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Protest Against Health Insurance Companies

Alex Nathanson | Protesters gathered outside the Midtown offices of GHI and United Health. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers March For Healthcare

Coalition Against Privatization | The GHI section of the protest was high-energy. There is currently a proposal to “convert” GHI & HIP into a merged for-profit company. Many speakers spoke against this proposal and in favor of H.R. 676. more...  7 Comments

New deal to give Western oil companies domination in Iraq

Thomas Riggins | After 36 years Iraq's oil will again be under control of the four companies making up the old Iraq Petroleum Company. more...  0 Comments

Oil Bubbles

Philip Faigle | Falling real interests, a weak dollar and an increasing demand from China led to a bubble on the market. In the long term, this bubble will burst. more...  0 Comments

Enjoy a Happy Hour While Supporting Microfinance & Fighting Global Poverty

PlaNet Finance US | PlaNet Finance US is organizing its first Global Happy Hour to support microfinance and the fight against global poverty.
When? Wednesday, June 25th - From 7pm to 11:30pm
Where? Katra (217 Bowery Street - New York, NY - 10002)
What? 15% of all proceeds go to PlaNet Finance projects - 2 drinks for 1 from 7 to 8pm. more...  0 Comments

"Oil Crisis Changes Globalization"

Philip Faigle | In the poorest hundred countries, the high oil price is intensifying hunger and poverty. "These people stand at the edge of a possible disaster," Jeremy Rifkin says. The high prices for oil, gasoline and gas change the rules of globalization. more...  0 Comments

WNU #950: Brazilian Protesters Take on Agribusiness

Weekly News Update | Retired general José Francisco Gallardo, who served eight years in prison for criticizing the Mexican army, said "Plan Mexico" was part of a "covert maneuver by the US so that through the militarization of the political and economic structures and the annexation of the army, it can appropriate the country's energy resources." more...  0 Comments

Working people relying on stimulus checks, coins and lotto

Stewart A. Alexander | Millions of working people are waking up to the harsh reality that the Bush stimulus package is not working and that the U.S. economy is already in a recession. Many economic indicators are revealing that the economy is in serious trouble. Just last week the U.S. Labor Department reported the lost of 49,000 jobs for the month of May, it was the highest lost of jobs since 1986; and as inflation continues to spread, the cost of energy and food will continue to weaken the U.S. economy. more...  0 Comments

Deregulated Markets and Alternative Economics

Jorg Huffschmid | In the last ten years there was more speculation than ever, more than before the 1930 worldwide econmic crisis. A policy of deregualted financial markets made this possible. That real investment profits turn out relatively small encourages the speculation tendency. more...  0 Comments

Obama Dips Into the Right-Wing Water

Counterhegemonic | Now it seems that instead of combating the family values rhetoric, Obama has internalized it. Worse yet he has unleashed on a social group - African-Americans - who have suffered most from the outcomes of nearly 30 years of right-wing policy making. Simply put, Obama has placed his status as an African-American directly in the service of the personal responsibility and family values crowd. more...  3 Comments

Kosher Distributor Faces Labor Court Hearing

Worker Freedom | June 13, 2008

From The Forward:

more...  0 Comments

Shepard Fairey’s Image Problem

Liam O'Donoghue | As if Wal-Mart didn’t have enough controversies to deal with, imagine the consternation in the PR war room when news hit that the retail giant was selling t-shirts bearing a Nazi SS skull. As the story unraveled, it turned out that Wal-Mart’s designer had ripped off the image from pop art superstar Shepard Fairey, whose reference for the Gestapo logo was 1960’s “biker culture.” Oops. more...  4 Comments

How Speculators Are Causing the Cost of Living to Skyrocket

Markus Dettmer | Speculation results in preposterous exaggerations, with real consequences for the economy. Once again, it is the excesses of modern financial markets that are sending the world economy into convulsions. The financial markets have developed into a "monster" that needs to be tamed. (German president Horst Kohler in an interview with the German magazine Stern). more...  0 Comments

The Eighth Plague

Elmar Altvater | World Bank president Robert Zoelick compared the food shortage with the Old Testament's "seven plagues" but forgot to mention the eighth is the World Bank itself. The World Bank insists on agricultural production for export, not for the local supply of the population. more...  0 Comments


Coalition Against Privatization | A coalition of health care rights and labor groups will hold a demonstration in front of the Manhattan office of GHI (441 9th Avenue) at 5:00 pm on Thursday June 19th as part of a National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Companies. A march will proceed from the currently non-profit GHI to the offices of one of the largest health care profiteers, United Health (One Penn Plaza). Demonstrators intend to highlight their opposition to the proposed conversion of GHI & HIP to a merged for-profit company and support of the National Health Insurance Act (House Resolution 676).
more...  0 Comments

Crane failure/System failure

Gregory A. Butler | Why are young construction workers falling from the New York City skies? Why do the gleaming hirises of this city have workers blood pooled on the sidewalks in front of them? Read the story you won't get in the mainstream media, from a worker/activist/writer on the inside.... more...  3 Comments

Disarming the Markets

Ignacio Ramonet | Ignacio Ramonet is the editor of Le Monde diplomatique. more...  0 Comments

Solution to High Price of Gas & Oil

Peter Stern | It is time the U.S. "steps-up to the plate" and starts "swinging" aggressively at the oil cartel. more...  2 Comments

"We Need to Give up the Oil and Gas Drug"

David Gordon Smith | As oil prices hit one record high after another, and OPEC warns of $150 a barrel by the end of summer, economists are warning of global recession and inflation. But German commentators point out that high oil prices also have an upside. more...  1 Comments

Building Bridges:Greenhouse's The Big Squeeze;Canadians Blockade GM Headquarters

Prodouced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, June 9, 2008, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
**************************************** more...  0 Comments

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