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PHILIPPINES - Smith's illegal transfer: Arroyo's judgment will be through the ballots

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) | AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) today said that the Philippine President Arroyo's numerous crimes against the Constitution and the country's sovereignty, the latest of which is the patently illegal transfer of Smith's custody to the US Embassy, will tried through the ballots in the 2007 elections.

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Screening of "Act of War: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation"

Kanaka Maoli | This hour-long documentary is a provocative look at a historical event of which few Americans are aware. In mid-January, 1893, armed troops from the U.S.S. Boston landed at Honolulu in support of a treasonous coup d'etat against the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen Lili'uokalani. The event was described by U.S. President Grover Cleveland as "an act of war."
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Chavez forgives Nicaraguas debt to Venezuela

brian | Chavez forgives Nicaraguas debt to Venezuela

Lets see the rich first world behave as magnanimously! VIVA CHAVEZ

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PHILIPPINES: Smith's Illegal Transfer to the US Embassy: A Case of Multiple Rape

LABAN NG MASA (Struggle of the Masses) | Like serial rapists who stalked the streets of Metro Manila in the dead of night not too long ago, Philippine government forces at 11 pm last night barged into the Makati City Jail and illegally pulled out rape convict Lance Corporal Daniel Smith of the US Marines for transfer to US Embassy custody in complete defiance of Philippine courts and judicial system.

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Venezuela: Cono de sombra

CRA - El Libertario | * Desde la redacción de El Libertario, vocero de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas de Venezuela, se presenta una reflexión sobre las perspectivas para este país luego de la supuestamente inobjetable reelección de Hugo Chávez, que ahora comienza un nuevo período presidencial de 6 años. more...  0 Comments

Chavez announces radical measures against capitalism in Venezuela

Fred Weston | President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela during the swearing in ceremony of his new cabinet gave a fiery speech in which he announced a series of radical measures. If carried out they would be a serious blow against the power of the oligarchy and imperialism in Venezuela. The proposals he made reflect the sharp turn to the left in the country as a whole. They reflect the real mood of the masses and their desire for radical change and an end to capitalism in the country.
In December he won a massive victory, the biggest ever since the Bolivarian Revolution began. The balance of forces is now weighted very heavily in favour of the Venezuelan masses. Chavez has absolute control of parliament and massive support among the population. The conditions exist for snuffing out capitalism once and for all. more...  0 Comments

“I am a Trotskyist!” - says Chavez

Jorge Martin | On Wednesday, January 10th Chavez was sworn in as president of Venezuela for a new term of office, and he delivered a speech in which he announced the members of the cabinet and repeated the main lines of his government, which had already been outlined in a major speech on Monday 8th.
After the massive victory in the presidential elections in December (in which Chavez received 7.3 million votes, 63%), Chavez had insisted that this was not a vote for himself, but rather a vote for the socialist project that he had been defending. The announcements made in the last few days in Venezuela send a clear and strong signal of the direction he intends to go in.
The composition of the new government can be considered a shift to the left. First of all vice-president Jose Vicente Rangel, who had publicly opposed the expropriation of the Caracas golf courses by Caracas Mayor Juan Barreto and explicitly said that the government respected private property has been removed. He has been replaced by Jorge Rodriguez, who is generally seen as being on the left of the Bolivarian movement. His father, of the same name, was an historical leader of the Socialist League in the 1970s, and died as a result of torture while he was in the custody of the secret police. more...  31 Comments

NYC Protesters: No to Gitmo, No to Escalation

fred askew | Activists in Foley Square call for the closure of the US penal colony in Guantanamo Bay and in Times Square protest the Presidents call for a troop escalation in Iraq. || Anti-Guantanamo Bay Protests in DC || 9 Arrested in Greensboro, NC Anti-War Protest more...  2 Comments

