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Hunter College Protests CUNY Budget Cuts! (Oct 7)

Hunter Fights Back | This Thursday, October 7th, at 2:15PM in front of Hunter College (68th and Lex), Hunter College students are staging a demonstration and protest against the millions of dollars of budget cuts to the CUNY public education system. more...  0 Comments

Charter School Myths Debunked

Billy Wharton | The presentation addressed a series of myths that had been circulated about charter schools. Schall described charter schools as serving to undermining the public schools mission of educating all students, siphon-off tax funds and to bust the teacher’s union. more...  3 Comments

UPDATE: Students, Workers, Supporters March on the MTA (Images + Video)

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Yesterday, as college students were walking out, teaching in and rallying at universities citywide and nationwide, thousands of local high school students were streaming out of school gates and into the streets of New York. It was by far the largest protest to hit the State or the MTA since the Authority's decision to eliminate the free Student MetroCard last December. Joined by teachers, parents, transit workers, CUNY students and others, the students rallied at the office of embattled Governor Paterson and marched to the MTA hearings. Rush-hour traffic was blocked from Third Avenue to Seventh Avenue. more...  2 Comments


Socialist Party USA (NYC Local) | New York City is not broke. There are plenty of financial resources that are being hoarded by the elite. more...  6 Comments

Schedule of Protests in NYC for 3/4 - Spread the word!

media | Here's a list of resources and schedule for March 4th student actions for education in NYC. There will also protests nationwide, including SUNY and most notably in California. Spread the word! more...  15 Comments

MTA, City & State to Students: Drop Dead

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Now that it's $2.25 and rising, there's a pretty penny to be made from 585,000 new fares, not to mention planned cuts to Access-A-Rides for the disabled, at least 1,100 layoffs of MTA workers, and maybe another fare hike for good measure. It's all about "gap closing," as the MTA's 2010 Budget coins its program of deficit reduction via service reduction. Yet there are other gaps, other deficits that recent events have brought to the attention of the public (and they implicate the City and the State as much as the MTA). more...  12 Comments

NYC Students March in Solidarity with Occupations in CA, Get Beaten by NYPD

n.negate | At night on 19 Nov., approximately 75 (non)students from the New School, NYU, CUNY, and other university-factories in NYC marched from Washington to Union Squares and back in a gesture of solidarity with the wave of occupations that has swept the University of California system in response to the 32% tuition hike, budget cuts, and the reproduction of students as consumer-commodities ready to work for spectacle-subjects. more...  8 Comments

Stefan Bradley's "Harlem vs. Columbia University" book: A Review

bobf | A review of new book about Harlem community's historic resistance to Columbia University's institutional racism and landgrabbing policies. more...  0 Comments

Stop Cutting Our Public Libraries

NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA | If passed, this cut will result in the loss of 943 jobs, and severe reduction of library hours. Brooklyn Public Library hours are proposed to be cut to 25 hours a week to a Monday - Friday 1pm-6pm schedule - eliminating Saturday service. These reductions would bring library operating hours to the lowest since the 1970’s. more...  0 Comments

New School Benefit Incites Mini Riot; 15 arrested

exquiste | As usual the philosophical-politico Manhattanite university crowd turned out, as well as a handful of strictly Brooklyn party types. The half-anarchist half-hipster crowd couldn’t help but appear reminiscent of a certain catastrophic scenario in recent memory. Around 1:30 AM police showed up outside the 210 Cook street building and unplugged the sound system. more...  6 Comments

Vassar College May Day 2009 Statement

Royce Drake | On Friday, May 1st, a group of staff, students, and faculty held two rallies at Vassar College. We were loud. We were disruptive. For the first time in years students and faculty at Vassar are standing in solidarity with staff with more than just words. more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn College Students Demonstrate Against Proposed Tuition Hike

NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA | More than 400 students assembled today at the Quad in Brooklyn College today to call for an end to the proposed $600 tuition hike for City University of New York students. more...  2 Comments

Why I'm Walking Out of Class

Conor Tomas Reed | Conor Tomás Reed explains why he's ready for an April 22 protest at City College of New York against a tuition increase and faculty cutbacks. more...  3 Comments

