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Mission Possible Intl Joins Constant Gardener Grass Roots' Support

Dr. Betty Martini | The Constant Gardener is a movie written as fiction exposing Big Pharma but unfortunately true to life. Mission Possible International joins the grass roots support, a global volunteer force warning consumers off of the deadly neurotoxic drug aspartame. more...  0 Comments

Whim & a Prayer - Rightwing War against Nature creates another quagmire

d.o. | In his recent damage-repair speech before the statue of Andrew Jackson, another occupant of the White House noted for a less than stellar record in race relations and honesty, George W. Bush spoke of the "whims of nature" as if humanity had no effect upon the planet. Hurricane Katrina was not, I repeat NOT a "natural disaster".
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NYPD Stops Cindy Sheehan Speech, Cuts Mic, Disperses Enraged Crowd

todd | A rally of 150 New Yorkers at Camp Casey-NYC was cut short this afternoon when NYPD acting under Inspector MacEnroy broke through the human wall of Veterans for Peace and Military Families Speak Out activists surrounding Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan and cut off her microphone and took her amplifier. Cindy Sheehan was reporting on the successful Bring Them Home Now bus tour. One activist remains in jail.

Cops less directly involved in the attack and arrest retreated to the chair/bike ramp, chased by a chanting crowd of 60-70 from among 150 or so who had attended the dispersed rally. There they formed up a military line in order to remain in the park as New Yorkers chanted "police out of the park" and "who's f-cking park? OUR f-cking park!" during a sometimes-tense 20 minute standoff. Lisa Fithian attempted to calm the crowd but also said that in 23 cities, the Bring Them Home Now bus tour had not been treated as aggressively as in New York City.

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Campaign To End AIDS Moves Forward This Fall

c2ea | (September 12) The Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA), a new national grassroots movement supported by AIDS and community groups across the country, will continue to organize hundreds of local events and ten cross-country caravans this fall while making some scheduling changes due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina, organizers said today. more...  0 Comments

Police forcibly break up Cindy Sheehan rally

Pete Dolack | The New York City Police Department forcibly broke up this afternoon's rally for Cindy Sheehan, moving in as Cindy was speaking at about 3 p.m. in Union Square. more...  45 Comments

4 Struggle magazine #5 is out | a very large and interesting online and print magazine of writings by political prisoners and prisoners of war more...  0 Comments

UN report on the ‘Third World’ in the U.S.

Fred Goldstein | At the very moment that the profound racism and class oppression in the U.S. has been highlighted by the disastrous toll on the poor, largely African-American population of the Gulf Coast, the United Nations has issued a report about racism and poverty affecting the U.S. health-care system. more...  0 Comments

Join us in Washington, DC! Protest Military and Economic Violence!

lisa | Saturday, September 24, 2005.
11:00 am
Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. more...  3 Comments

The Senate and the real John Roberts: Workers World editorial

Workers World | The hearings are being conducted by millionaires on the Senate Judiciary Committee, most of whom are lawyers and are about as far away from the workers and the oppressed as the moon. They allow Roberts to not answer questions. They let him plead in case after case involving his reactionary writings, arguments or rulings that he was just working for an administration or a client. This is equivalent to the argument that every low-level indicted war criminal makes: “I was just following orders.” more...  0 Comments

The Mayoral Candidates and Overdevelopment

Big Cities, Big Boxes | It is high time for overdevelopment, including big box stores, to become a political issue in New York City. According to a piece called "Ferrer, His Candidacy Assured, Campaigns in Brooklyn," in The New York Times, voters are concerned about... more...  0 Comments


Barbara | America is too hopelessly and willfully deluded and distracted to properly care for itself. Consider this an international alert. Worldwide assistance is desperately required in America yesterday!
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Atlantic Yards footprint taken over by New York State and finally clearly defined

No Land Grab |

Government agencies typically quietly release controversial or bad news on Friday to keep the public/media outcry to a dull whimper.

Here's what we've all been waiting for:

NY State officially takes over the project and schedules a public scoping meeting to obtain comments on the draft scope of analysis for the DEIS, which is attached to this notice. The document also announces the intention to condemn property using eminent domain.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 from 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at New York City College of Technology, 285 Jay Street, Klitgord Auditorium, Brooklyn.

This document is a draft of what environmental impacts will be studied. It also defines the actual size of the project which now officially includes Site 5 across Flatbush Ave. in Park Slope.

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New Yorkers Protest Australia’s Deportation of American Peace Activist

Pt'chang | Immediately following Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s address at the United Nations on Friday, a delegation of concerned New Yorkers demonstrated at the Australian Consulate and delivered a letter addressed to Prime Minister Howard expressing outrage at the deportation of American peace activist Scott Parkin. more...  0 Comments

UN still not on the index!

CSD | still not a peep! more...  3 Comments

The Incompetent American (or, the "Ugly American" on Steroids)

populist | Although some level of incompetence in government is universally expected, it started accelerating towards its pinnacle in the US after the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to install Bush in the presidency. more...  0 Comments

Long Island: Protersters outnumber Minutemen

Heather Cottin | Anti-fascist organizations from New Jersey and from New York City came out to castigate the Legionnaires for inviting Minutemen founder Chris Simcox to Suffolk County. Simcox is organizing vigilantes to keep immigrants from crossing the border. more...  1 Comments


ROBBY STAVEN | STATES RIGHT more...  0 Comments

Haliburton, Katrina & New Orleans

dodger | Corporate welfare in New Orleans. more...  0 Comments


Slim Jim | Bush takes responsibility for New Orleans. more...  0 Comments

Flugennock editorial cartoon: "169,000 new jobs!"

Mike Flugennock | At last, the economy's surging again! And, if you check out the actual breakdown yourself, you'll see that a pretty good chunk of them are rock-bottom-wage "service" jobs, not including the handful of "freelance" categories you see here -- including a newly-emerging job category showing a huge upswing at the end of the month. more...  0 Comments

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