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Army Veteran Declines Meeting With Cemetery Manager

Kent Clark | Following harassment by Prince Georges County
Police officer at historic cemetery, D.C. resident
brings matter to the attention to the public
instead. more...  0 Comments

México: ¿Ahora Qué/What Now? Monsivais and Reguillo at NYU Feb 1, 6:30 pm

NACLA Report on the Americas | In an exclusive appearance in the United States, two of Mexico’s most important public intellectuals, Carlos Monsiváis and Rossana Reguillo, will discuss the roots and repercussions of the current political situation in Mexico at New York University’s Silver Center (100 Washington Square East), at the Randolph Sommerville Theater (703), on February 1, 2007 at 6:30pm. more...  0 Comments

Send a Message to Congress Today: STOP THE FCC!Send a Message to Congress Today: | Send a Message to Congress Today: STOP THE FCC! more...  0 Comments

More about Short Testimony for Verified Voting For Mon NYC Council Meeting

Cheryl Guttman | This story is a continuation of previous one about submiting testimony for Mon, the 29th, City Council Meeting (please read that first). Don't forget to include your full name and address in your testimony. Here is some more info. more...  0 Comments

Write Short Testimony For NY Verified Voting for Mon. City Council Meeting

Cheryl Guttman | Whether or not you attend you can write short tesimony for NY Verified Voting for this Mon. City Council Meeting Jan. 29, 10AM-1 PM. You can also attend and not speak. We have red shirts advocating paper ballots with optical scans (PBOS) rather than electronic voting machines. Verified Voting advocates are endorsing Res.131 which would put the City Council on record for NYC buying PBOS. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela's RCTV Acts of Sedition

Stephen Lendman | Hugo Chavez is within the law acting against a flagrant media lawbreaker. more...  0 Comments

$25,000 Reward for Japanese Whalers’ Coordinates

Sea Shepherd | We are willing to pay USD$25,000 for any information that successfully leads us to the fleet. more...  0 Comments

BTL:Activists Opposing Iraq War Campaign to Enlist City, State Governments

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus | Interview with Joel Barkin, executive director of the Progressive States Network, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus more...  0 Comments

Firm Gets Contract to Provide Kids' Data to Military

Steve Peacock | A list of potentially college-bound high school students will cost the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) at West Point nearly $58,000 to obtain, a move that will enable the institution to target-market certain kids based on personally identifiable information gleaned from that list. more...  0 Comments

Brazil: Paraná State demands respect.

Jose Firmino Neves | In the case of BR-376 the situation is still more serious. Because it is intended to give to private exploration a federal highway that was constructed with money of the people of Paraná State.
more...  0 Comments

Hillary's "Conversation"

Daithí | A “Conversation”? A Little Late, Isn’t It? more...  0 Comments

Democrats Wimping Out---Again.

Elijah Gatewood | Nonbinding Senate resolution against increase of U.S. troops in
Iraq means only one thing: Badluck for those Senators seeking
a White House bid. more...  0 Comments

8 Former Black Panthers Arrested and Indicted in 1971 Homicide

Center for Constitutional Rights | January 23, 2007 - New York ­ Authorities in San Francisco today announced the arrests and indictments of former Black Panthers in the 1971 killing of police officer Sgt. John V. Young despite the use of torture to obtain confessions. Attorneys with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) compared the documented torture by law enforcement of Black Panthers arrested in New Orleans in 1973 to the documented torture the U.S. government has practiced recently at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo.

more...  4 Comments

Btwn 4 &7 Speak Out &/Or Support Speakers for NY Verified Voting in Public Hearing

Cheryl Guttman | Anytime between 4 and about 7pm, you can speak for 3 minutes and/or support speakers who support verified voting, specifically paper ballots which are scanned (PBOS) as opposed to electronic machines (DRE's) even if they have a "paper trail" (although that is preferable to a DRE with no paper trail!). more...  0 Comments

Sex Offenders? Not In My Backyard!

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg | Thanks to an ordinance passed late last year, sex offenders can’t live anywhere in Jersey City, save for, maybe, about one street. more...  3 Comments

Temperature and snowmelt data in Minnesota and Wisconsin show recent warming amplification in North Central U.S.

pat neuman | The slides shown at the link below were used in my presentation at the Labor and Sustainability Workshop, a focus on climate-change, held at the Ford Motor Company plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. more...  0 Comments

Brazil: Leonel Brizola lives forever in our hearts.

Joaquim Sampaio Neves | First to fight and to be successful against the fraud in the electronic ballot box. Enemy of activ and passiv corrupt people, the oligopolyzed media, the fraudulent electoral research companies and the brutal dishonesty of the international interest and of its local allies.

more...  0 Comments

Hillary's Conversation with America

Walter F. Wouk | All talk and no substance. more...  1 Comments

New Orleans Tenants Face Eviction by Unnatural Causes Right Now!

friend of St. Bernard Housing Development | Several people have returned to and are occupying apartments in the St. Bernard Housing Development, which the city has been keeping vacant since the floods during Hurricane Katrina. These people are there at the request of, and as guests of, leaseholders in St. Bernard's. The Housing Authority of New Orleans plans to demolish and redevelop this historic housing project and 3 others, leaving thousands of tenants homeless. more...  0 Comments

Bolivia: one year into the Morales government

Jorge Martin | Popular assembly in Cochabamba on January 16

On Tuesday, January 16th, a massive cabildo abierto (popular assembly) in Cochabamba, Bolivia's third largest city, decided to remove the prefecto (regional governor) and forced the consejeros departamentales (regional councillors) to install a people's prefecture. In doing so the masses, who have been on the streets since the beginning of the year, went over the heads of MAS aligned leaders of many of the peasant and trade union organisations and directly against the advice of the MAS government which recommended calm, negotiation and keeping everything within the legal framework.

This was the highest point of a developing mass movement for the resignation of the prefectos of La Paz and Cochabamba who have sided with the opposition prefectos of Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija (the lowlands crescent of Bolivia) in their struggle for autonomy from the MAS national government and to defend their right of veto in the Constituent Assembly. more...  0 Comments

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