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"Damaged Goods": Local City Council Candidate Eugene Goes AWOL

Sander Hicks, The New York Megaphone | On Feb. 20, Eugene won a Special Election, with endorsements from the powerful health care union 1199SEIU, and the influential former City Council members Una and Yvette Clarke. But opponents claimed Eugene lived in Canarsie. Residing in the district is a legal requirement of taking office. Eugene claimed during his campaign that he had rented an apartment on Argyle Road, and that he was living there, but when it came time to swear in, Eugene feared being convicted of perjury. Mayor Bloomberg nixed the election, and set a new one, for April 24.
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A Review of Chris Hedges' American Fascists

Stephen Lendman | Christian Right efforts to make America a theocratic fascist state. more...  0 Comments

April 20, 2007 Decision in RNC Putative Class Action Re: Privilege Assertions

Gideon Oliver | From the Memorandum and Order: "This case is one of many cases arising from the arrests of approximately 1,800 people during the Republican National Convention (the “RNC”) in New York City in the summer of 2004. Throughout the litigation, the City of New York and the individual defendants (collectively, the “City”) have withheld or redacted a number of documents requested by the plaintiffs on the basis of various privileges. On March 14, 2007, I granted in part and denied in part the plaintiffs’ motion to compel production of documents that the City claimed were subject to the self-critical analysis privilege, the attorney-client privilege, and the deliberative process privilege. MacNamara v. City of New York, No. 04 Civ. 9216, 2007 WL 755401 (S.D.N.Y. March 14, 2007). The plaintiffs now seek an order compelling the City to produce in unredacted form additional documents that the City has withheld on the basis of the deliberative process privilege and the law enforcement privilege. In addition, the plaintiffs seek an order reopening depositions at which the City instructed witnesses not to answer questions regarding the presence of undercover or plainclothes officers at demonstrations. For the reasons set forth below, the plaintiffs’ motion is granted in part and denied in part."

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Anatomy of a Market Collapse

Steven J. Smith | As I write these words, the war in Iraq continues, and the death toll mounts. Two American aircraft carriers sail the Persian Gulf. Iran is gearing up to produce enriched Uranium on an industrial scale. And a wider conflict in the Middle East seems all but inevitable. Why? In a single word, oil. more...  0 Comments

Nation Grieves Over Another Hand Gun Tragedy

David Roknich | In the wake of another schoolhouse shooting, we are reminded that the Bush family continues to foster the availability of powerful weapons both at home and abroad, as they have done for the past 100 years.
Blacksburg, VA – Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, issued the following statement: more...  2 Comments

The Candidate of Oz

budgie | The closer Australia gets to the Federal election, the fewer the political differences between the two major candidates! The chances of opposition leader, Kevin Rudd becoming the next Australian prime minister have increased dramatically following his private dinner engagement with king maker, Rupert Murdoch in New York today. During his quick visit to the U.S., Rudd also addressed the Brookings Institution in Washington and confirmed that any negligible differences between his policies and Howard’s would be completely eradicated by the time of the election and that he was ready, willing and able to assume the ’position’ of lackey, sycophant and new governor of America’s newest colonial acquisition, Australia! [O Ned, you’re better off dead!] more...  0 Comments

Brazil: Tiradentes did not die in vain…

Cesar Camargo | The brutal repression of 1789, that took our hero to the gallows, his friends to the exile and the closing of all the plants by the Portuguese crown, is the perfect synthesis of what has been the history of Brazil, revival of the terror and the retrocession in the trap that took Getúlio to the death, in 1954, in the "coup d'etat" build from outside and precipitated in March the 31th of 1964 and in many other and lamentable occasions.

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Rep. Crowley (D--Bronx/Queens): “The American People are Ahead of Congress”

World Can't Wait/Jackson Heights | Jackson Heights—On Thursday, April 12, eight community leaders met with Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-NY) to discuss the war in Iraq and holding President Bush and Vice-President Cheney accountable for violations of the Constitution and other crimes. more...  0 Comments

Philippines: Unionists confront repression, build unity

Sue Bolton | Organisers from the Philippines’ biggest left trade union centre, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP — Solidarity of Filipino Workers) spoke to Green Left Weekly’s Sue Bolton about the repression that they encounter from the state and their efforts to unify left-wing trade unions.

