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The 2008 Snake Race: Just reach inside the bag and pick our next president!

Dr. Peter Stern | Apparently, anyone with a few million bucks worth of wealthy special interest campaign contributions can run for U.S. President. more...  1 Comments

Are You Kindle?

Matt Capri | Amazon’s hopes its “Kindle” will change reading habits to extract greater profits from readers It is possible that a transition from paper to electronic reading media could institutionalize current negative reading habits. Given what iPods and music downloads have done for the music industry I think it is impossible for books to make the transition to electronic media without either highly restrictive digital rights management or many publishers going out of business.. more...  0 Comments

NY Times makes it official: Capitalism is failing

Trotsky the Horse | You can always count on the New York Times, the American Pravda, to give you the Party line on Capitalism. It sounds as if the Glorious Plan for Economic Development is in deep trouble. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Senate Dems want to cut foreign aid to save money while giving a blank check for the Iraq war! more...  0 Comments

"Big Box Living Wage Ordinance"

madhatter | "Big Box Living Wage Ordinance" more...  0 Comments

The Power of Money and the Money of Power

H. J. Krysmanski | Shakespeare stresses two properties of money: 1. It is the visible divinity and 2. It is the common whore. more...  0 Comments

Event: When Neoliberalism Implodes

Karl Marx | A Discussion with Robert Brenner & Sam Gindin. Moderated by Vivek Chibber
Fiday Dec. 7th at 7:30 pm at the Brecht Forum more...  0 Comments

Signs of Cultural Decline and Glimmers of Hope

Albrecht Mueller | Trust in the administration of justice disappears - obviously for good reason. The temporary success of a citizen rebellion against selling off the city of Leipzig is a glimmer of hope. more...  0 Comments

Demo to Stop Shell Oil in NY: 1-6-07

>> Broadwater (Shell Oil's Liquefied Natural Gas barge) will be an
>> environmental disaster for L.I. Sound and is an on-going environmental,
>> economic, cultural, and human rights disaster for Nigeria, where Shell has
>> major LNG operations. Some local environmentalists and others have
>> signalled a willingness to support this kind of disaster, and/or accept
>> money from the megaenergycorp and we are calling them on it. more...  3 Comments

Fighting for Justice, One Building at a Time

Stephanie Basile | Movement for Justice in El Barrio has been fighting the effects of neoliberalism in East Harlem. Two years ago they decided to connect their struggles to struggles all over the globe when they became adherents to the Zapatistas' Sixth Declaration. They recently conducted a presentation explaining their own work and their relationship to the Zapatistas. more...  3 Comments

Action Alert - Vote Solar

Basit Ikram | Don’t Let Congress Pull the Plug on Solar Energy, Jobs and Economic Growth.

Local Renewable Energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuel or energy imported from other regions.

Keep Our Country strong Like a Rock.
more...  0 Comments

The Proverbial "Digging to China" or How Deep is the U.S. Hole in Iraq?

Dr. Peter Stern | It is TRILLIONS of American tax dollars deep.

The depth of our hole is thousands upon thousands of American and Iraqi lives wasted in the digging. more...  0 Comments

Reviewing James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer's "Multinationals on Trial"

Stephen Lendman | How corporate giants plunder developing nations. more...  0 Comments

Global Capital Flows to the Rich

Jorg Goldberg | The global imbalance today seems more dangerous for all other countries than for the US. A fundamental reform of the international monetary system is overdue. The US dollar is no longer the stable anchor of the world monetary system. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Strikes in Greece and Italy, as well France, show that European workers are fighting neoliberal "reforms". more...  1 Comments

December 17th: International Day to End Violence Against Sex

Sarah Jenny Bleviss | December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex
Workers. This event was created to call attention to hate crimes
committed against sex workers all over the globe. more...  1 Comments

Carlitos Cafe to Close on Nov. 29

Eliana | I am proud of all the accomplishments of Carlitos. In only a few years, we have provided a venue for many organizations to meet, many collectives to get started, many artists to express themselves and many activists to convene and network. We have provided a venue for people to learn, reflect upon and analyze issues that we sometimes overlook. We have provided a place for people to fall in love, to get a job, to get an apartment, to find information, to come up with ideas, and to meet people they might not have otherwise met during the course of their life.
more...  0 Comments

Our Wealth-Oriented Economy: "America, the Beautiful ain't so pretty any more"

Dr. Peter Stern | Where, oh where, has America gone? more...  0 Comments

Imperial wars and genocide, Petrodollar Recycling System and meltdown

suicide capitalism | Imperial wars, crimes and genocide, Petrodollar Recycling System and meltdown of financial world order.
Articles, analysis and video documentary more...  0 Comments

Statement on Black Friday Banner Drop at the Westchester Mall

Westchester Rebel Alliance | The Black Friday banner drop at The Westchester represents a stand against the mindless consumption of the Christmas season and commodification of culture at the expense of workers and the environment. more...  3 Comments

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