi Lewis for a discussion and book launch of Sin Patron: Stories From Argentina's Worker-Run Factories, an inspiring account of the worker-run factories that developed out of the struggle against neoliberalism in Argentina.
Margaret Thatcher famously claimed that "There is no alternative" to neoliberalism. But these workers have shown that not only can resistance be successful, but another world is possible. more...  0 Comments

Free Thursday Night Movie: Costa Rica, Coffee, CAFTA & Rainforests

Time's Up! | Learn how Costa Ricans have successfully fended off the socially and environmentally disastrous Central America Free Trade Agreement in their country, as well as upcoming actions. Learn how your coffee consumption is affecting the environment in Costa Rica and around the world and what you can do about it. more...  0 Comments

CAFTA Scandal in Costa Rica

Weekly News Update | They recommended a campaign charging that Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were behind the forces calling for a "no" vote; they also suggested that the president threaten mayors with reductions in funding for their municipalties if they failed to back the "yes" vote.
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Oct. 19-21 IMF/WB actions update #2

October Coalition | This update provides a quick glimpse into how the organizing for the October 19-21 mobilization against the IMF/World Bank annual meetings is going. Read it to find out about action plans, new endorsers of the mobilization, how to plug in, and more. more...  2 Comments

Starbucks Barista Victimized by Age Discrimination

Worker Freedom | I am a 54 year old ex-Starbucks employee. I worked at Starbucks in Kansas City for over a year. I could say a lot about what I endured as a Starbucks so called PARTNER, but I will make this brief so that I can get my message out there so this will not happen to others. more...  0 Comments

Real Estate Crisis in the US

Ingo Schmidt | Credit failures in the real estate business threaten the whole payment system between banks, private businesses and households handled through short-term credits.. The US real estate crisis affects other economic sectors and countries and cal also lead to a shift in class relations. more...  1 Comments

From Crisis to Crash | Deregulation and liberalization have contributed to the present chaos. Through deregulation and internationalization, getting into and out of investments as fast as lightning becomes possible. more...  0 Comments

IWW-Starbucks Trial Continues: Come to Court!

Worker Freedom | Friends:

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IWW-Starbucks Trial Continues: Come to Court!

Worker Freedom | Friends:

Come support the Wobbly baristas as they continue their legal battle
with the world's largest coffee chain. While Starbucks' red-baiting
tactics thus far appear ineffective, they are indeed entertaining to watch.
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