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Resistance rises in the Dominican Republic

Emmanuel Santos | Emmanuel Santos looks at state repression in the Dominican Republic and the spreading resistance. more...  0 Comments

From the White House to Your House: Change Needed in New York City

Jaisal Noor | The Indypendent’s Jaisal Noor sat down with two veteran progressive journalists to discuss the impact of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to run for a third term, what might be expected from the administration of President-elect Barack Obama and the role of community-based, grassroots organizing. more...  0 Comments

AIG, Congress and the Taxpayers

Debbie Morgan | Why are we continuing to let the government bail out a failing business that is misusing taxpayer money? Surely there are independently owned businesses, and even individuals, that could put that money to far better use. more...  0 Comments

WNU #967: Chilean Government Workers Strike

Weekly News Update | Castro says he tried to convince former FARC leader Manuel Marulanda Vélez, who died in March of this year, that he could make a peace agreement with then-president Andrés Pastrana during negotiations in 1999, but Marulanda didn't negotiate seriously because he thought the US was planning an intervention that would lead to a prolonged war and possibly a "continental struggle."
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Rich of the World, Enrich Yourselves!

Mohssen Massarrat | Financial jugglers speculating with food, oil and other raw materials caused double-digit inflation and made staple foods like rice and wheat into luxury items for millions. Through skilful instrumentalization of globalization, neoliberalism managed to drive nation states to the defensive, challenge social gains of the labor movement and rope in conservative and liberal parties worldwide for enforcement of its redistribution. more...  0 Comments

Financial Injections Ensure the Assets of the Rich

Leo Meyer | The money must be taken from those who profited from the past financial system. Thus a tax reform must be on the agenda.A state investment program is also urgently necessary. The past growth model of global capitalism is in a structural crisis. A new economy must go beyond profit logic more...  1 Comments

IWW Demands Pay for Fellow Barista

Stephanie Basile | Hurst was wrongfully removed from the work schedule for 2 weeks in retaliation for being late to work. The Starbucks Workers Union of the IWW recently went to Hurst's store at Union Square to deliver a letter to management demanding 2 weeks' pay. more...  0 Comments

Worse Than the Great Depression?

Stephen Lendman | a distinct possibility more...  1 Comments

A Marxist Look at Capitalism’s Global Meltdown.

Freedom Socialist Party | What caused Wall Street’s collapse and how can we fight bailouts, foreclosures and layoffs? Come hear what socialist feminist and union activist Susan Williams has to say about the crisis and why “spreading the wealth” is an idea whose time has come.
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Philippine social movements storm US Embassy

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) | Philippine social movements hit G-20 summit’s exclusivity, call for a new and democratic world order

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Building Bridges: Suffolk Racist Murder; Green Economy Stimulant; NYS Budget Cut

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, November 17, 2008, 7 – 8 PM EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
**************************************** more...  0 Comments

11/18: Rebuilding Local Food Economies (w/ special guest from MST!)

WHY | Agricultural Missions and the Landless Rural Workers Movement of Brazil (MST), together with farmers and rural justice advocates in the US, are stopping in New York as part of a national tour, bringing us the voices of activists working at the grassroots to make their voices heard in the boardrooms of agribusinesses and to mobilize mass movements addressing the root causes of the current crises. The event will feature a participatory symbolic drama that evokes the absurdities of factory farms and patented seeds and the beauty of community-based agriculture and the solidarity economy. more...  0 Comments

G20 leaders told to back off by Filipino workers

Labor Party - Philippines | Relegating the world’s future to the hands of same leaders who created the current global economic crisis is a recipe to further disaster, according to Partido ng Manggagawa (Workers Party), a militant labor party in the country which joined hundreds of other protesters in a march to the US embassy this morning in time for the G20 Summit in Washington DC.

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Thinking the Unthinkable

Serge Halimi | "Everything was possible because the banks had to be rescued. So will someone now call free trade into question, free trade which is the very heart of the system? Utopian? But everythinig is possible when it comes to banks...
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Tuesday, Nov. 18th Garment Women Rally vs. Liberty Apparel & Sweatshop System

Betty Yu | Garment Women Rally vs. Liberty Apparel & Sweatshop Subcontracting System
November 18th at 12pm noon
In front of the Liberty Apparel showroom, 1407 Broadway btw 38th & 39th St. (1,2,3,N,Q,R,S,W to Times Square)

On behalf of the Ain't I A Woman?! Campaign, we would like to ask for your support of the garment workers suing their manufacturer Liberty Apparel for egregious labor violations. After 9 long years, finally the Liberty Apparel workers have a day in court.

orkers are holding a rally in the middle of New York City's Garment District where many manufacturers' showrooms are located.

Workers and supporters will speak of the problems with current Federal and State law, to expose the sweatshop subcontracting system and to call for change. A victory for Liberty Apparel workers will bring us closer towards ending the rampant lawlessness in the garment industry.

We urge you to lend your support by spreading the word about the impact of this important campaign and by promoting stronger legislation for manufacturer accountability. We invite you to help us plan the upcoming November 18th rally.
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Welcome to the Age of Finance Market Capitalism

Ernst lohoff | The face of capital changed worldwide this fall. The financial market escapades must be the problem because capitalism itself cannot be the problem. The state bailout measure prepares the ground for inflationary or hyper-inflationary developments. Politics can only determine their speed and form. more...  0 Comments

International seminar to discuss how to exit the financial crisis announced

Chico Chagas | He criticized the conduction of economic policy by Brazilian Central Bank. "The CB is throwing money in the market without taking a specific concern with the change in the economic model, with public investment." Our concern is to analyze the crisis from the perspective of individuals, of the nation, and not from the perspective of the market, because the market heralds want to resolve now what themselves caused, with their bad conduction of economic policy, "explained the governor. "We want a concrete and feasible suggestion for a permanent change, as the god market proved to be totally ineffective, creating a crisis of enormous proportions", argued the governor.
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WTO Chief Says Free Trade Plays Small Role in Job Losses: A Critical View

Sharat G. Lin | Pascal Lamy, head of the World Trade Organization, argues that free trade in a regulated environment drives economic growth worldwide. Speaking at Stanford University, he dismissed claims that free trade is responsible for job losses. Yet in every case where trade barriers have been dropped between structurally dissimilar economies, free trade has introduced profound socio-economic distortions, income inequality, and job displacement. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Baristas Present 500 Petition Signatures for More Security at Store

Worker Freedom | Workers, Customers, and Community Members Concerned About Threats and Harassment at the Location

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Social Contract and the Emergency Hour

Marc Batko | The financial crisis is also an opportunity to redefine our priorities and perspectives. Elite consciousness is a frozen consciousness where there are no alternatives and bankruptcies are only normal business practice. Neoliberal myths put the cart before the horse and bridle horse by tail more...  0 Comments

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