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New Orleans Survivor Council Turns to Venezuela for Support

By: New Orleans Survivor Council | Poor and Working Class Black Hurricane Survivors Visit Venezuelan Communal Councils and Expose “Hatred” of the Poor by Progressive and Government Forces in the U.S.
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Audio and Images: Bloggers Deconstruct Atlantic Yards Media Messages

Jonathan Barkey | On Saturday, February 24, 2007, at New School University, a panel of four Brooklynites examined grassroots media responses to Atlantic Yards, the largest single-developer project in the history of New York City. Audio and photo links below. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers Come Out in Support of Black Panther 8

Sam Alcoff | For three hours on Friday night, over 100 activists came out to Manhattan's Community Church of New York in support of eight recently arrested veteran members of the Black Panther Party. Yet the night skipped any mourning or weariness as host Lumumba Bandele of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement quickly pledged both a new wave of activism to free these activists as well as a resurgence in the movement to free all political prisoners: the crowd's prolonged response suggested a willingness to fight. more...  18 Comments

POLICE Brutally Evict Residents of YOUTH HOUSE, Copenhagen (VIDEO)

crabbed | In a blatantly political move, the danish government has evicted YOUTH HOUSE(Ungdomshuset) from their building in copenhagen. Death is no obstacle; they come within a hairs breadth of killing a protester (see video).
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Big Oil Rips-Off Americans

Berry Goodman | Big Oil is stealing our oil and is refusing to pay their fair share of royalties on oil removed from USA Public Lands. Bush has already given Big Oil over $15 billion in tax breaks and other subsidies; while working Americans struggle to pay their income taxes. This is another Slap to American Families.
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A Review of Chalmers Johnson's Nemesis

Stephen Lendman | A review of how the US is passing from a Republic to tyranny. more...  1 Comments

Cristina Page Speaking on Her Book "How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved Amerca"

Revolution Books, NYC | Cristina Page at Revolution Books, March 14, 7pm more...  11 Comments

Your Govt Working Hard to Keep You Uninformed - Evidence

reposted | The House Oversight and Government Reform
Committee has received a few of the documents
it has requested from the White House after
months of filing requests in their "investigation
into suspicions that the Bush White House has
edited scientific reports to downplay the effects
of global warming." more...  0 Comments

U.S. Offers More Cash for Israeli 'Star Wars' Missile-Shield Project

Steve Peacock | The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) intends to award a sole-source award enabling a U.S. think-tank affiliate to continue its systems engineering & integration efforts for Israel's version of the "Star Wars" missile shield concept. Under the three-year, $16 million contract, Wales. Ltd. -- a subcontractor for the National Institute for Public Policy (NIPP) -- will provide "studies and analysis" for what is known as the Israeli Middle-East Theater Defense Architecture Study and Development Program. more...  2 Comments


Jack A. Smith | Actions by the U.S. antiwar and impeachment movements have the potential for seriously undermining the Bush Administrations plans for continuing the war. Impeachment forces just combined in a new coalition and they will suport the March 17 Pentagon demonstration. more...  0 Comments

Neo-Nazi Working For Top Family Court Judge in Brooklyn

One People's Project | One People's Project has an article about a white supremacist working for Judge Jane Pearl, Supervising Judge of Kings County Family Court. more...  3 Comments

GUINEA_The Trade-Unions Bosses Liquidates the General Strike !

At the end of discussions during Sunday with the authorities, religious leaders and a delegation of the CEDEAO (Economic Community of the States of the area) directed by the former President-general of Nigeria, the gangster Babangida, the trade-union leaders decreed the "suspension" of the general strike which had lasted for 2 weeks, as of Sunday midnight. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | An article in the March issue of Vanity Fair outlines what may be the Bush's administrations plans for a future attacl on Iran, complete with the same kind of disinformation used to justify the invasion if Iraq. The mainstream media seems to be as supine as ever. more...  1 Comments

The Other Hollywood Oscar Ceremony - The "Oscar for Peace" Awards

Peter Graves-Goodman | At the corner of Hollywood and Vine, just blocks away from where the Hollywood Oscars were to be presented at the Kodak Theater, the "Military Families Speak Out" organization hosted an “Oscar for Peace” awards ceremony and "Bring Our Troops Home Now" peace vigil. "Military Families Speak Out" honored individuals “for their exceptional and tireless commitment to waging peace, rather than war.” The event drew thousands, and featured an 8-foot “Oscar” in military camouflage with the inscription “Bring Me Home!” The "Code Pink Police," members of the antiwar group, Code Pink Women For Peace, arrested a mock President Bush, while the "Billionaires for Bush" comedy troupe conducted a mock counter-protest. more...  0 Comments


Greg Miller | On January 26, 2007 the NYC Police Department gave the green light to an historic first: The first annual Dance Parade will take place on Saturday May 19th 2007. Permission was granted for the parade to use Fifth Avenue, from 32nd Street south to Washington Square Park. Produced by Dance Parade Inc., a volunteer-staffed nonprofit organization, the event aims to increase awareness of the benefits of dance as well as the need to have more venues where dancing is legal. more...  2 Comments

Brazil: The "brake" is COPOM.

Bernardo Kucinski | The logic of the the Growth Acceleration Program opposes classic economists as Michael Kalecki and John Keynes. The GAP that does not contain a expansionist monetary politics is not the GAP, is the anti-GAP, as, by the way, the last act of the Copom made clear.
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Panel Discussion on NYPD Surveillance

Time's Up | Discussion with lawyer Gideon Oliver and others about the new laws regarding police surveillance and domestic spying

Thursday March 1st 8 pm
at the Time's Up Space
49 E. Houston, New York City more...  6 Comments


Jack A. Smith | At the minimum, we need a left in this country — a viable political left that has some chance of affecting national policy, such as exists in virtually all other advanced, industrialized capitalist societies. more...  0 Comments

Hugo Heats Up the City (Indypendent)

Mary Heglar | After providing subsidized heating oil at a 40 percent discount last winter as a pilot project at several South Bronx housing cooperatives, CITGO, the U.S. subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, has expanded the program to all five boroughs and looks to provide as much as 25 million gallons of discounted heating oil to as many as 100,000 low-income New York City households. more...  0 Comments

When Superpowers go Rogue

peptide | History records instances of powerful, belligerent nations invading and annexing weaker nations in their bid for world domination and plunder. Various pretexts are utilised to justify these attacks/invasions, the most familiar and infamous are the USS Liberty attack, the Tonkin Gulf incident and more recently the imaginary WMD 'threat'. These examples have one thing in common; they are all orchestrated in order to harness the public as a manageable resource to be used and abused by prevailing powers and to justify an otherwise illegal invasion or military aggression. Nations bent on world domination are extremely predictable; world domination is the folly of a powerful military and inept leadership – history is familiar with a multitude of conquering clowns known to us today as mass murderers. more...  2 Comments

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