What's the Matter with the Left Forum

Steven Sherman | In its organizational structure and attitude, the Left Forum isolates itself from most social movements. But it also refuses to constitute itself as a living organization. Instead, the preference is to berate all existing forces and implore participants to somehow get their act together. Unless it shifts the way it does things, it risks irrelevance. more...  13 Comments

Off the sidewalk, into the Future! New School Rocked Again

Negated Negation | HOLY SHITBALLS! What the fuck happened last night at the New School? Hundreds of people at the anti-police brutality rally at the 55 w13th st New School building, dozens in Bob Kerrey masks, speaker after speaker condeming the NYPD and the New School's violent response to the occupation, absurd revolutionaries challenging everyone to OCCUPY EVERYTHING! ABOLISH TIME! and NEGATE NEGATION.

New School Reoccupied blog more...  3 Comments

Second New School Occupation Ends with Arrests and Violent NYPD Tactics

NYC IMC | 60 students entered into a New School University building early in the morning April 10 and occupied it for over five hours before a violent NYPD raid broke the demonstration up, resulting in the arrests of 19 people. more...  1 Comments

A Response to Bob Kerrey’s “Note to the Community”

The New School Reoccupied | Taking back our building, our school, our education, our city. more...  21 Comments

Take Back NYU! and the New Wave of Student Activism

Anonymous | Take Back NYU! has received an outpouring of support from across the globe, but it has also come under harsh criticism from many people who have consistently misunderstood the importance and legitimacy of the student occupation of NYU. The occupation of Kimmel came as a result of two years of campaigning and two years of being pushed aside, ignored, and mocked by the NYU administration. Each demand of the occupation stems from the same framework - one demanding accountability, transparency, and social justice for all. more...  5 Comments

NYU 18 Suspended, Protest Sparks Campus Debate

Dana Farrington | On Friday, Feb. 20, the student occupation of New York University’s Kimmel Center for Student Life ended, and the repercussions began. The university suspended the last 18 students who remained in Kimmel Friday morning, and non-N.Y.U. participants were told that their information would be given to the NYPD for trespassing. more...  0 Comments

Students Suspended As NYU Occupation Ends

NYC IMC | The occupation at New York University’s Kimmel Center for University Life has been ended, with some of the last remaining students barred from entering NYU buildings. The school has also kicked students out of their residence halls and said that NYU will provide the students with alternative housing for now. more...  3 Comments

New York University Students Occupy Kimmel Center, Continuing Wave of Student Activism

NYC IMC | Following what has been a wave of student activism over the past couple of months, including student occupations in Greece , Great Britain , and the United States and protests across Europe, students from the Take Back NYU coalition have begun to occupy the Kimmel Center for University Life at New York University. more...  12 Comments

Notes From the New School Occupation

Counterhegemonic | Overall, the occupation was a victory. It was a victory for a particular method of direct action politics which is sorely needed in the US. There will be no Greece in the US anytime soon but the energy and romantic leaps made by university students still hold the possibility for reviving the near-moribund political imagination of the left. Occupy-Refuse-Resist! more...  2 Comments

New School University Students Continue Occupation

NYC IMC | More than one hundred students are occupying parts of New School University, demanding the resignation of / President Bob Kerrey and other administrators, student participation in decision making processes, transparency and the immediate suspension of "capital improvement projects" that the students say take money away from financing their education. Students from CUNY schools have joined the protest as well, saying that this is the first step towards more occupations in their system as they face budget increases due to Governor Paterson's budget ax. more...  2 Comments

New School occupation press conference, 10:30am, Thursday 12/18!

kilroy | A press release from CUNY students at The New School in Exile announces a rally and press conference at 10:30am, Thursday, December 18th. more...  6 Comments

Reflections from a New School Student Occupier

kilroy | At approximately 7 pm tonight I joined with my fellow students in initiating a student occupation of the 65 5th avenue building of the New School. I am here today to show my opposition to business as usual at the university, and to stand in solidarity with other students who feel the same. We come from diverse backgrounds, and different politics, but we all agree that the university needs to change. more...  0 Comments

An Open Letter: Come Occupy a Building with Us...Now

kilroy | An open letter from the student occupiers of the New School University cafeteria. more...  0 Comments

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