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Ms. Munson gets religion

Paul Werner | "Your Honor, far from using the Justice Department to investigate my political opponents, I was involved in charitable work. Why, those poor li'l freedom fighters were starving!" more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Both parties are representative of monopoly capitalism (imperialism) but one gives more slops than the other. more...  0 Comments

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

Alberto Rivera | A piece discussing an alternative to wasting money promoting candidates when New Orleans is in the state it is. We shoulda just left it to French for this - they'd probably have done more than we have. The blog draws out some of the images and statements. See the recent Charlie Rose with Carl Bernstein on Clinton. It is time now to be more than we have ever been - U.S. / The Universal Solution more...  0 Comments

Canada: Shut Down Atlantica! Anti-Authoritarian, Anti-Capitalist Contingent!

No Justice, No Peace | Atlantica is a proposed deep integration concept that includes the Canadian Maritime provinces and the United States north-east states that seeks to harmonize trade regulations and remove barriers to trade. Like we have seen with NAFTA and the FTAA these barriers are things such as environmental regulations, food safety, social services and now minimum wage legislation. Atlantica is an insult and an attack on our lives! more...  0 Comments

More Smoke on the Horizon in the Middle East War Theater

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya | Moreover, the mechanisms have been put in place in the United States to allow for the hypothetical extension of the presidential term of George W. Bush Jr. or allow Vice-President Richard (Dick) B. Cheney to become U.S. president in the context of a war-time or emergency situation. This eventuality could occur should a major international war be launched in the Middle East— which is what a war against Iran and Syria would effectively create. more...  0 Comments

Daniel McGowan sentenced to 7 years

@ friend | Arguments were heard in Oregon today as Daniel McGowan was given a 7 year sentence by Judge Ann Aiken, 1 year less than what prosecutors sought. He additionally was ordered to pay his share of $1.9 million in restitution. Outside the courtroom, he maintained that the environment is continuing to be devastated. more...  0 Comments

"Operation Enduring FREEDOM"

"Operation Enduring FREEDOM" | "Operation Enduring FREEDOM"

Every American that dies is one less American that will illegally invade a foreign country, one less American that will torture people at Guantanamo Bay, and one less American that will make this world a worse place.

You people are the bad guys. You and Osama deserve each other.
more...  3 Comments

Down With Police Terror Against the Anti-G8 Demonstrators!

New York Spartacist League | Down With Police Terror Against the Anti-G8 Demonstrators!
For Mass Protests Against State Terror Based on the Social Power of the Working Class!
Down With the Witchhunt Against the “Black Block”! more...  0 Comments

Mass Illegal Traffic of Companion Animals in Bulgaria EU

Emil Kuzmanov | Every year in Bulgaria EU hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs are turned into victims of uncontrolled animal testing and source of cheap raw-material.
more...  0 Comments

Failed Presidents Ain’t What They Used to Be: FRANK RICH - Bush Disaster +

FRANK RICH - THE NEW YORK TIMES | RICH: Will it someday be possible to feel a pang of sympathy for George W. Bush?


Illegal Farming of Stray Animals in Sofia EU

Emil Kuzmanov | An Open Letter to Mr Boyko Borissov, Mayor of Sofia, very popular and ambitious politician, leader of the Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party more...  0 Comments

U.S. Imperative: Suddenly, ‘America, the Beautiful’ Doesn’t Look So Pretty Any

Peter Stern | Never has an American president appeared so disassociated with the harsh realities of the majority of the American people. Not since the Great Depression have so many Americans been jobless and so defenseless against the pressures and financial chains of daily living. more...  0 Comments

U.N. Still Looking for Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Colum Lynch, Washington Post | More than four years after the fall of Baghdad, the United Nations is spending millions of dollars in Iraqi oil money to continue the hunt for Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.
more...  0 Comments

U.S. Government Policy: Going Down For The Third Time

Peter Stern | Our leaders appear more concerned with how to resolve issues related to illegal immigrants than in solving the urgent problems of our own legal residents, who have good reason to sense that they have become second-rate citizens in their own country. more...  0 Comments

Canada, June 14-16, SHUT DOWN ATLANTICA!

No Justice, No Peace |
ATLANTICA is a proposed free trade zone that would include the Atlantic
Canadian Provinces and the northern New England states. The proponents of
Atlantica are meeting in Halifax June 14-16. more...  0 Comments

Boycott Montana this summer!

D. Grant Haynes | Americans planning a vacation to the West this year should avoid the State of Montana in protest of a decision to slaughter 300 bison, including many calves and their nursing mothers. This barbarism should not be rewarded. more...  1 Comments

Preparing for Martial Law, Part 2: Enforcement and Infrastructure

redpill8 | Whelp folks, I hate to be the pallbearer at our country's funeral, but I am here to inform you, in case you missed it on Fox News, that the apparatus for martial law is being quietly, but steadily, implemented. If one has been paying attention to the laws that are getting passed over the last few years we can see the telltale signs that we are getting closer and closer to such a scenario. Not only is this government setting up the legal framework for martial law, but they are also setting up the policing apparatus and infrastructure to carry it out. more...  1 Comments

How We’re Animalistic — in Good Ways and Bad: MAUREEN DOWD - Neocon Animals


The New World Currency Crisis

Robert Kurz | The US lost its absolute superiority as an industrial- and export-state.. The US balance of payments deficit has nearly doubled since the 1980s.. A hard landing of the dollar and a new uncontrollable world currency crisis become more likely the longer the Asian exchange rate correction is delayed. more...  1 Comments

anti-venezuela bill entering congress

. | As expected, the special attention the US press has given to the Venezuela RCTV 'scandal' is now being used as a political tool for the US government to increase hostilities towards Venezuela.

below is the bill proposed in congress that our great 'representatives' will most likely approve, and thus pave the way for 'regime change' by any means necessary. more...  1 Comments

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