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NCPA: Corporate Profits - Supercede Cancer Care Needs

National Center for Policy Analysis | The development of new cancer drugs is crippled as a result, says columnist Ralph W. Moss.
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* Philippine Government Apathetic Toward Human Rights Abuses *

Philip Alston | UNITED Nations special rapporteur Philip Alston gave an oral report to the UN Human Rights Council yesterday of the preliminary findings and recommendations in connection with his 10-day visit to the country in February to investigate extrajudicial killings.

In his report, Alston criticized key government agencies, particularly the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, the Ombudsman, the Department of Justice, and Malacañang for shirking their responsibilities in upholding human rights in the Philippines.

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Hillary Clinton backs public funding for federal

www.YouTubePolitics.Org | JEFFREY GOLD
The Associated Press

ELIZABETH, N.J. - Although her presidential fundraising efforts have been record-setting, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., on Monday backed public funding for federal candidates.
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Hillary Clinton Sets Fundraising Record - | WASHINGTON - Two Democratic presidential candidates broke previous fundraising records during the first three months of the year, with Sen.Hillary Rodham Clinton setting a high bar of $26 million in new contributions for the quarter. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela to Introduce Local Currencies

By Gregory Wilpert | Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said yesterday that his government would like to introduce local currencies in communities, so as to help their development and to alleviate poverty. more...  0 Comments

Party-List Groups and the 2004 Elections (Second of three parts)

Alexander Martin Remollino / Bulatlat | A review of what happened in the 2004 party-list election is necessary to know not only how many seats were given to party-list groups but also to know the kind of representation the marginalized sectors got. more...  0 Comments

Reviewing the Party-List Law (First of three parts)

Alexander Martin Remollino / Bulatlat | Nine years after the first party-list elections, 12 years after the passage of Republic Act No. 7941, and 20 years after the ratification of the present Constitution – is the party-list system serving the avowed purpose of giving voice to the voiceless? more...  0 Comments

San Francisco, DannyGlover4Mayor ???

mesha Irizarry, Idriss Stelley Foundation |
If you support the 'Draft Danny Glover' movement,
take some time to send us your comments &articles,
and Forward Far &Wide ! more...  3 Comments

Images: Critical Mass NYC March 07

fred askew | Critical Mass NYC March 07 more...  1 Comments

Urge a Complete and Feasible Animal Protection Act in Bulgaria

Emil Kuzmanov | In the bills discussed in Parliament the main problem in the animal welfare area - the exstreme instability of dog and cat populations - remains unsolved. more...  0 Comments

David Hicks receives Sentence

dingo | Notice the use of language -- Australian news radio (12 noon) today broadcast that “convicted terrorist, David Hicks, receives nine month sentence...” – shame on ABC news radio, one can only wonder whether the choice of wording reflected the fundamentalist conservative, evangelical christian values of the Howard-loving producer, who will remain nameless in this report. Unlike American loving evangelical christians, most Australians accept “convictions” as a result of fair trials and due legal process NOT sordid kangaroo court 'determinations'. more...  0 Comments

Today's Mass is Critical-- SHOW UP 7pm Union Square

Time's Up! | Come early for a press conference and join your elected officials riding to protect all of our right to assemble more...  3 Comments

Afghan experts contradict Military "optimism"

AfghaniBlog | "The main complaint that I hear from Afghans is not that we're imposing something on them that we don't want, but that we haven't delivered what they think we promised."

Rubin recently published an article in Foreign Affairs magazine warning Afghanistan "is at risk of collapsing into chaos"
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Join the Fight to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Appeals Court Hearing Set for May 17

Partisan Defense Committee |
The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has informed attorneys for death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal that it will hear oral argument on Mumia’s habeas corpus appeal on May 17 in Philadelphia. PDC Labor Coordinator Gene Herson says, “With Mumia’s case in its final legal stages, the need for mass, labor-centered protest is more urgent than ever.” Free Mumia! Abolish the racist death penalty!
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Prince of Pot Mark Emery blames A.P.E. for draconian U.S. Drug policy.

Habeus Mentum and DJ Suss D of | Mark Emery is currently awaiting U.S. trial for drug offense in Vancouver BC more...  0 Comments

AKBAYAN denounces US intervention in Philippine elections

AKBAYAN Party-list | AKBAYAN Party-list condemned today the reported participation of US soldiers Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) initiated campaigns against leftist party-list organizations. The group said that it received reports from the local media in Zamboanga City that US soldiers are also campaigning against party-list groups that the AFP considers as “communist fronts.”

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Support Ward Churchill

jon wilkes booth | Help Support Ward Churchill more...  0 Comments

NYC Immigrants in the Zapatista's Other Campaign


THURSDAY, April 5th, 8:00 PM
The New School
65 Fifth Avenue, RM 205 btw. 13th and 14th St. more...  1 Comments

Conrad Black case may showcase Richard Perle's cronyism

CSD | As the Conrad Black case makes headlines many activists await revelations about the business practices of Black associate, Richard Perle. As an architect of the Iraq war and ultra right neo-con Richard Perlse operates mostly in secret. The white collar crimes getting exposure now will be most interesting to see. more...  0 Comments

Alberto Gonzales – A Civil Rights Violator

scott huminski |
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the Bush Justice Departments subjugation of an entire state population to civil rights violations reminiscent of 1930s Germany.
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