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Dr. Gilbert Burnham on the 654,965 Death Toll in Iraq

William Hughes | One of the true horrors of the Iraqi War is the death toll of the civilian population caught up in that conflict. In Oct., 2006, “The Lancet,” a prestigious British Medical Journal, published a study entitled: “The Human Cost of the War in Iraq.” One of its co-authors was Dr. Gilbert Burnham of the Johns Hopkins U. Its stunning conclusion: 659,965 Iraqis have died in the war as of July, 2006! On May 8, 2007, Dr. Burnham discussed that report. more...  0 Comments

Kabataan Partylist is texters, bloggers' choice

Sarah Katrina Maramag, Kabataan Party | Kabataan Partylist has been receiving messages of support and endorsements from different youth personalities and groups in the homestretch of its electoral campaign.

Consumer and mobile rights advocacy group TXTPower officially endorsed Kabataan Partylist as it relaunched its website . Filipino-American youth organizations and cause-oriented groups have started sending messages through text and the internet as part of their TEXT B.A.C.K. Internet Blast in support of Kabataan Partylist. more...  0 Comments

Cheney on DC Madam's list

George LoBuono | Cheney said to have used DC escorts more...  0 Comments

Meanwhile in France

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Update on the situation in France more...  2 Comments


TEXT B.A.C.K. USA | TEXT B.A.C.K. stands for TEXT Brigade Against Cheatings and Killings is
an initiative of BAYAN USA member organizations and launched on May 7,
2007. Precisely at 10:30 AM Manila Time, hundreds upon hundreds of text
messages was sent from various cities of the U.S. starting in New York
City, Jersey City, San Francisco, Los angeles, Seattle and Hawaii to
the candidates and members of KABATAAN PARTY LIST headquarters in
Quezon City as well as to various provincial and regional chapters from
Ilocos Norte, Baguio City, Central Luzon, Bulacan, the National Capitol
Region, Southern tagalog, Central Visayas, Cebu City, Mindanao Region,
Davao City and many more. The text message was also sent to various
members of the media.
more...  0 Comments

“Pro Surge” Mikulski Is Paving the Way for Hillary!

William Hughes | Want-to-be president, Sen. Hillary “War Lite” Clinton (D-NY), recently gushed over U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). She said that “Pro-Surge” Mikulski had “paved” the way for her. Indeed, Mikulski has done a lot of paving, especially with respect to the manufacturing jobs lost on her watch. In addition, Mikulski persists in supporting funding for the Iraqi War. Now, it has been disclosed that she knew the Bush-Cheney Gang was lying about the war. more...  0 Comments

Join the Partisan Defense Committee Contingent at the Philadelphia Rally May 17

Partisan Defense Committee | The Partisan Defense Committee is mobilizing a contingent for a rally called by supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal to coincide with oral arguments in his habeas corpus appeal scheduled for May 17.
Mumia Abu-Jamal is Innocent! For Class-Struggle Defense to Free Him Now! There Is No Justice In the Capitalist Courts! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty! more...  0 Comments


Loyal Nine | The Real ID Act was snuck through congress in 2005 as part of a Tsunami Relief and Troop support bill. The Act which is set to go into action next year would require every American Citizen to carry around a national ID card and submit their personal information into a national law enforcement database. more...  1 Comments

Sarkozy's Election Victory

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Meet the new colonialism, same as the old colonialism more...  57 Comments

Impeachment Song

WSQT Guerilla Radio 88.1 FM in DC |

Here's a campy little song promoting impeachment, set to the song "Peaches" by the Presidents of the United States of America! more...  1 Comments

The hypocrisy of John Edwards

Tom Carter | On a campaign stop in Portland, Oregon last Wednesday, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination John Edwards was introduced by Tom Chamberlain, head of the Oregon AFL-CIO, as “a blue collar president for a blue collar America.” To whistles and applause, Edwards emerged in blue jeans and a blazer as loud rock music blared over loudspeakers.

One might imagine that a “blue collar,” populist campaign would be a somewhat problematic endeavor for someone like John Edwards, a multimillionaire lawyer and consultant for a $30 billion hedge fund with a record of support for antidemocratic, militarist policies during his six years in the US Senate.

Nonetheless, this particular campaign speech in Portland, like many the former senator has delivered to meetings around the country in recent weeks, was littered with appeals to the nation’s working poor: “I think it says something about our character, how we treat the needs of our own people who wake up every day just worried about surviving,” Edwards intoned. more...  0 Comments

Even the Mormons

Horst Schafer | The Mormons are no longer unanimously behind the war policy of their government.. Large actions sued Bush for crimes in office on April 28, Impeachment Day, in all 50 states with the support of a growing group of senators and representatives of Congress. more...  0 Comments

The Insular Conservative: John Winston Howard

barra | The Federal Minister of Employment and Workplace Relations (big) Joe Hockey was forced this week to draw his leader’s attention to the oppressive reality facing average working Australians. Crushing debt, loss of penalty rates and other entitlements have forced many Australian families to the wall. Mortgagee sales in working class areas throughout the nation have increased at an alarming rate. John Howard, the darling of big business and the Corporate sector wondered why the common people were not eating cake! more...  0 Comments

Complicit Democrats Ripped at Pro Peace Rally

William Hughes | As a result of the Bush-Cheney Gang’s insane “Surge” strategy, 1,300 Maryland Nation Guard members will be deployed to the hell hole that is Iraq. On May 3, 2007, in Baltimore, a rally was held to protest that action. Maryland State Del. Jill P. Carter blasted U.S. Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin for funding the war and then saying that they wanted to “protect the troops.” She called that bizarre conduct: “politically schizophrenic.” more...  0 Comments

Congress needs to Act on Impeachment of Cheney Now.

Voter | Why has the media been silent on this issue? I haven't seen headlines yet that say an impeachment of the Vice President has been sponsored by two other Congressmen.

Bill Moyer's Documentary Buying the War shed some light on this. Ironicaly it shed more light than was probably planned. more...  4 Comments

How to get out of Iraq for just $450 million

ThinkPeace | If Nancy Pelosi and Congress really want the war to end and U.S. personnel to leave Iraq, it doesn't have to cost $100 billion or even $10 billion. For just $450 million, Congress could hire U.S. airlines to fly all U.S. troops (and contractors) home for good, in time to enjoy summer with their families.
more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Will denial of the WWI genocide against the Armenians derail the process of bourgeois democracy in Turkey? more...  0 Comments

Video from Los Angeles May Day Riot

! | May 1st, 2007 LA immigration protests attacked by PIGS!!


Don't mind the narrator, just watch it. Notice how everyone he talks to knows how fucked up the police are... more...  1 Comments

Anti-Immigration Policies Across America

Nora Grenfell | Monday night at the Brecht Forum, panelists Max Blumenthal (The Nation), Solana Larsen ( and Omar Enriquez (Immigration Campaign, SEIU) discussed the financial and ideological connections between the different factions of anti-immigration groups across the nation, why immigration is a racial issue, and why the public needs to be educated about the origins of popular figures. more...  4 Comments

Filipino Workers urged: Vote for truth, full employment

AKBAYAN. APL and CIU | Thousands of workers from the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) and the Confederation of Independent Unions (CIU) gathered in MetroManila, Lipa, Cebu, Davao City, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro City,Zamboanga City and Cotabato City to commemorate the 104th International Labor Day, urging other workers to support candidateswho would vow to unearth the truth behind the 'Hello Garci' controversy.

more...  0 Comments

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