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Baloch leaders to convene World Conference ,file case with ICJ

Dr.Wahid Baloch | Baloch leaders to convene World Conference ,file case with ICJ more...  1 Comments

How the government taps your phone

Aprilmoon | Two articles showing how the government violates your rights and who is profiting, and when i say more...  0 Comments

Anthology Film Archive, this week and next films about 1973 coup in Chile

Earthworm | Check out rare screenings! more...  0 Comments

Archive Sues to Recover 5 Million Missing White House E-mails

madhatter | Archive Sues to Recover 5 Million Missing White House E-mails
more...  0 Comments

A Day of Outrage against Police Terrorism 9/11

Amadi Ajamu | "A Day of Outrage” is more than just a march or rally, it focuses on political and economic direct action. The upcoming Day of Outrage will be held on Tuesday, September 11, 2007, a date known world wide for terrorism. The demand is to “Stop Police Terrorism.” The assembly point is the corner of 33rd Street and 8th Avenue in midtown Manhattan at 3 PM.
more...  3 Comments

US Congress reconvenes for phony debate on Iraq war

bill van auken | The US Congress went back into session Tuesday amid unmistakable signs that, following its summer recess, the Democratic leadership is preparing once again to provide the funding and political support needed to continue the war in Iraq.

At the same time, with an eye to the 2008 national elections, the Democrats will resume their empty war of words over Iraq policy, with the aim of placating and containing the vast antiwar sentiment of the American people.

Ten months after the Democrats were swept into the leadership of both the House of Representatives and the Senate on a wave of popular anger over the war, the debate in Congress has pushed them steadily to the right, to the point where the substantive differences between the two major parties have all but vanished.
more...  0 Comments

Radio Inteview with Doug Henwood on the Housing Bubble Bursting

Mitchel Cohen | Doug Henwood and Mitchel Cohen examine the causes and possibilities of the current housing bubble bursting. more...  0 Comments

The End of the Green Party?

Joshua Frank | While the Democratic Party refuses to impeach President Bush, continues to fund the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan through 2009, spreads the same lies about Iran's nuclear ambitions, and gives the administration a blank check for domestic spying, what are the leaders of the Green Party up to?

Fasten your safety belts kiddos because they are doing some astonishing things. more...  2 Comments

Anarchist Disruption of World Bank OCT 19-21

NEAN | Oct. 19-21 in DC: NEAN Call for an Anarchist Contingent at IMF()-WB Protests
Take the offensive, kick the capitalists out of town more...  0 Comments

Phoenix Lady, alleges, Victim of Bush's Warrant less Wiretapping & Surveillance

anonymous |
US Citizens has the right to know their Military/Defense Dollars are being misused and squandered by the Bush Administration.

more...  0 Comments

The 9/11 Asbestos Poisoning: A Waiting Nightmare in NYC

Franklin's Focus + Henk Ruyssenaars | The 'inside job' of 9/11 and the WTC drama probably also had unknown millions of people poisoned by asbestos clouds: "Either this is the most horrific story I’ve ever heard in my life, or those people are completely crazy. It couldn’t have happened." - Quote from The New York Times. - But it did... more...  0 Comments

Labor Day Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman | Government and business mock labor's day. more...  23 Comments

Senator Craig Media Critique

Nick Cooper | In covering the story of Senator Larry Craig reaching for contact under a bathroom stall, the media has focused on the hypocrisy. But people who have power to push their own hypocrisies on the less powerful are not just hypocrites, they are not just expressing a different opinion, they are enforcing a system which creates psychological and financial suffering. more...  0 Comments

New Orleans -- Not lost to a hurricane, but by government betrayal

Mitchel Cohen | U.S. and state government officials refused to allow water or food relief into New Orleans. This was a brazen attempt to "starve people out" - a "war crime" under the Geneva Conventions. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily of thirst. And yet, there was no shortage of water or food being sent. The questions raised here still are unanswered. more...  0 Comments

Workers fight for their rights against Socialist president?

BBC, repost by Thomas Riggins | BBC Report seems to indicate that the Socialist president of Chile is on the wrong side of the barracades, this leads to the question of what's the point of a Socialist president of a neoliberal government? more...  0 Comments

The War on Working Americans - Part II

Stephen Lendman | Part II on how working Americans are losing out. more...  0 Comments


Ben Davis | Barring a miracle – and miracles are in short order on Texas’ death row – Kenneth Foster is likely to die Thursday. The battle around his case has been a heroic one. Kenneth’s horrifying story of being condemned to death on a misapplication of an already draconian legal monstrosity – Texas’ “Law of Parties,” which enshrines guilt by association – as well as his own clear-eyed and articulate work telling his story and speaking out for others, have won him a host of supporters. more...  3 Comments


Committee DEFEND-NY | Prof. Jose Maria Sison arrested in the Netherlands. Demand his release in front of the Dutch Consulate, NY 29 August, 4pm 11 Rockefeller Plaza, NY

UPHOLD HUMAN RIGHTS!!! more...  2 Comments

The War on American Workers - Part I

Stephen Lendman | American workers are losing out in the war waged against them. more...  0 Comments

Providence Protesters Urge 'Justice'

By Mark Arsenault and Lynn Arditi | NORTH PROVIDENCE — Clenched fists raised, close to 200 protesters yesterday denounced the North Providence police and demanded "justice" for a protester seriously injured two weeks ago while demonstrating at an Asian restaurant on Mineral Spring Avenue.
more...  5 Comments

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