More on Iran and Shady Dealings in North Iraq

ABC News | If this is true, we're in very big trouble. Or, if the rumor was sparked by an order 'only' authorizing clandestine operations (or, worse, bombardment) as a form of provocation, this is serious stuff. But even if it's not at all true in any way, we're in pretty big trouble, as the spread of this rumor means we've reached a point in our politics when sober, quite moderate, people like Steve Clemons are starting at shadows. more...  0 Comments

Born in Flames, Free Screening Tonight, Thursday, Jan 11th, 8:00 pm | Thu, Jan 11th, 8:00 pm
Born in Flames (1983)
This is the kind of movie that brings communities together, director Lizzie Borden explores racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism in an alternative United States Socialist Democracy. The plot concerns two feminist groups in New York City, each voicing their concerns to the public by pirate radio. more...  1 Comments

Thank God: 2008 Democrats to Leave NYC Alone

NYT | It’s not exactly a “New York: Drop Dead” kind of moment, but the Democratic National Committee has decided to hold the party’s 2008 nominating convention in Denver, according to Democrats familiar with the decision, heading West in rejecting a bid from New York to hold it there. more...  0 Comments

Bush's Speech Translation

Nick | > Good evening. Tonight in Iraq, the Armed Forces of the United States are engaged in a struggle that will determine the direction of the global war on terror ­ and our safety here at home.

I'll leave that in future tense since it hasn't started yet. more...  1 Comments

Text of Bush Escalation Address

GWB | We go forward with trust that the author of liberty will guide us through these trying hours. Thank you and good night. more...  0 Comments

Outing the Constitutional Criminals

populist | The purpose of the personal income tax is to redistribute wealth upward and to control the civil society. The purpose of the Federal Reserve is to redistribute the wealth upward and to control the civil society. The receivers of the redistributed wealth and the controllers of the society are the private owners of the Federal Reserve -- not the government.
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A Call For Solidarity From the UK Left

johnny void | Insignificant BBC programme, 'The Politics Show' is currently running a poll to find the greatest living UK politician.

Not the most significant event of your life so far I'm sure, until to realise that this is a straight out fight between lefty and mostly harmless Tony Benn and scourge of the working people, the sinister Margaret Thatcher. more...  1 Comments

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: NYC Grassroots Media Conference - Feb 24, 2007 at New School University

NYC Grassroots Media Coalition | This year, the NYC Grassroots Media Conference seeks to ask: What are the common threads inherent in our global struggles for social change and how does media contribute to our understanding of the root causes of injustice faced by world communities? From educating ourselves and our government leaders to spreading our messages and recruiting broader and more diverse constituencies into our campaigns, media is central to the struggle for social justice. Therefore, the fight for better access to and representation in the media is essential for advancing peace and justice both at home and abroad.

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2006 Cyclist Memorial Ride

fred askew | Hundreds of riders turn out to remember cyclists killed in NYC at the annual memorial ride more...  2 Comments

U.S. and Rest of West Termed Land with World's Poorest Human Rights Record

Johnny Dangerously | The United States and other Western countries admonish other countries as if they were "human rights judges", but this is the height of sarcasm reminding one of a thief crying "stop the thief!" Noting that social vices of all descriptions fostered by the idea of money-almighty and misanthropy prevail and social inequality is virtually getting serious as the days go by in those countries: more...  0 Comments

Register Now! NYC Grassroots Media Conference, Feb 24, 2007 - New School University

radiKelly kaPOWski | Join us for the 4th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference, where we will
strategize how media can be used as a tool to achieve social justice across
boundaries and beyond borders. more...  0 Comments

LOHV-NYC's City Council Humane Scorecard released

LOHV-NYC | New York, January 8 – The League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC) released its 2006 City Council Humane Scorecard today. In it, the 51 members of the New York City Council are scored on a scale from 0 to 100, according to whether they sponsored bills relating to the humane treatment of animals. The average score among all five boroughs was 38. Manhattan scored highest, with an average of 60. more...  0 Comments

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