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Gender & Sexuality

The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is seeking volunteers and food donations...

maria | Help out the 1st ever NYC Rock Camp for Girls! Volunteer or donate.... Create a revolution of little lady rockers. more...  0 Comments

More Heritage of Pride Photos

Caitlin Benedetto | Pride March, June 26, 2005. ~~~~~~~~~ All images copyright Caitlin Benedetto/Ida Images more...  0 Comments

Heritage of Pride Photos

Caitlin Benedetto | Images from the Pride March, June 26, 2005. more...  0 Comments

Images: Pride March 2005

fred askew | Photos from Pride March 2005 more...  0 Comments

Dyke March Photos

Caitlin Benedetto | 13th Annual Dyke March, Saturday, June 25. more...  2 Comments

High Energy ! High Temps !

lin wefel | Big, Huge, Hot Parade today! MUST SEE ! [next year!] more...  1 Comments

Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justic Photos

Caitlin Benedetto | Trans Justice March, Friday June 24. All images copyright Caitlin Benedetto/Ida Images more...  2 Comments

Some LGBTQ Events

Caitlin Benedetto | With Pride week underway, here's some stuff that's happeneing... more...  0 Comments

the 75th anniversary of "Sex Month,"

Pointer | the 75th anniversary of "Sex Month," more...  3 Comments

Black Pride NYC "Rebirth" , Opening Reception 6/22/05

Vincent Fischer | Wednesday, June 22nd 2005, 7:00 p.m., 208 W. 13th Street, NYC, NY. more...  1 Comments

Free Radicals mp3: Eyebrows

Free Radicals | Gloria Edwards - vocals, Nelson Mills III - scat, Ian Varley - electric piano, Marcos Melchor - sax, Chris Anderson - guitar, Theo Bijarro - bass, Nick Cooper - drums more...  0 Comments

Southern Oregon U. Student Senate Bans Military Recruiters from Student Union

biff bixby | Southern Oregon University's Student Government (ASSOU) passed a resolution last night banning military recruiters from the Student Union. The US Military's discrimination against homosexuality, the so-called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, is in direct conflict with SOU's anti-dicrimination policy. The resolution was carried 8 votes to 2. Steve Ryan, student senator and sponsor of the resolution said of its passage, "SOU's Student Government is taking a proactive role in protecting students from discrimination. Clearly the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy conflicts with the Universities anti-discrimination policy. We saw the contradiction and wanted to find a solution." more...  0 Comments

$eeking Rent Boy$: Male Sex Worker Mtg 6/1/05

Solomon Goya | An informal meeting is being called for radical males who engage in commercial and survival sex work (dancing, bar/street/online hustling, porn, erotic services, houseboy work, etc.) This meeting is very trans-friendly, and inclusive of any sexual orientation. more...  1 Comments

Women and Culture June Film Event

Altar Magazine | On June 19th, Altar Magazine and the Pioneer Theater team up for their third women's film event. The first two were packed, and we expect this one to be packed too! more...  0 Comments

Leslie Feinberg: 'We have to struggle!'

TG Warrior | The following is Leslie Feinberg's speech to the April 21, 2005, Fort Collins, Colorado "Take Back the Night" rally. more...  0 Comments

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