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Solidarity with the Chicago Factory Occupation

NYC Local of Socialist Party USA | Speak-out! Organize a demo at your local Bank of America! Victory to the occupiers! more...  0 Comments

Noted Italian Restaurant Group Drops Wild Edibles Over Workers' Rights Abuses

Worker Freedom |
Contact: press (at)

Frank Restaurants Demonstrate Support for Sustainable and Humane Food System

Noted Italian Eateries in the East Village Stop Serving Wild Edibles Seafood Over Workers' Rights Concerns more...  0 Comments

Workers Take Over Factory in Chicago

Rudolf Rocker | Workers Stay At Shuttered Window Plant more...  1 Comments

Low-Wage Capitalism

Fred Goldstein | Low-Wage Capitalism describes in sweeping detail the drastic effect on the working class in the United States of new technology and the restructuring of global capitalism in the post-Soviet era. It uses Karl Marx's law of wages and other findings to show that these developments are not only continuing to drive down wages but are creating the material basis for future social upheaval. more...  0 Comments

Only Lip Service: Interview with Heiner Flassbeck

Heiner Flassbeck | Heiner Flassbeck describes the financial summit in Washington as failed. The UN expert says the central problems of speculation with exchange rates and raw materials were not addressed. The industrial countries divert from the real themes. more...  0 Comments

Nationalization of credit, control of the exchange, the exemption of consumption

Emilio de Lima (Ed.) | Brazilian Paraná State's Governor Roberto Requiao proposed the nationalization of credit, control of the exchange, the exemption of consumption and heavy investment in works of infrastructure as a way to overcome the crisis and maintain employment of brazilian people.
more...  0 Comments

Rent-A-Center Protests Continue in Queens; 2 Arrested

Aron Guy | Councilman Eric Gioia and other religious and community leaders gathered outside a Rent-A-Center on Steinway Street in Astoria, Queens to denounce the destabilizing influence of rent-to-own businesses in low-income communities. Activist Taharka Robinson urged the passage of Assembly Bill 66, which would provide more consumer protection in the rent-to-own industry. Robinson and activist Kirsten Foy were arrested in an act of civil disobedience. more...  1 Comments


Thomas Riggins | The nature of the capitalist profit motive is what drives food contamination, and not just in China. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Washington to Detroit - Drop Dead?

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
presents this 28 minute radio program.

Chicago Boys' Curse Comes Home to Wall Street

Hazel Henderson | "The famous school of economics at the University of Chicago led by the late Milton Friedman spread its market fundamentalism worldwide. Greed, selfishness, individualism and short-termism were conflated with freedom and democracy and elevated to the status of moral philosophy." more...  0 Comments

WNU #968: Chilean Government Workers Get Raise

Weekly News Update | Public schools, customs offices, municipal governments, tax offices, public hospitals and clinics, and the judicial system were shut down. Garbage piled up on the streets, and exports were delayed, at a loss to the country of about $165 million a day. On Nov. 20 some 10,000 doctors joined the strike. more...  0 Comments

Life After Bankruptcy

Jurgen Habermas | The privatization mania has ended. What worries me most is the outrageous social injustice. The socialized costs of system breakdown hit the most vulnerable groups the hardest. Politics is necessary for the public interest, not the market. The collapse of the Soviet Union produced a fatal triumphalism. A tension always exists between capitalism and democracy because the market and politics are based on opposite principles. more...  0 Comments

Obama's Economic Dream Team?

Stephen Lendman | indeed for Wall Street bankers more...  0 Comments

Blame the Takers, Not the Makers

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Isn't it ironic that media reflects such an anti-union bent when many corporate (at least newspaper employees) reporters are members of the Newspaper Guild? But union membership isn't determinative; company ownership is. And media is often a small part of a much larger corporate conglomerate. more...  0 Comments

The Bailout Intensifies

Workers Action | Even through its muffled language, it was obvious that the typically non-alarmist New York Times was having trouble digesting the latest government announcements. On November 26, the Treasury and Fed revealed it would spend 800 billion more tax dollars towards new “lending” programs. That day, the Times concluded that the government was “sending a message that they will print as much money as needed to revive the crippled banking system.”[!]

Later in the article we learn that “the government has assumed at least $7 trillion [!!] in direct and indirect financial obligations in the form of Wall Street bailouts, emergency lending and government guarantees on bank deposits, inter-bank loans and home mortgages.” The term “blank check” doesn’t begin to describe the vast amounts being tossed about. more...  0 Comments

"Like the Fall of the Wall" (Joseph Stiglitz)

Joseph Stiglitz | The mixture of low interests, excessive liquidity and lax oversight on money institutes led to the financial crisis. National indebtedness rose two-thirds in only eight years. The government should immediately begin investing in the infrastructure, education and other projects. more...  0 Comments

New York Says NO to Budget Cuts

NYC Local of SP-USA | The NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA therefore encourages immediate acts of non-violent protest to defend education, healthcare, transportation and social services. All of these are our rights as human beings and are fundamental to the creation of a democratic socialist political project. more...  5 Comments

The Financial Crisis Hits the Immigration Debate

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | The immigration debate brings together many of the economic issues that need to be discussed at this point: the effects of "free trade" policies, the government's anti-labor measures, the fomenting of divisions among working people.
more...  0 Comments

Hold Wal-Mart Accountable for its Part in Workers' Death

Brandworkers International | Shoppers are reportedly being investigated regarding their role in this incident.

Wal-Mart should also be investigated, specifcally under criminally negligent homicide law and reckless endangerment law, among other laws. more...  0 Comments

Holy Scripture is the Standard, not Capitalism

critical German Christians | Describing the dominant system as a social market economy is a deception. Social justice should be the integrating element of our economic order. Justice is not something additional to faith in God. Trust in the invisible hand is the ideological core of the religion of the market. more...  0 Comments

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