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It’s time to confront the gun lobby

D. Grant Haynes | The senseless murder of 32 people at Virginia Tech underlines once again the necessity for stricter gun control laws in the United States. more...  0 Comments

Notice to Persons Arrested September 27, 2002, in Washington, D.C.

Z. Schulman | People arrested at Vermont & K Streets and on Connecticut Avenue have the opportunity to obtain money, expungement of arrest resords, and order by a federal court declaring the arrests null and void. This opportunity is not available to people arrested at other locations in the District of Columbia. A class action lawsuit on behalf of people arrested at 14th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue is still pending. more...  0 Comments

Why We Occupied Senator Kohl's Office

Campus Antiwar Network | The Campus Antiwar Network at the University of Wisconsin - Madison occupied the office of Democratic Senator Herb Kohl overnight. more...  1 Comments

Bush, Democrats meet on war funding as violence soars in Iraq

By Bill Van Auken | US President George W. Bush and Democratic congressional leaders staged a meeting in the White House Wednesday to discuss pending legislation that would provide more than $100 billion to continue and escalate the four-year-old US war and occupation in Iraq.

The gathering took place against the backdrop of a bloody eruption of violence in Iraq. A series of mass killings in and around Baghdad made a mockery of Washington’s claims that the “surge” of additional US troops into the Iraqi capital that began nine weeks ago is creating greater peace and security.

According to the Associated Press, 233 people were killed Wednesday throughout Iraq, making it the second deadliest day since the news agency began keeping a tally of the dead two years ago. Iraqi police said that 191 people were killed in Baghdad alone. The Sadriyah marketplace in the center of Baghdad, a predominantly Shia area, was the scene of the most horrific of the bombings, which claimed 140 live, while wounding 150 others, making it the deadliest such attack since the US invasion of March 2003. Angry crowds at the scene denounced the Iraqi government and the US occupation as those responsible for the carnage. more...  0 Comments

EVENT: Racism, the Criminal Justice System and Guantánamo Bay: Imprisonment and

Center for Constitutional Rights | Explore the connections between imprisonment here and the acceptance of arbitrary detention at Guantanamo, and find out what you can do to support struggles for justice! more...  1 Comments

Le Meltdown

Hoipolloi Cassidy | While the American press builds up the French demagogue Nicolas Sarkozy, French voters may have other ideas. more...  0 Comments

Helen Thomas Compares Bush’s White House to Watergate

William Hughes | White House reporter, Helen Thomas, gave a talk at McDaniel College, in Westminister, MD, on April 12, 2007. She labeled President George W. Bush Jr. as a very “isolated” individual, and said today’s White House reminded her of “Watergate,” with the “circling the wagons” and “siege” mentality, She denounced the Iraqi War as “illegal, immoral and unconscionable, “and asked: “Why do Americans tolerate such a dumbing down of our country?” more...  0 Comments

Why Virginia Tech killings happened

editorial | Why Virginia Tech killings happened more...  10 Comments

Where Our Taxes Go (IndyKids)

Katy Parrish | Go to to download the paper, find out how to get copies and to subscribe.

The new issue includes articles about immigrant families in detention, Armenian history and culture, prisoners set free thanks to DNA evidence, kids’ opinions on military recruiters in schools, a special feature on journalism, plus sports, letters and more!

for the Teacher's Guide that accompanies the new issue. more...  0 Comments

Congress Investigates Firings of U.S. Attorneys (IndyKids)

Xavier Tayo | Go to to download the paper, find out how to get copies and to subscribe.

The new issue includes articles about immigrant families in detention, Armenian history and culture, prisoners set free thanks to DNA evidence, kids’ opinions on military recruiters in schools, a special feature on journalism, plus sports, letters and more!

for the Teacher's Guide that accompanies the new issue. more...  0 Comments

Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Cheney

Mary Ann Akers | Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Cheney.... Bout Time!!! more...  0 Comments

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