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Bush, Blair could face War-crimes Charges

Cleaves Editorial | George W. Bush and Tony Blair may face war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court over their military intervention and occupation of Iraq. The Internationally insignificant John Howard would face Australian courts prior to being handed over to the ICC. more...  0 Comments

At least 30 arrested in Wall Street protests

M19 | A press conference was held at 55 Water Street spinning off a number of snake marches heading towards the New York Stock Exchange. A Ya Basta! block met at Bowling Green and the famous bull statue before skipping down Broadway. 11 Ya Basta members were intercepted on Broadway and arrested. Unconfirmed reports include the following: approximately 10 people were arrested in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Broad St. 8 were arrested at Wall St. and William. more...  37 Comments

Pentagon Focus of a Spirited Peace Demonstration

William Hughes | The Pentagon was the focus of a spirited Peace demonstration on March 17, 2007. The crowd in the tens of thousands heard from over 30 riveting speakers. Activist Cindy Sheehan said: “Let’s stop this b... s...These b... s.... wars. It’s for the make them rich and line the pockets of the...war criminals.” She added: “We’re the deciders. And we have decided that we want Bush and Cheney impeached...indicted...and imprisoned.” more...  0 Comments

Video Collage from March for Justice 3/17/07

a short video documenting a march in nyc on 3 | featuring the voice of nyc councilman charles baron and the music of public enemy.

this short documents a march which took the streets on march 17, 2007 demanding community control and accountability of the NYPD. learn more at:
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NYC Reacts to Sean Bell Grand Jury Verdict

fred askew | A diverse group of activists held a rally in Union Square to demand community control and police accountability. The group then marched down Broadway closing the entire street until reaching City Hall. || More Description and Call For Tuesday Gathering || Video || More Video more...  3 Comments

Clinton Wants US Troops in Iraq to Guard Oil

* | Democratic Presidential candidate and Senator Hillary Clinton came right out and told the New York Times on 3/14/07 that US troops should stay in Iraq because "it is right in the heart of the oil region." Contrary to the Democrats' cynical belief that we have nowhere else to go, we can and must vote for the peace parties on the ballot: Any socialist party and the Green Party.
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The Politics of Apathy: an Australian story

yarra | While America leads the world in insularism and denial, Australia is the world leader in complacency and apathy. No cultural equivalent for the Oz expression, “she’ll be right, mate”, exists anywhere – notwithstanding the variation of “who gives a shit?” Today, non-involvement is proving to be a very costly cultural habit. America has become the world’s most hated nation and will soon attract very real consequences for its actions, one of which is the acquisition of Australia as a colonial trophy. Australia remains an international laughing stock under the servile leadership of lackey prime minister, John Howard; Aussies are experiencing their eleventh year under the rule of the most slavish, gutless, lying, duplicitous, cringing, government on record. No other leader in world history has displayed the servility and cowardice of John Howard. When America says jump, the despicable little coward, Howard, says how high, boss! more...  0 Comments


Nai@ FIERCE | Call for Community Control and Police accountability

The NYPD's murder of Sean Bell and attempted murders of
Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman are NOT isolated or random
more...  0 Comments

Is Iran Next? What can the average person do to stop a new war with Iran?

Sadie Anderson | Marches, petitions, calls, and faxes to congress are important channels for political action, but what could possibly stop a new war with Iran? One has to wonder, are our congressional leaders even reading their faxes? A notable website called recently published over 80 names and organizations of people whom directly influence policy and the president. Maybe through side channels, average Americans can get their message through. more...  1 Comments

Stinking Political Corruption in Bulgaria

Emil Kuzmanov | The Mayor of Sofia and Minister of Agriculture delay humane pet control proposed by Animal Programs, but no any reaction of the letter below. more...  0 Comments

Free Ricardo Palmera, Round Two: International Day of Action!

