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Thomas Riggins | The WB, IMF and WTO are three institutions of imperialism that Third World capitalists are beginning to resist. more...  0 Comments

From Historic Jamestown, VA to the Endgame

William Hughes | Virginia is steeped in history. Recently, I decided to take in Jamestown. It sits on the James River, not far from the Chesapeake Bay. Founded in 1607, by the Brits, it almost went the way of the lost colony of Roanoke. However, Captain John Smith, a so-called “commoner,” saved the day. By the time, the Native Americans leaders figured out what a mortal threat the British interlopers posed to them, it was too late for them to do anything about it. more...  0 Comments

"Dial-up is a thing of the past...": New Yorkers testify at Broadband Hearing

Erin Thompson | On Tuesday May 22, the second of five scheduled public hearings on the topic of broadband access in New York City took place at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. The hearings are a product of Local Law 126, passed in 2005, which created a fifteen-member committee to hear testimony from community members and experts in all five boroughs on the topic of broadband access in New York City. more...  1 Comments

Arroyo's election fraud provoking mass protest actions

BAYAN | As thousands gathered in front of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) where the national canvassing of votes is being done, the umbrella group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan warned of more protest actions in the coming weeks as delays and anomalies in the canvassing of votes raise more questions as to the credibility of the recent polls. more...  0 Comments

"War is a serious business"

orion | "No End In Sight: The American Occupation of Iraq" is a powerful new documentary examining the US involvement in Iraq and the consequent destruction of the country. This article reviews a screening of the film followed by a panel discussion with the director and academics at an open screening in California. more...  0 Comments

Democrats Sell-Out Over Iraq is Now Complete

Barry Grey | The Democratic congressional leadership on Tuesday formally accepted a supplemental war-funding bill that abandons any timelines for withdrawing US troops from Iraq. The bill further gives President Bush the power to waive economic penalties should the Iraqi government fail to meet a series of “benchmarks” for stabilizing the country and opening up its oil resources to exploitation by American oil conglomerates.

The agreement is a full and abject capitulation by the Democratic Party to the Bush administration. It is the inevitable and predictable outcome of months of antiwar posturing by Democratic leaders. more...  6 Comments

Co-Defendent of Daniel McGowan sentenced to 13 years

@ friend | In Oregon today, Judge Ann Aiken decided that 3 ELF actions were "acts of terrorism" and handed snitch Stanislas Meyerhoff a 13 year sentence. While still 2 years less than what the prosecution was seeking, the application of the terrorism enhancement means that Meyerhoff will be placed in a higher security level prison. Daniel McGowan is sentenced on June 4th. more...  5 Comments

(Philippines) Arroyo Regime Implements Most Cruel Form of Human Rights Violation

Desaparecidos | The Families of Desaparecidos for Justice or Desaparecidos condemns the regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for its continued implementation of enforced disappearances, deemed the cruelest form of human rights violations. more...  0 Comments

Dutch Military Mobilized Against Chavez

carib basin | The MIVD 2006 Report focuses on 'protection' from dangerous Venezuala. The Netherlands Antilles seat of power in Curacao - just 35 miles to the north of Venezuala. more...  0 Comments

Bloomberg's Vivisection, AntiHomeless, ProWar Record

With the news from Michael
Bloomberg's media operatives
that he intends to spend 1 billion
in order to install a prowar candidate
by running himself as an independent,
animal activists remember Blalock,
who at Johns Hopkins developed the
Blalock Press to test how many pounds
of pressure a dog's bones could take
before breaking. (Time Warner's HBO
did a movie praising the sadist.)
more...  0 Comments

New Video reveals the scale of destruction at Tara

tara foundation | Featuring a press conference given by TaraWatch, the video (see link below) gives details of the M3 Motorway, what lies in its path, what has been destroyed, and what is being now being threatened with destruction.

A massive prehistoric ‘henge’ site has been discovered in Lismullen, beside the Hill of Tara on the route of the planned M3 Motorway. The circular enclosure is the size of more than three football fields, and is without doubt a national monument because of the rarity of henges in Ireland, as well as its importance to the Hill of Tara archaeological complex.

The video may be accessed here:

more...  0 Comments

For Class-Struggle Defense to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Now!

Partisan Defense Committee | May 17 Appeals Court in Philadephia hears oral arguments in case of death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Partisan Defense Committee mobilizes contingents in Philadelphia and San Francisco demanding "Mumia Abu-Jamal is Innocent--For Class-Struggle Defense to Free Him Now! There is No Justice in the Capitalist Courts! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!" more...  1 Comments

Come to the Broadband Advisory Committee Brooklyn Public Hearing

People's Production House | It is especially important for people and organizations that aren't connected to the Internet to attend this hearing. If you engage this process now, you have an opportunity to shape how we will communicate across our city for the next 100 years. The Committee and the city need to know that you are paying attention to this process and care about its outcome.

Tuesday, May 22nd, Noon to 3 pm
in the Courtroom hearing room in the Brooklyn Borough Hall
(209 Joralemon Street in downtown Brooklyn) more...  0 Comments

Gernam Activists Prepare fro G8 Summit

tristan | Preperations underway for G8 protests more...  0 Comments

Affordable Housing Rally May 23 at Stuy Town, 5-7pm

Met Council on Housing & Tenants & Neighbors | On Wednesday May 23rd, from 5:00-7:00 PM, thousands will converge and rally at Stuyvesant Town / Peter Cooper Village as part of the New York Is Our Home: Affordable Rent Campaign. We urge you to join us. more...  2 Comments

Greensburg, Kansas: FEMA and the State Control of Grieving Communities

Infoshop News | It has become clear through natural and "un-natural" disasters alike that communities must care for themselves and other communities in time of need. The federal and state governments are not going to aid those who need it, they are going to "secure" and "manage". Non-profits and NGO's, while well intentioned and staffed by dedicated workers, do not
utilize the organizing models needed when disaster strikes. more...  0 Comments

Anarchist relief workers forced to leave Greensburg, Kansas by police escort

Infoshop News | On Saturday May 19, five members and volunteers affiliated with Kansas Mutual Aid, a Lawrence based class struggle anarchist collective, made the trek back to Greensburg to again help in relief efforts in the tornado ravaged city. A week earlier, four KMA members had traveled to Greensburg on a fact finding mission to assess the situation there. What
KMA members found was a militarized, entirely destroyed city where relief efforts were moving tragically slow. more...  0 Comments

What's Posada Carriles hiding?

posted by F Espinoza | Robert Kennedy's suspicions about the involvement of gangs of Cuban and Italian origin at the service of the CIA in his brother's assassination sheds new light on the Bush family protection of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles... more...  2 Comments

Lo que Posada Carriles pretende ocultar...

envia F Espinoza | Las sospechas del extinto Robert Kennedy sobre el asesinato de su hermano John, arrojan hoy nueva luz en Cuba sobre los vínculos de la familia Bush con el terrorista Luis Posada Carriles... more...  0 Comments

NYPD makes public it's files from spying on the No RNC activists

04 | A treasure trove of police documents are available on the NYPD website about their spying on anti-RNC activists before the Republican National Convention in 2004. The doc are also link from the New York Times, a leading sponsor of the RNC, as well as many newspapers more...  0 Comments

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