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Mark Engler on the Financial Crisis

demandside | "This crisis is a crisis of deregulation. Deregulated market fundamentalism creates crises. This is a crisis of financialization. An ever-larger part of the economy has switched to financial speculation or gambling. Greed is systemic. Acting on basest instincts does not bring the common good." more...  0 Comments

How to Fix the Wall Street Mess: Michael Moore

Michael Moore | We can not let there be one set of rules for hard-working citizens and another set of rules for the elite why, when they screw up, are handed one more gift on a silver platter. No more! Not again! The rich must pay for their own bailout. more...  1 Comments

Ready to shell out your $3000 contribution to bail out Wall Street?

ditto | If not, then show up at the crime scene and tell em so. Bring noisemakers, pots and pans, posters, banners, signs, puppets -- the works. Make some noise. And don't forget to bring last night's household trash, suitably bagged for disposal.
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Money Karma Comes Home to Roost

Seven Star Hand | Be patient and read what I have been saying for insights into another way to manage this civilization, without money and without evil cabals running this world. more...  0 Comments

We the United Corporations of America hold these truths to be self evident!

Lara DeLuz | The United Corporations of America more...  0 Comments

Facts For Working People

Facts For Working People | The latest issue of Facts For Working People. To receive the FFWP in pdf format about every weeks send your e mail address to: more...  0 Comments

Senate Socks it to Main Street

Thomas Riggins | The real problems in the economy go unaddressed as Democrats cave in to Bush and the Republicans. more...  0 Comments

WNU #962: Latin American Leaders React to "Giant's Toppling"

Weekly News Update on the Americas | Chávez had remarked on Sept. 21 that the "financial collapse of global capitalism" was affecting those countries "that are strongly hitched up to the US economy. We've started to unhitch ourselves." He added: "This doesn't mean we're invulnerable, because this is about the toppling of a giant."
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The End of Arrogance: America Loses Its Dominant Economic Role

Spiegel staff | The banking crisis is upending American dominance of the financial markets and world politics. The industrialized countries are sliding into recession, the era of turbo-capitalism is coming to an end and US military might is ebbing. Still, this is no time to gloat.

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Activists Scale Flagpole Behind Iconic Merrill Lynch Bull, Raise Banner

RAN | Activists Scale Flagpole Behind Iconic Merrill Lynch Bull, Raise 150-Square Foot American Flag with ‘Foreclosed?’ Stamped Over It

Pics to be posted on soon more...  0 Comments

The Future as Possibility": Elmar Altvater

Mischa Suter and Gerhard Klas | The state should not be a trough for the super-wealthy, based on double standards and intimidation.Representatives representing money and not the people are marionettes of a corrupt campaign financing system. The world must be changed if it is to survive. Call Congress 1-800-270-0309 more...  0 Comments

Political Economy of the Financial Markets

Jorg Huffschmid | Financial markets are described here as instruments of private actors enforcing their own business interests on state institutions, not anonymous zones of self-regulation.. Structural deficits cause the crises, e.g. massive liquidity withheld from consumers. more...  0 Comments

Meltdown and Bailout: Why Our Economic System is on the Verge of Collapse

Joshua Holland | As foreign policy analyst Mark Engler notes in his new book How to Rule the World, declining returns on traditional investments in manufacturing and industry since the 1970s go a long way toward explaining today's hioghly speculative economy. more...  0 Comments

Rothschilds Endorse McCain

Bill Gallagher Hachita NM | its all becoming quite clear, innit? the jew-for-jesus vp, the mormon endorsement, the legalized surveillance police state (Tax enforcement), and rich zionists all behind the mccain/palin ticket...war 4ever, and you are going to pay for it, whether you like it or not...squawk, and the economy crashes and you will get 30 hurricanes on your head....

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Take a look at Paulson: This guy is way creepy

jamie | See it at We need to stop this man and the "bailout" for the reckless rich he hopes to attach us to for generations.
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Empire on 'E'

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Earlier this year, American financier George Soros announced, shortly after the failure of the economic talks at Davos, Switzerland, that the U.S. economy has reached a new stage marking an end of the era. "The current crisis is not only the bust that follows the housing boom", Soros explained, adding, "It's basically the end of a 60-year period of continuing credit expansion based on the dollar as the reserve currency." more...  0 Comments

The Great Wall of Boeing

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | The 670-mile physical fence on the 2,000-mile border with Mexico could cost as much as $46.9 billion by 2030, and that's not including the still nonexistent Boeing "virtual fence." more...  0 Comments

Congress standing up to the bailout

EMichaelson | Transcript of address from Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-OH
The latest game-Wall Street Bailout-has a counter-game called Wall Street Reckoning.
The Capital switchboard is easy and free: 800-270-0309
Hundreds of calls will not be ignored. more...  0 Comments

No to the Bailout of the Capitalist Speculators!

Internationalist Group | The financial crisis that has been heating up since early 2007 reached the boiling point in late September. Credit markets virtually stopped functioning. A full-blown panic swept stock markets worldwide. The U.S. economy is in the throes of a recession that could turn into a Depression lasting for years. In these dire straits, the Wall Street speculators who set off this crisis are demanding that the government rescue them with a bailout priced at $700 billion. The actual costs will be far higher, a trillion dollars or more. Meanwhile, the Democrats are pushing hardest for the Bush bailout of the banks. Presidential candidate Barack Obama blames "greed" for the crisis on Wall Street (capitalism without greed?) and says there must be no "blank check to Washington" -- meaning he's for putting in a few conditions as window dressing. Following in the Democrats' footsteps, the AFL-CIO labor bureaucrats called a demo for "No Blank Check for Wall Street." Yet no amount of regulation will stop the boom-bust cycle of capitalism. Meanwhile unemployment lines are growing and a million families were thrown out of their homes by bank foreclosures in the last year. While the fat cats, Democrats and bureaucrats are all going for the Bush bailout to prop up U.S. capitalism, revolutionary Marxists oppose this trillion-dollar giveaway to the Wall Street speculators, calling instead for a program of transitional demands leading to the expropriation of the banks and the entire bourgeoisie through workers revolution. more...  1 Comments

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