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M17: Commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the Starbucks Union and Honor Dr. King

Worker Freedom | On May 17, join the IWW Starbucks Workers Union and allies around the
world to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the union's founding in a Day of Action.

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Radio Program Explores Redevelopment & Displacement

Anti-Displacement Support Committee | Listen now to "World Class City," a Philly-based show featuring interviews & analysis about housing, development & displacement. more...  0 Comments

Tell City Bakery to Honor the Food Chain for the Wild Edibles Workers!

Friends of Wild Edibles Workers | The City Bakery chain enjoys an image of being a "green" and "socially conscious" business. Yet, the City Bakery NY sells seafood from labor rights violator, Wild Edibles, Inc.

Given City Bakery's progressive image, current and former Wild Edibles workers were surprised when owner Maury Rubin refused to even enter into a dialogue regarding the hardships they face. more...  0 Comments

Robert Reich's "Super-Capitalism": How the Economy Undermines Democracy

Beat Mazenauer | When everyone talks about stocks and consumption, what happens to social responsibility and public welfare? We suffer in a schizophrenia that we gladly repress in the daily routine. In the age of super-capitalism, businesses cannot act socially-responsibily because they serve only one goal-themaximization of profit in favor of shareholders. more...  0 Comments

FUREE Convention and March

Heather Squire | FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality) is having their annual convention and march on Saturday, May 17th from 12-5pm at PS 67 in Fort Greene (51 St. Edwards St.)

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Success Breeds Failure

Paul Krugman | Now that the financial clouds have lifted a bit, the pushback against sensible regulation is in full swing. There's every reason to believe that the next crisis will be bigger still-and that the Fed won't have enough duct tape to hold things together. more...  0 Comments


Coalition Against Privatization | Privatization will certainly mean higher premiums, this is especially damaging for those people who are on fixed incomes. more...  1 Comments

Why Are Banks Failing, Mr. Giegold?

Sven Giegold | The crisis will cost massive job losses and strain public budgets. The policy of market opening that refuses social and ecological regulations is a disaster. Markets do not function without strict rules. We must raise new taxes on capital transactions, stock market profits and foreign exchange businesses. Closing the tax havens would also be desirable. more...  0 Comments

Make the Road, IWW Unite in Call for Immigrant and Workers’ Rights

Alex Kane | Around 150 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge with Make the Road New York and the Industrial Workers of the World NYC Branch for a May Day immigrant rights demonstration. Flanked by red and black Wobbly flags and signs that read “Opportunity for Immigrant Workers,” the demonstrators chanted slogans like “Si se puede,” and “El pueblo, unido, jamas tera vencido.” more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | A new bill is working its way through Congress to allow companies that lie on their patent applications to keep the patents. Current law allows them to be voided. more...  0 Comments

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir

Savitri D | Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir & The Not Buying it Band
May 4th Revival at the Highline Ballroom! Join us at 2pm as we defend Union Square! and Launch a new First Amendment Campaign. 431 West 16th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue. Lunch and spirits served, all ages, tickets at More details, tickets, music and more as always at for FREE TIX write
stopshoppingchoir (at) more...  0 Comments

Longshoremen Proceed with May Day Walk Out (BREAKING)

David Roknich | Minutes ago, I spoke with Clarence Thomas of the ILWU executive board. "The rank and file action against the war is indeed happening right now", he said. And today the workers will write history. more...  0 Comments

March on May 1st - Equal Rights For All Workers! at 2pm from the Lower East Side

Betty Yu | MARCH
MAY 1, 2008
International Workers' Day
Join us in a May Day march to unite ALL workers!

(B/D Train to Grand St., between Forsyth and Chrystie St.)

Repeal of the Employer Sanctions Provision
Legislate Equal Rights for All Workers
Establish a genuine path to citizenship for the undocumented

We march to forge unity among immigrant and native born workers, and build a movement to make equal rights for all workers a national priority this year.

For more information, contact: Break the Chains Alliance, c/o NMASS 212-358-0295 | | more...  2 Comments

Calling All Women

carey lovelace | Sing for a living wage! Strike up a
pot-and-pan-kitchen-utensil band to
raise awareness of wage
March and make noise
for a better working
life for all! more...  0 Comments

Report Back from the People's Summit and the SPP in New Orleans

Olivia K __ NOLA love | The historic, nation-altering meeting taking place between the leaders of the "free world'' is met with little, hardly any, noticeable resistance. Due at least in part to the crippled condition of New Orleans, where three years after the hurricanes people continue to face daily struggles to survive storms of poverty; with no surplus resources, time, or active community members to lend to what would likely be, in any other city in the hemisphere, a historic People's protest to the executive meeting. more...  0 Comments

IWW to March on May Day

Wobbly City | “We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old!” more...  2 Comments

Building Bridges Monday: Sean Bell Verdict Protest; Global Food Crisis

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, April 28, 2008, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
**************************************** more...  0 Comments

Join the Anarchist contingent on May Day in NYC!!

NEFAC-NYC | NEFAC-NYC is calling for an anarchist workers contingent to join in the May Day marches in our city next Thursday, May 1, 2008. 1pm - Join the IWW march at Cadman Plaza, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Look for the Red & Black flags and banners. 2pm - Rally with the Break the Chains Campaign at Chinatown's Roosevelt Park 4pm - March & Rally with the May 1 Coalition at Union Square Last Stop - Headquarters of Immigration & Customs Enforcement more...  1 Comments

Lider indigena abre exposicao da Amazonia

Jose Arnaldo de Oliveira | O lider indigena Almir Surui, do povo de mesmo nome de Rondonia, abriu oficialmente a exposicao Amazonia Brasil no dia 22 de abril na cidade de Nova York more...  0 Comments

Stock Market Game of Bankocrats

Elmar Altvater | The crisis is due to over-production (declining mass demand) and over-accumulation (falling profit rates). The global financial markets seem uncoupled from production. The pressure to double-digit profits overstrains nature as well as the real economy of labor and production. more...  0 Comments

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