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Museumwatch: It’s the overvaluation, stupid!

Paul Werner | What’s the difference between organic intellectuals and organic vegetables?
Organic vegetables can think for themselves. more...  0 Comments

Israeli Restaurant Workers Strike for Union Rights at Coffee Bean

Worker Freedom | Israeli Restaurant Workers Strike for Union Rights at Coffee Bean more...  0 Comments

Union Square Hospitality Group Drops Wild Edibles

Worker Freedom | The Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) recently confirmed that it has ceased buying seafood from Wild Edibles, a seafood company that has been accused of violating several labor laws. more...  0 Comments

How Bush Destroyed the Dollar

Paul Craig Roberts | If the US government cannot balance its budget, the day when it can no longer borrow will see the government paying its bills by printing money like a third world banana republic. Inflation and more exchange rate depreciation will be the order of the day. more...  0 Comments

East Timor & Indonesia Action Network on the death of Indonesian Dictator Suhart

ETAN | Indonesia's former dictator General Suharto has died in bed and not in jail, escaping justice for his numerous crimes in East Timor and throughout the Indonesian archipelago. But those who aided, abetted and carried out his crimes can still be brought to justice! more...  1 Comments


SP-USA (NYC) | Clearly we need a single-payer national healthcare system and as part of that struggle we need to prevent this merger from being green lighted by the NY State Superintendent of Insurance. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Discriminates,Tamika's Story

Worker Freedom | My name is Tamika Williams and I've been a Starbucks barista for almost a year and a half. As a single mom, I take my job seriously and I do it well. Whether it's making drinks to standard or going above and beyond with customer service, I get the job done. more...  3 Comments


JESUS NERY | En una noticia que ha causado el morboso regocijo de la alicaida y fracasada oposicion venezolana (partidos envejecidos, empresarios parasitos y clero pervertido) y ante los rotundos fracasos de todas sus tacticas para tumbar al gobierno democraticamente electo de Venezuela, encabezado por su Presidente Hugo Chavez, a la moribunda ex-potencia yanki no le queda mas remedio que acudir a su consabido ultimo recurso para resolver sus crisis existenciales, especialmente esta ultima que amenaza con acabar de una vez por todas con su hegemonia pero tambien con toda la humanidad: la GUERRA. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges: Foreclosed: The State of the Dream

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg
more...  0 Comments

Dislocations and Crises

Attac Austria | Liberalization of the finance markets started a mechanism where the broad mass of the world's population lost. Only a few conglomerates and wealthy persons are winners. more...  0 Comments

Cold Day Finds Old Union Outside Modern City Shops [New York Times]

Worker Freedom | The dramatic battles of the American labor movement were often fought in hazardous settings like the coal fields of Kentucky or the textile mills of Massachusetts.

more...  0 Comments

CDIR Expects Surge Of Anti-Immigrant Scape-Goating

CDIR-USA | The Coalition In Defense of Immigrant Rights (CDIR)-USA expects a high tide or a surge of anti-immigrant scape-goating in the face of the current economic recession in the United States.

The CDIR-USA coordinator Arturo P. Garcia also expressed alarm over the move of anti-immigrant lobbyist Ward Connelly, the author of the infamous Proposition 209 in California to put into ballot initiative in five states propositions about race and gender equality. The ballot measures will have better chances of winning in those states like Arizona, Missouri and Colorado with high anti-immigrant bias and forces. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Revolutionary Spirit

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, January 21, 2008, 7 - 11 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
*************************************** more...  0 Comments

Presidential Outlook 2008: Frank Moore on a "Web Work Of Caring”

C. Nicholl | "The guaranteed minimum income will be very different from welfare. Everyone will get it. So there will be no stigma attached to getting it. There will be no red tape, no entrapping rules, no case workers drained of their humanity, and the rest of the demeaning rituals of enforced head-bowing associated with getting public assistance. The guaranteed minimum income will be something you get as a citizen, something you can depend on." more...  0 Comments

AJLPP Condemns US FAA Decision on the Philippines

AJLPP-NY | The United States authorities never have any qualms in treating their puppets for being what they are. They always insult their puppets treat them as ignorant vassals. In the process they earn the greatest contempt from all true Filipino patriots.

The Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) – USA strongly condemn the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decision to downgrade the Philippines to category 2. The true reason for the downgrade is business. Although the reason cited was for the ineptitude of Philippine authorities.

While the reason might be true, the downgrade will result in the U.S. authorities to refuse to grant PAL expansion to the eastern cities like New York, Chicago, Texas, Boston and Florida. This is to get back for the Philippines refusal to give flying rights to Philippine cities. In the end, its is the Filipinos in America who will suffer and who cannot fly with their own flag carrier.
more...  0 Comments

Vote PSL in 2008!

PSL | Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) today announced its 2008 candidates for President and Vice President, and the launch of new website: The PSL is also running Michael Prysner, an Iraq war veteran who calls for an immediate end to the occupation, for Congress in Florida for the 22nd District seat. more...  2 Comments

GHI/HIP Merger Threatens City Workers

Socialist Party USA (NYC Local) | The latest case which will yield answers to these questions is the proposed merger of the health care organizations GHI and HIP. Proposed first in 2005, this merger had faced opposition from state and city officials fearful that it violates anti-monopoly laws. For municipal workers covered under these carriers the merger presents the very real threat of premium increases and limitations on care.
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Banking- and Mortgage Fraud

Orlando Pascheit | The whole great world of money is infected by the basnal greed for more and more. Wasn't the art of making more money out of money the most noble and top-paid pursuit? The deregulation of the finance markets and liberalization of capital transactions have far-reaching consequences for democracy and the economy. more...  0 Comments

EZ Supply Workers Win Reinstatement

Worker Freedom |
January 15, 2008

An NLRB judge recently ruled in favor of the IWW in the case of 13 workers who were terminated from EZ Supply last winter. The workers were ordered to be reinstated and paid backwages. The amount of backwages is to be determined at a compliance hearing that will take place in the near future.

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Struggle Against Anti- Immigrant Laws and Discrimination- CDIR

CDIR-USA | The Coalition in Defense of Immigrant Rights (CDIR)-USA expresses deep concern that while the presidential campaign is going to its high gear, the anti- immigrant advocates are on the offensive.

According to the CDIR, the anti-immigrant forces are trying to frame the Republican Party debates to focus on illegal immigration and some elements in different states are passing discriminatory laws against immigrants. Candidate Mitt Romney kept on calling the McCain proposal an “amnesty”. At the same time, the Democratic Party is quiet on the subject. more...  0 Comments

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