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Puerto Rico: All Out to Defend the Teachers’ Struggle!

Internationalist Group | FEBRUARY 14 – We are on the threshold of a major class battle in Puerto Rico. Every day new preparations are announced for the coming strike of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation (FMPR, from its initials in Spanish). With its 42,000 members, the FMPR represents almost all of Puerto Rico’s teachers and is by far the largest union on the island. It is confronting the government/employer headed by the rabidly anti-worker and anti-union Governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD). His insufferably haughty education secretary, Rafael Aragunde, refuses to negotiate. The FMPR is defying the treacherous Law 45, which claims to recognize government employees’ right to unionize while prohibiting strikes, their only method of defense. The Shock Force of the Puerto Rican Police and National Guard are being readied to go after the strikers. And they have doubtless alerted the many bases of the U.S. armed forces that have turned this island colony into an imperialist military bastion to control the Caribbean. more...  0 Comments

Puerto Rico: ¡Todos a la calle en defensa del magisterio en lucha!

Grupo Internacionalista | 14 de FEBRERO – Estamos a la puerta de una gran batalla de clases en Puerto Rico. Día tras día se anuncian nuevos preparativos para la anunciada huelga de la Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico. Con sus 42 mil agremiados, en su mayoría mujeres, la FMPR representa la casi totalidad del magisterio y es, de lejos, el más grande sindicato de la isla. Se enfrenta con el gobierno-patrono del gobernador rabiosamente antiobrero y antisindical Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, del Partido Popular Democrático (PPD). Su secretario de educación, Rafael Aragunde, con una soberbia sin límites, se niega a negociar. La FMPR está desafiando la tramposa Ley 45, que pretende reconocer el derecho de sindicalización de los empleados gubernamentales mientras que prohíbe las huelgas, su único medio de defensa. La Fuerza de Choque de la Policía de Puerto Rico y la Guardia Nacional se están alistando para arremeter contra de los huelguistas. Y sin duda se han alertado las numerosas instalaciones de las fuerzas armadas norteamericanas que han hecho de la colonia isleña un baluarte militar imperialista para dominar el Caribe. more...  0 Comments

The Financial Tsunami Part III: Greenspan's Grand Design

F. William Engdahl | Greenspan's last legacy will be leaving the Fed and with it the American taxpayer with the role as Lender of Last Resort, to bail out the major banks and financial institutions after the meltdown of his multi-trillion dollar mortgage securitization bubble. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Right wing government set to change labor laws encounters worker's general strike. more...  0 Comments

Is the "Mother of all Financial Crises" Imminent?

Rainer Sommer | A trade-weighted devaluation of the dollar of around 25 percent is necessary allowing the US currency to skid "gradually and orderly" against free-floating currencies. The IMF could establish a "substitution account" with "special drawing rights" to avert a disorderly dollar panic. more...  0 Comments

Philippines: Greed, Corruption and Illegitimate Debt

FDC & PAID | Greed is defined as an excessive or uncontrolled desire for or pursuit of money, wealth, food, or other possessions especially when this denies the same goods to others. It is reprehensible acquisitiveness, an insatiable longing for power, and supremacy in order to advance individual interests at the cost of other's well being.

more...  0 Comments

US Crisis Sends Europe's Housing Market into Free Fall

Meinrad Ballmer | Investor George Soros sees the worst economic crisis since the Second World War as a consequence of the heavy debts and credit crunch. With a delay, the development in the US also affects Europe. Speculative greed for profits and myopic contempt for whistle-blowers led to the banking crisis. Will there be system correction or only cosmetics? more...  0 Comments

Feb. 17-Mar. 9, NYC: Immigration Conversations at Judson

The Politics of Immigration | Join the Judson New Sanctuary Task Force in a series of Sunday afternoon dialogues about this very complex and compelling issue. Each discussion, led by a guest speaker, will focus on a different aspect of immigration in the United States and our city. more...  0 Comments

