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14 Arrested at New York Sit-In Demanding “Medicare for All”

Mobilization for Healthcare for All | New York, NY – On Thursday October 15th, advocates for “Medicare for All” in New York engaged in civil disobedience at UnitedHealth Group, resulting in 14 arrests. Nationally more than 100 risked arrest to disrupt business as usual at the nation’s largest health insurance companies, including UnitedHealth Group, WellPoint, Humana, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, and UnitedHealthcare. At least fifty-four protestors have been arrested, with Phoenix not yet reporting. Another wave of protests are planned for October 28th. more...  3 Comments

Venezuelan president meets with New York unionists

Hugo and General Joe | "Washington's plans in South America have failed, said the Venezuelan president. He told the workers that capitalism has failed and that while the Soviet Union fell apart, it was never a threat. The U.S. and European powers were the threat. "They fought against socialism," he said and pointed out that since its inception, the Soviet Union had gone through many wars and that "socialism got lost along the way."

"Imperialism fought against the workers' dream of building a new world," he said, "but "the only way to save the world is socialism. Obama talks change, change, change. Tell me how, within the framework of capitalism?"

Once the Soviet Union was gone, Chávez said, "The neoliberals were able to impose themselves." Neoliberal proposals became stronger and "the free market has messed everything up. What is labor flexibility for them becomes hungry children." more...  0 Comments

Economic Recession Comes to the Northeast Bronx

Billy Wharton | Fit for human occupation, but unfit for the greedy finance capitalists who run the banking industry. No TARP program for homeowners in the Northeast Bronx. more...  1 Comments

MPG Reacts to Offer of Support for Employees with Criminal Complaint

Industrial Workers of the World | MPG unsuccessfully attempted last week to cause the arrest of a former employee and his supporters after they visited the company to offer aid to workers concerned about more layoffs at the company without adequate notice or severance. Former MPG employee Joseph Sanchez and other members of the Industrial Workers of the World labor union discussed the availability of free legal and advocacy support for current MPG workers and distributed informational leaflets. more...  0 Comments

Domestic Workers Fight for Bill of Rights

Labor Justice Radio | The Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights is before the New York State Senate RIGHT NOW. Help make New York the first state in this country to respect and protect the lives and work of domestic workers. Domestic Workers United (DWU) has worked hard the last 5 years to get this far- the New York House has passed the bill and the Governor has promised to sign it. more...  1 Comments

In Any Language, Sunset Park is Not for Sale

Amy L. Dalton | A cross-racial coalition of Sunset Park organizations, churches and community leaders gathered Thursday at the Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church to announce that they have filed a lawsuit against the city's proposed plan to rezone their home. City Council could vote on the plan as early as September 9. more...  0 Comments

Bronx Healthcare 'Town Hall' Meeting a Charade of Democracy

Billy Wharton | The were two big winners at the recent “town hall” healthcare meeting held in the North Bronx New York City neighborhood of Parkchester on August 17 – the lunatic right wing and the private health insurance industry. more...  4 Comments

NYC Garment Workers Challenge Sweatshop Conditions

Brandworkers International | Garments workers in NYC are working to challenge sweatshop conditions in garment factories and hold clothing companies accountable for the actions of their subcontractors. more...  2 Comments

Connecting New York's Waters With It's Residents

Julia Dunn | This article is about the Estuary Education Series presented by the Lower East Side Ecology Center. more...  0 Comments

Critical Status for Brooklyn Live/Work Law. Artists Eye's are on Senator Squadron

Karl Leger | A few thousand people stand to be eventually evicted out of their spaces as a result of the non-vote on Bill S5881. But as the Senate will reconvene August 6th to deal with a backlog of bills, bill sponsor Daniel Squadron gets another chance to convince the art community that he has not turned his back. All he needs to do is to convince the Senate leadership to put the "Multiple Dwelling Amendment" on the August 6th agenda. New York's artists are holding their breath. Some even wrote letters.
more...  5 Comments

Homeless Advocates Arrested

Alex Kane | Nine people were arrested this afternoon by the New York Police Department after occupying a vacant lot for over six hours to press their demand that the city use vacant property to house the homeless. more...  16 Comments

Open Letter to the Labor Research Association: Don't Honor Israeli Apartheid

Michael Letwin, NYCLAW | As discussed below, "TULIP," initiated by Stuart Appelbaum, is a "progressive" mouthpiece for the Histadrut, the Zionist labor federation that has spearheaded -- and whitewashed -- apartheid, dispossession and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians since the 1920s. more...  9 Comments

Even as MTA hikes fares, service lags on the L train

Jessica Aguirre | The MTA L train has a good reputation. Its cars are clean, the announcement boards are reliable, the Straphangers campaign always gives it a high subway report card rating. But for L train riders, who have recently undergone service disruptions in addition to citywide fare hikes, things may not be as rosy as they seem. more...  0 Comments

Former Workers File Lawsuit Against Scoop NYC

Jacquie Simone | Hours after 15 former workers filed a lawsuit against Scoop NYC, dozens of people gathered outside the high-end fashion boutique’s store at 475 Broadway to protest the chain’s unfair labor practices and discrimination against immigrant employees. more...  0 Comments

Photo: Workers Rally at Scoop

Andrew Hinderaker | Workers and their supporters rallied at Scoop in SoHo demanding unpaid wages. more...  0 Comments

Coney Island Redevelopment Plan Passed

Melinda Tenenzapf | The City Planning Commission voted 12-0 on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 to approve the 3rd drafted Coney Island Redevelopment plan. Upon the first vote by Chairwoman Amanda M. Burden, union leaders and community members stood up in protest, holding signs and chanting “Good Jobs! Affordable Housing!” more...  1 Comments

Toussaint slate has "lost the local" says opposition leader Steve Downs

Steve Downs | It's been more than a week since the ballots were counted in the election for convention delegates and the Local still hasn't posted the results. But United Invincible has a leaflet out claiming victory. They're working hard to spin the outcome without showing the numbers. Just one more example of their disrespect for the membership. more...  0 Comments

Photos: Rally Against Hondouras Military Coup (29 JUN 2009)

Andrew Hinderaker | Rally in NYC to support democratically elected Zelaya and denounce the Honduras coup. more...  2 Comments

Workers and allies shake up Rite Aid shareholder meeting in NYC

Rand Wilson | Veteran Rite Aid employee Angel Warner from the company's massive million-square-foot distribution center in the high-desert community of Lancaster, California, stood up for employees at the company's annual meeting. more...  0 Comments

Photos: Protest at Rent Guidelines Board Meeting (23 JUN 2009)

Andrew Hinderaker | Despite protesters calling for a rent freeze, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board voted to raise rents for about one million rent-stabilized apartments. more...  1 Comments

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