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A modern higher education: Turkish Style

BlueBird | 25 years later Turkish higher education is still managed by the very same militaristic mentality. more...  1 Comments

New Immigration Policy: Let's just leave the U.S. to the illegals?

Peter Stern | Ours isn't any good to us any more.

After all, U.S. citizens can't make it here. The late singer "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra ( used to sing that about New York City, but today the same holds true for the entire United States. We just can't make it no matter how hard we try. Our daily living costs are through the roof and every day they go higher.
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Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

Bobby Meade | A Forum Topix post more...  0 Comments

US Climate Science Reduced to a 'Pack o Lies'

reposted | by Don Beck

"It seems more like Nazi Germany or the
Soviet Union than the United States" -
Dr. James Hansen, NASA climatologist

Keep the facts of global warming away from
the American people.....they can't handle the
truth. That is the message we are getting from
this Administration who have placed political
appointees to head key agencies in order to
filter and even alter the scientific facts.

In February, the leading climatologist at NASA,
Dr. James Hansen testified to a congressional
committee in a hearing looking into the Bush
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Irish Students in IDAHO Warning over 'State Sanctioned Prejudice'

Union of Students in Ireland | The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is marking International Day against Homophobia today (Thursday 17th May) by calling on the Irish Government to oppose the stigmatising of gay people by laws and judicial decisions in Ireland and abroad. more...  0 Comments

Welcome Party for Rudy Giuliani Tomorrow

Alerta NYC! | McCain, Giuliani to Headline Event
This Thursday, May 17, 2007, the New York Republican State Committee will hold its Annual State Dinner in
the Metropolitan Ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, New York City, at 7:00 pm. more...  2 Comments

Washington’s New Imperial Strategy In Venezuela

CSD | During the second half of the twentieth century, capitalists in the first world began to saturate domestic opportunities for investment and growth. Big business reached a point where possibilities for expansion within national borders were mostly exhausted, and the only option for growth was to look for new opportunities abroad. Growing corporate conglomerates looked to expand their operations throughout the world, investing, privatizing, and buying up everything they could get their hands on. National capital was looking to go international, and by the end of the century, capitalism had become truly global. more...  0 Comments


BUSES LEAVE FROM NYC, CALL (212)330-8029 FOR ALL INFO! more...  0 Comments

Terrorism Enhancement Decision Today For McGowan and others

A Friend | Daniel McGowan and his co-defendents will be finding out today whether an Oregon judge will be applying the terrorism enhancement to them.

This would have major implications for both the sentencing for this case, and for activism in general. more...  3 Comments

Television Evangelist Falwell dies at 73

Sister Amy | LYNCHBURG, Va. - The Rev. Jerry Falwell, the television evangelist who founded the Moral Majority and used it to mold the religious right into a political force, died Tuesday shortly after being found unconscious in his office at Liberty University. He was 73. more...  5 Comments

Climate Change, Despair & Empowerment Roadshow - WED.

schwinn | A special enviro event this Wednesday eve in lower Manhattan will offer strategies for people concerned about climate change. The focus is how to turn anxiety into positive action. more...  0 Comments

TODAY: Rally @ Schumer's Office For Fair Immigration Reform!

Viva Palestina | With a major immigration bill to be introduced Wednesday in the Senate, immigrant groups will hold a press conference and rally beginning at Senator Schumer's office and ending at Senator Clinton's office. Frustrated over the senators' lack of active leadership in the immigration debate so far, participants will urge the senators to step up and carry out concrete and specific actions over the next two weeks – a pivotal time in the immigration debate. more...  0 Comments

Italian Television the Latest to Enter the “911” Ring

Debbie Lewis | In late April, Italian Television, Canale 5, aired a segment by that presents many questions to the official story of one of the most tragic events in US History. more...  1 Comments

Reverend Al Sharpton Joins East Side Residents to Protest Hunter Land Grab

Amy Wolf | The Julia Richman Education Complex, a six school complex (housing four high schools, a pre-K-8 elementary school and a middle school for children with autism) has been an inspiration to schools across the country. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has called JREC "the best example in the United States of a multiplex with a group of schools that are showing really outstanding results." Yet, it is being threatened by Hunter College in a proposed land grab that would displace this historic school.

Rev. Al Sharpton says, "Hunter College has other options, our children don't. Hunter has a million square feet of property on 25th St. to build itself a state-of-the-art science building. Instead, Hunter and the DOE want to push our kids out of the upper east side to an inaccessible location on the FDR Drive between two major hospitals. This is an outrage. Hunter and the DOE have made a real estate deal that sacrifices our children." more...  2 Comments

Neocons in France! resistance and social unrest: news and views

wind of may | No Saucepan demos in each neighbourhoods and no “reclaim the streets with the kids, grandma and grandpa”.
Not yet but a sweet, lovely wind of may is blowing, flowers of small acts, liberation of words, desires, Life, speeches and exchange, arguments and passion, reason and organization, solidarity and networking, exchange and rebellion.
more...  5 Comments

CALL for videos and films representing the anti-globalist movement

RebM | on the occasion of the next G8 summit that will take place near Rostock in
Heiligendamm in 2007 the Oberliht Association (
is organizing an exhbition accompanied by a projection of videos
representing the anti-globalist movement and global police action in Europe
and worldwide that will be followed up by a discussion. more...  0 Comments

Philippine Election Updates:GMA CHEATING MACHINE REVS UP

AJLPP | The US-Arroyo regime cheating and repressive machinery for the May 14 national elections is revved up and ready. The AJLPP reiterates it call for the Filipino people to be vigilant and fight with all their might against legalized vote buying, wholesale cheating and brazen violence in this coming May 14 elections. At the rate It Is acting, the US-Arroyo regime Is sure to surpass the much hated Marcos regime its brazenness and fascist terrorist acts. AJLPP also expresses its deepest concern over the escalating violence and the propaganda in “rationalizing” its cheating activities “ in the coming elections. More than 100 armed incidents have been reported since the election season started late February 2007 in the Philippines.
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(Filipino) Youth party list group to end campaign in cyberspace

KABATAAN PARTY | With barely a day before the last day of campaigning, the Kabataan party list organized a "viral marketing" campaign that led by Filipino bloggers who are connected to a larger network of Filipino bloggers, first nominee Raymond Palatino told more...  0 Comments

Radicalists Move Results To The Deployment Of AFP Batallions This Election

Michael Carmen | Some politician candidates suggests the re-arrangement of the deployment of the AFP to slum areas where where militant party-list supporters and other NPA advocates are residing. more...  0 Comments

Searing heat forcast for the east on the eve of NY hosting Climate Summit

2o | Just as New York is about to play host to mayors from around the world to talk about climate change The Independant (UK) reports the Eastern US is in for searing heat in the summers if greenhouse gasses are not dramatically curtailed. more...  0 Comments

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