When the Center Collapsed

Kalle Lasn | The year 2007 may well be remembered by future generations as the year the Earth tipped, the moment when this 30,000 generation-long experiment of ours on Planet Earth suddenly veered out of control. more...  0 Comments

The State of The Union and The Davos Forum, Singing From the Same Hymnbook

Jim Goodman | The State of The Union Address and The World Economic Forum are long on promises of helping the worlds poor, but short on actual help. President Bush, like the rich and powerful that annually gather in Davos Switzerland, is far more concerned with finding better ways to give corporations more power, privatize more services and make the rich richer. more...  1 Comments

A Will for Change: New Economic Thinking

Tom Green | Since economic thinking shapes the world, we can't leave economists alone to putter with their theories. Too many of them hung up their thinking caps the moment they got their degrees, and stopped looking out the window. more...  0 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Lozada committed an act of valor and integrity, not destabilization

AKBAYAN | AKBAYAN Citizens Action Party Rep. Risa Hontiveros said that dismissing Lozada’s explosive statement as an attempt to destabilize the country would not do, saying that what Lozada divulged lays accountability on the National Broadband Network (NBN) deal at the doorstep of Malacanang Presidential Palace.

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Greenpeace promotes privatization, blows off birds

Capt. Crunch | Remember "turtles & teamsters"? Indymedia readers, environmental & political activists have struggled against the corporate privatization of the commons for years. It's a sad testament when groups like Greenpeace and others find themselves promoting capitalist moneymaking schemes that reduce the commons to an industrial sacrifice zone.
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Vivisection of Neoliberalism: Book Review

Otto Meyer | Society in the neoliberal picture of the world only exists as a framing condition of the market, as an exogenous reality or synonym for the market. In neoliberal thinking, society is not an indeperndent reality. "The neoliberal understanding of democracy is marked by skepticism and open hostility." (Ptak) That market pressures are often more severe and oppressive is repressed as long as possible. more...  0 Comments

His American Dream: Michael Bloomberg

John Heilemann | The survival of the planet and the stability of the dollar seem more likely with Michael Bloomberg as president. The major candidates see "more troops on the ground" as a panacea. The melting of the dollar and military overreach have brought the US tothe edge of the abyss. more...  3 Comments

WNU #933: Mexicans Protest NAFTA, Chilean Mapuche Activist Ends Fast

Weekly News Update | Led by a caravan of 21 tractors, tens of thousands of Mexican campesinos, unionists and activists demanded a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). "NAFTA's very good--for the goddamn gringos," was a popular slogan. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | The 2005 popular vote in France that rejected the EU constitution is about to be reversed in the French Parliament if President Sarkozy has his way. more...  1 Comments

Stolen Legacy of U.S. Black History from New York to California

Khubaka, Michael Harris | The African Jewish Founding Father of California legacy continues to face systemic institutional racism. Official documentation of the "Golden Legacy of William Alexander Leidedorff, Jr." a Danish Jewish name is too difficult to pronounce and a African Cuban history is too difficult to preserve at the actual site of U.S. Agribusiness excellence.
In 1848 a Leidesdorff died and in 1948 Leidesdorf helped Israel live, today we embrace change and share the story. more...  0 Comments

The Subprime Tsunami Reaches the EU

Elmar Altvater | Subprime mortgage credits in the US should not have been issued. Nevertheless subprime credits were extended in the volume of $1.3 trillion. An avalanche of expropriation roars in the valley. Now banks and funds try to socialize their losses. The banking crisis spills over into the credit system in the real economy. more...  0 Comments

Columbia University, Harlem and the World

Brecht Forum | During the world-wide revolutionary upsurges of 1968, Columbia University was the site of a series of important and interconnected struggles. As the protest movements against the seemingly endless war in Vietnam continued to escalate in size and militancy, Columbia students and community members were simultaneously organizing against the Universities plans to expand into Harlem, displacing thousands of mostly black residents. These campaigns, targeting both the war at home and abroad, led to several interesting alliances and coalitions both on and off campus. more...  0 Comments

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