National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera | Picket line and press conference to demand Palmera's freedom!
March 26th, 2007 / 8:30 AM picket line
9:00 AM press conference
Federal Court Building (333 Constitution Ave., NW)
Join us around the world at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate on this day! more...  0 Comments

100 caught off guard by flooding in Minnesota as NWS downplays flood potential

pat neuman | Record high temperatures on March 13, 2007, rapid snowmelt and ice jams led to the flooding, which is still occurring. Flooding warnings are now in effect for about a dozen counties in southern Minnesota and west central Wisconsin.
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We Must All Stand Up for Sean Bell, Benefield, Guzman

Rosa Clemente/Malcolm X Grassroots Movement | In the aftermath of the Sean Bell, Trent Benefield, and Joseph Guzman grand jury's decision, a broad coalition of grassroots organizations and elected officials, including City Councilmember Charles Barron, will join representatives of the Bell family and other families of victims of police brutality at a press conference to demand real justice in this tragic case. WHEN: The day after the grand jury's decision is announced; 12 p.m. if it is a weekday and 10 a.m. if it is a weekend day. WHERE: in front of One Police Plaza (behind the Municipal Building at One Centre Street). more...  0 Comments

CALL FOR SOLIDARITY - You say you support queer rights, then show up today!


43d and Broadway - Times Square Recruiting Center more...  2 Comments

Everything I Need To Know About The Democrats I Learned From The Grateful Dead

Mike Flugennock | The more I thought about it, the more I realized "Hell, who needs analysts? Who needs pundits, when everything I need to know about the Democrats can be summed up with a few choice verses from the Good Ol' Grateful Dead?" more...  2 Comments

Nicaraguans Protest Iraq War

Prensa Latina | The Nicaraguan Social Movement "Another World is Possible" called the population to protest against Iraq war on occasion of the fourth year since the US invasion.
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The Tasks of the Immigrant Workers’ Movement: For a working class program!

Jose Bedia | As we approach the first anniversary of the immigrant worker mega-marches, the struggle for our rights continues. We defeated the Sensenbrenner bill, and yet the attacks on the families of undocumented workers have intensified. Dozens of raids, the limitation of habeas corpus, the militarization of the border, “no-match” letters, and other attacks on our class must be met with a decisive response!

We need a clear program of struggle that can lead us to victory – to full amnesty and equal rights for all immigrant workers and their families.

In 2006, millions of workers achieved what seemed impossible: we imposed our will on the powers that be through mass mobilizations on the streets. For decades, the traditional immigrant rights organizations fomented illusions in the legal and economic system of this country. They spent millions of dollars on lobbying, trying to win the tiniest of crumbs from the ruling class. What was the result of all these efforts? The Sensenbrenner bill – an absurd and grotesque piece of legislation, a clear provocation intended to appease the most racist and ignorant sectors of U.S. society. The bill included penalties including imprisonment for family members, trade unionists, clergy, and social workers who dared try and help undocumented workers improve their conditions of life. This was a smokescreen intended to make it look as though Congress was “doing something” to address the problems faced by all workers living in the U.S., whose conditions get worse every day. more...  0 Comments

AIPAC’s Gabfest: Israel Lobby Shows Off Its Power

William Hughes | The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was in Washington, DC, for a three-day gabfest. Leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties were slated to make appearances at the event held at the Washington Convention Center. The Israel First Lobbying group is known for its dominating influence over the U.S. Congress and the presidency. Outside the Center, on March 12, 2007, activists made their voices of protest heard. more...  1 Comments


Islamic Community Net | In addition to the crimes of Ghouliani listed by 9/11 firefighters below, Ghouliani is best remembered by Muslims for his racial scapegoating and as the defender of the 1999 police martyrdom of Amadou Diallo on his doorstep in a hail of 41 bullets. more...  0 Comments

Bush Visit to Uruguay: Protests and "Business as Usual"

Michael Fox | U.S. President George W. Bush's visit to the tiny South American country of Uruguay, concluded on Sunday. His stay was largely without incident, except for a number of protests last week. Two of which met the U.S. President on his arrival to Uruguay last Friday night from Brazil. more...  0 Comments

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