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Statement of Brandworkers on Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing by Wild Edibles

Brandworkers International | Brandworkers would like this labor dispute come to an end that is agreeable to both parties. Instead, Wild Edibles has done everything possible to evade its responsibilities. more...  0 Comments

Strike Benefit for Bronx health care workers--Showing of SiCKO 8/1 5 pm

Bill Linville | This is a benefit for nursing home workers in Kingsbridge who have been strike for over 5 months. There will be a showing of the movie SiCKO and an update from the strikers. Come and show your support and find out how you can help. more...  0 Comments

2008 Presidential Campaign: voters brainwashed by media hype and gossip?

Peter Stern | Apparently American voters haven't learned much.

We're still listening to the media hype and gossip being pushed at us. more...  0 Comments

Restaurateur drops seafood seller over labor violations

Reprinted | Another famed restaurant drops Wild Edibles due to its current labor dispute. Labor advocacy group Brandworkers International has been communicating with restaurants about Wild Edibles' labor violations.
more...  0 Comments

WNU #956: Mexicans Start PEMEX Referendum; Colombian Unionist Killed

Weekly News Update | "[T]he facts demonstrate that, contrary to the official propaganda, there still aren't sufficient guarantees on the part of the state" for leftists in Colombia "to exercise constitutional rights to life, liberty and union organizing and participation." more...  0 Comments

Alternative Challengers to Globalization

Kristen Hackett | All across the world, people are partaking in counter-culture communes in which they seize old abandoned buildings not only for housing needs, but also to actively protest the over-arching societal pressures created by capitalism, patriarchy, exploitation and racism.

This act of reclaiming free housing from existing vacant structures, called "squatting," has become a globalized movement, creating space for networking and making the act of day-to-day living a type of activism.
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Stiglitz on McCain: If He Doesn't Understand the Economy, He Doesn't Understand

Nathan Gardels | "If we had infinite resources, we might be able to have perfect security. Nut America, like every other country, has resource constraints. That means you need to be smart-that is, economic-about the money you spend. If you weaken the American economy, you wont be able to find the resources you need for security." more...  0 Comments

The Forgotten Priority of Labor over Capital

Franz Segbers | Politics is responsible for a social market economy and its rules and structures. When the state is reduced to only setting the framework for competition and then appeals to the responsibility of individual entrepreneurs, one falls at once in a neoliberal trap. The responsibility of the entrepreneur cannot replace the deregulated political responsibility. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Kevin Phillips on Bad Money; Attacking Iran?

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
presents this 28 minute radio program
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Support for South End Press needed

South End Press | Support South End Press by voting for their Community Supported Publishing idea and help them get a much needed grant. more...  0 Comments

PRINCIPLE (cartoon)

Frederico Ponzio | . more...  0 Comments

Without Ethics the Economy Runs into the Wall

Rainer Clos | Only 27% of Germans think the population profits when business does well. Only 40% believe the economy and the population sit in the same boat. With tendencies to screen itself socially and give priority to its own values, the economy loses the important capital of trust. more...  0 Comments

Puerto Rican Teachers: Unbought and Unbowed

Internationalist Group | The two-week strike by Puerto Rican teachers was a historic event, in open defiance of Law 45, a ruthless piece of anti-union legislation that outlaws strikes, work stoppages or even voting for such labor action. From the beginning of the walkout on February 20 to the decision to return to the classrooms, approved by a giant assembly on March 5, the action by the Federation of Puerto Rican Teachers (FMPR) threw the island into turmoil. In daring to break the prohibition decreed by the colonial capitalist rulers, the FMPR blazed the way for all Puerto Rican workers. The strikers confronted an unholy alliance of enemies which extended from a governor under investigation for corruption and his arrogant secretary of education to the “dues-sucking” union leaders of the SEIU, who shamefully took the side of the employer. The return to work was not a debilitating defeat, yet the outcome of the strike was a setback. Many teachers were not prepared for a lengthy strike, and while defying Law 45, overall the FMPR continued to play by the bosses’ rules. Above all, the teachers had to face state repression alone, while FMPR leaders’ comrades in the Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores failed to bring out other key unions. The fact that the strike could not prevail confirms Trotsky’s declaration that reformist unionism is no longer possible, that unions can either be instruments of imperialist capitalism, or instruments of the revolutionary movement of the proletariat. more...  0 Comments

Prison and Drug Economy Expert Catherine Austin Fitts on | Listen live this Sunday, July 20th at 4pm EST on

This week on Solidarity Not Charity Penny Hess will interview
Catherine Austin Fitts, former Wall Street investment banker and
Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the
administration of George Herbert Walker Bush. more...  0 Comments

Naomi Klein Speaks in New York City

NYC IMC | Naomi Klein is speaking at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square.

Check below for more information! more...  0 Comments

"Ruin Your Neighbor"

Karl Homann | System criticism is often repressed. Private vice does not bring public virtue. Everyone pursuing self-interest does not usher in public welfare. Inequality, competition, growth and market fundamentalism are not panaceas or inevitabilities but false securities. more...  0 Comments

A Mexico State of Mind?

Peter Stern | A satire:

Now that everyone has been able to flex their muscles and mouths over the ongoing issue with Mexico and its 6 million illegal immigrants living and/or working in the U.S., it's time to resolve the issue with some fanfare and fireworks. more...  0 Comments

End G8 Domination!

various organizations in the Philippines | MANILA, Philippines -- This year’s G8 summit in Japan, gathering the world’s most advanced industrial economies is happening amidst a global crisis on oil, food, poverty, and environment – a problem unequaled since the first G8 summit in 1973 concerning the oil crisis and the subsequent global recession.
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International call for solidarity actions against G8 repressions

July5th Relief Association for Sapporo Sound | 3 of our friends unjustly arrested at the demonstration against G8 summit on
5th July. One of the arrested is actually an indymedia activist who is orga
nizing sound actions and a member of G8 Media Network which is organized by
non-profit and non-govermental various grassroots media. more...  0 Comments

EPCC Supports UHW Mass Day of Action on July 14 at Manhattan Beach

Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC) | A mass action on July 14 is slated to be held at the Manhattan Beach Marriot Hotel by the United Health Care Workers (UHW) -West against the plan of the SEIU /International to divide the UHW-West.

The mass action by the UHW-West was called for the hearing that could result in tearing apart the UHW based on a plan by the SEIU International to divide the UHW. The 150,000 UHW which has a large Filipino membership among its unionized workers is a member of the SEIU International which has 2 million members. more...  0 Comments

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