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Brazil, São Paulo: State's Company donated R$ 500.000,00 to iFHC.

Pedro Silvério Salustiano | The recordings, writings and notations that the former-president made, during his eight years of government, on controversial subjects as privatizations and re-election.
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Democrat Agenda Omissions

Stephen Lendman | Democrats in Congress again betraying the public trust. more...  0 Comments

Break with the "peace" popular front

Fred Bergen | ************************************************
Peace parades can't stop the surge and slaughter
Answer imperialist war with class war

To the union members marching on January 27: Turn your anti-war contingent on Saturday into an anti-war picket line on Monday! more...  3 Comments

The donkey won't fly: How to end the war, for real

Yosef M. | ************************************************
Peace parades can't stop the surge and slaughter
Answer imperialist war with class war

The Goodyear strike shows that US workers and the peoples of Iraq face a common enemy, the exploiting class of capitalists in the US, those who own and control everything, including their political puppets in the White House and Congress. more...  2 Comments

Brazil, SP: State government excluded Subway technicians of workmanships' fiscalization.

Ernesto Sabóia Junior. | For the subway workers, the contract answered to a project of privatization of the system of transport by means of Public and Private Partnership (PPP), whose winning trust congregates companies responsible for the workmanship, as Camargo Corrêa, Andrade Gutierrez and Odebrecht Renato Godoy de Toledo.
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Shady Practices At Fort Lincoln Cemetery

Kent Clark | Well known burial ground goes overboard
in it's practices, then calls police to harass
visitors when thieves do their thing. more...  0 Comments

The Democrats are not about to change their pro-war line, so when will the anti-war movement change their pro-Democrat l

Roy Rollin | All of the leading lights of the Democratic Party have made it quite clear that they will never cut off funding to the war in Iraq (let alone to the "good" war in Afghanistan) or even considering impeaching Bush. more...  0 Comments

Renowned Mexican Human Rights lawyer Joins Brad Will Case

Brad Will Family (posted by friends in NYC) | The Will family is pleased to have the renowned Mexican human rights lawyer, Miguel Angel de Los Santos Cruz, join the cause for justice in the case of Bradley Roland Will's death.

Brad, a New York based photojournalist and activist, was shot and killed in Oaxaca, Mexico last October 27th while videotaping the turmoil in the Mexican State. Although two government-affiliated suspects were initially held for the murder, they were released by Oaxacan state authorities in late November on claims of insufficient evidence. A number of human rights groups have questioned the legitimacy of the state investigation and are calling for the case to be moved to the federal level.
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BTL:Hugo Chavez Deepens Venezuela's Social and Economic Transformation

Between the Lines' Scott Harris | Hugo Chavez Deepens Venezuela's Social and Economic Transformation~Interview with Steve Ellner, professor of economic history at the Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela, conducted by Scott Harris more...  20 Comments

Prisoners: New Regs May Deny Reentry of Genderqueer Folk to U.S

kaitlyn tikkun | Passports are now required for any citizen's reentry to the United States. This leaves the bulk of our genderqueer citizens locked out of the ability to enter and return to the US. more...  4 Comments

New Year Destruction at the Hill of Tara, Ireland

turoe | In flagrent contempt of best archaeological and ecological practice, a systematic campaign of tree felling, earth clearance and monument removal has begun at the Hill of Tara. This is even before the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract for the M3 Motorway, through the Tara / Skryne Valley, has even been signed. Daily protests are taking place, every 7am in the morning at the Hill of Tara car park. more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007 - Meet at Lexington Avenue and 86th Street at 4:00 PM
Sunday, Jan. 21, 2007 - Meet at Lexington Avenue and 86th Street at 4:00 PM

***Join us for a vegan dinner at a local restaurant after the demos*** more...  2 Comments

Images: Martin Luther King Day in Times Sq.

fred askew | Martin Luther King Day in Times Sq.

Photographs: more...  0 Comments

Criminal Empire

Kingfisher | Move over Mafia, Cocaine cartels, Russian, Balkan, Cuban groups, Triads and numerous other criminal organisations – the U.S. State is taking over! Today, the methodologies of the American State cannot be distinguished from the methods of organised crime. The latest executions of Saddam’s cronies and the newly signed deal to allow American Oil Companies unprecedented access and open slather exploitation of Iraqi Oil reserves leave little doubt regarding the real intentions of the illegal invasion. The Washington line of spreading ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ will go down in history as a feeble and transparent charade. Nevertheless, America has proven that caveman tactics of brute force and mindless violence (over 655,000 dead) succeed in satisfying immediate needs. It has also become apparent that the USA is unable to see the untenability of its actions in the long term – America has failed to assess the real costs of its morally bankrupt actions! more...  0 Comments

It's Saturday Night, Do you know where your Military Recruiters Are??

Paige | Overview of encounter with military recruiters in Liberty Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard on a recent Saturday night. more...  0 Comments

Birth of a New Nation

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | I want to preach this morning from the subject, "The Birth of a New Nation." And I would like to use as a basis for our thinking together a story that has long since been stenciled on the mental sheets of succeeding generations... more...  0 Comments

Bush Challenges Opposition -- A Response!

team | In his daily radio address, George W Bush challenged those who oppose his insane route to oblivion, to ‘put up or shut up’. “To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible," he said, “offer an alternative”. In view of the fact that U.S. Democrats are unable to effectively deal with the situation, we formally and directly accept this challenge and remind Bush that we are aware that this response will be read by him and his neo-cons; indeed, we have been aware for some time that Bush is a regular reader of this site as indeed is Rice and others. There is no avoiding this response! more...  2 Comments

Building Bridges Monday Night: Martin Luther King, Jr., The Man, The Struggle, The Legacy

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Radio WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, January, 15, 2007, 7 – 12pm EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
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Holiday Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman | The corruption of US holidays for patriotism and profit. more...  0 Comments

Greece: Anarchists take over the Polytechnic University in solidarity to the May 6 prisoners

@ | Greece: Anarchists take over the Polytechnic University of Athens in solidarity to the May 6 prisoners -2 of them are on hunger strike for 46 and 28 days respectively- more...  1 Comments

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