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Mitchel Cohen's call for People's Impeachment Tribunals

Mitchel Cohen | All over the country people are wondering what they can do to end the war and restore the Bill of Rights and some semblance of civil liberties. Here's one direct action proposal that goes beyond issuing demands into the ether .... more...  1 Comments

Two Officers Arrested in Venezuela for Plot to Assassinate Chavez

By: Chris Carlson | Two suspects, including a captain of the Venezuelan National Guard, were detained late Thursday night for their presumed involvement in a conspiracy to assassinate the Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez.
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Bush, ‘political cadaver’ -- It’s all but (over)

nano | There is something politically odd about Bush’s tour of various Latin American countries. South American nations were ‘lost’ to the U.S. some time ago – the price paid for America’s fixation in the Middle East. Bush is loathed internationally but is particularly despised in Latin America. The Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez accurately called Bush a “political cadaver” and led 20,000 Argentinian supporters in the chant, “gringo go home”, during his counter-tour of the region. more...  0 Comments

D.A. Ignores Evidence of Police & Mayoral Misconduct

thomas paine | If you were in NYC during the RNC, or know someone who was, and witnessed the fascist preemptive mass arrests, you know the truth. The cops - brass - and civilian commanders - the Mayor - should be charged for civil rights offenses. Such contempt for the law by law enforcement and high officials should not be allowed to pass without a response.
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State repression in Kashmir continues amid mass rallies

PTUDC | The state in Kashmir has shown its true colors by increasing repression on comrades arrested yesterday when they were protesting for the basic demands of the peoples of Kashmir.

The comrades arrested by the police were subjected to severe torture and were accused of serious crimes that they had never committed. In reality, they are being punished for raising the voice of the impoverished people of Kashmir who were devastated by a massive earthquake on 8th October 2005.

The police has falsely accused the arrested comrades of attempting to kill and injure others. Also allegations are made on disturbing the state procedures. All these allegations are false as the comrades were carrying out a peaceful rally to remind the state of its promises it had made after the earthquake. more...  0 Comments

State Dept Report: Sickening Gov Abuse in Afghanistan

bracewell | The practice of courts ordering the defendant to provide compensation in the form of young girls in marriage to a victims' family continued. .... Human rights organizations reported that local authorities continued to routinely torture and abuse detainees - consisting of pulling out fingernails and toenails, burning with hot oil, beatings, sexual humiliation, and sodomy. more...  0 Comments

IWW WINS LABOR BOARD RULING - Workers reinstated at Amersino

Worker Freedom | IWW WINS LABOR BOARD RULING - Workers reinstated at Amersino more...  3 Comments

A28: National Protest for IMPEACHMENT

sweeet pea | On April 28th, thousands will stand up to demand the impeachment of George Bush & Dick Cheney. more...  1 Comments

Women's Day marchers beaten up in Manila

Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) | The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) denounces the attempt of the police to brutally disperse the rally of APL-women commemorating International Women's Day.

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by Dick Meister | President Bush and his Republican allies in Congress agree that airport screeners play a vital role in the war against terror, yet continue to deny them the basic right of unionization by asserting that it would "threaten national security."

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*Unrepentant* - Kevin Annett Screens Film on Canada's Genocide

joe broadhurst | "Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide" documents the "deliberate and systematic extermination" of non-Christian indigenous people within the Indian residential school system by the Catholic, the United, Presbyterian and Anglican churches, in collusion with the federal government and the RCMP. more...  0 Comments

Obama: The Race Is On - | ...because its early and the media is looking for anything to knock down Barrack Obama as they did Howard Dean they have concocted a story that there is dispute over whether Barrack Obama is black enough. Media reports of whether Obama is black enough to the black community is at a minimum bizarre and at a maximum insulting and patronizing. Here we have CNN's Paula Zahn's espousing who is black enough whatever that means. more...  0 Comments

The Sacco and Vanzetti Case Revisited

William Hughes | On August 23, 1927, the State of Massachusetts executed two-Italian born immigrants for their alleged roles in the murders and robbery of a payroll clerk and his security guard on April 15, 1920. The condemned, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, were militant anarchists. A mockery of a fair trial led to their ultimate fate. Professor Deborah Contrada revisits their case and concludes that there was “reasonable doubt, easily” as to their guilt. more...  0 Comments

Latin America, Backyard No Longer

Prensa Latina | As US President George W. Bush is about to start his Latin American tour, he will find a region very different to what it was when he took over the White House.
Free Trade FTAA (ALCA) style, conceived for the benefit of US companies and the nation´s hegemonic plans is no longer an option. The scheme that should have begun operating in 2005 is practically dead. Only the bilateral agreements between Washington and some fearful or allucinating governments are left to show no benefits for the poorer of the sides.
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Waxman No Prohibition for Tobacco Pesticide Cartel

Watchdog | Prohibition Rides Again...but NOT against Chlorine/Dioxin, heaps of Pesticides, and even Radiation in typical smoking products. It is so much easier for corporatized officials to Prohibit natural, public-domain ever. more...  0 Comments


In Washington DC

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Ungdomshuset solidarity at Danish Consulate

ALasBarricadas | At noon several came to a protest at the Danish Consulate due to the shutting down of Ungdomshuset by the Danish government. It was cold out, but we came out anyway. Some press was there, including some Danish TV with a video camera. more...  5 Comments

The Bush -- Police States of America

scott huminski | Indisputable fact revealing President Bush, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the U.S. Justice Departments subjugation of an entire state population to civil rights violations reminiscent of 1930s Germany.

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An Appeal to Philippine President Arroyo

various | Stop agrarian violence and killing of farmers!

Implement agrarian reform in contentious landholdings!

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Akbayan chides Bayan Muna and affiliates for falling into the AFPs 'divide & rul

AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party-list) | PHILIPPINES: AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party-list) chided Bayan Muna (People First) and Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU, May 1 Movement) today for doing exactly what the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is expecting them to do. AKBAYAN President Ronald Llamas said that the recent attacks by Bayan Muna and KMU against AKBAYAN fit in the plan of the military to block Left parties from entering the House of Representatives.

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