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Is John Edwards an Alternative for U.S. Workers?

shane jones | Millionaire trial lawyer, one time Senator, and former VP hopeful John Edwards, is now seeking the Presidency. Like the rest of the candidates, he seeks to differentiate himself from Bush and even from many in his own Party, as there is a much-deserved disgust with the political rulers in Washington. But is Edwards fundamentally any different the rest of the bosses’ candidates? Can he really represent the interests of working people?

The war in Iraq is by far the biggest question on the minds of most U.S. workers. Edwards has presented himself as an “anti-war” candidate, even apologizing for his Senate vote to authorize the war, claiming to have been “misled” by the Bush administration. But let’s not forget the facts: in the march to war, the donkeys marched right alongside the elephants. more...  1 Comments


Michael Oman-Reagan | All New Yorkers who object to the policies of the Bush administration are called to converge on the UN now to protest Bush as he addresses the General Assembly. more...  1 Comments

Iran's President Ahmadinejad at the UN in New York

FPF-links: IRNA - Haaretz + video | The way visitors to the United States - who do not agree with the ongoing genocide by the US/UK junta's war machine - nowadays can be treated, is well known: it is petty and cruel and the american propaganda lies are the same as always. They are, as even the UN's nuclear sales office the IAEA says: "outrageous and dishonest". more...  0 Comments

Jews who love themselves too much and the warmongers who love them

Trotsky the Horse | Are there parallels between the Medieval pogroms against Jews at Eastertime and the present campaign against Iran after Yom Kippur? A Jewish perspective. more...  4 Comments

US gave okay to 'bait' insurgents with ammo, then kill ANY Iraqi who touched it

Josh White and Joshua Partlow | Pentagon authorized snipers to "bait" suspected insurgents with detonation cords, plastic explosives and ammunition, then killing any Iraqi who picks up the items.
more...  0 Comments

IWW Extends Legal Fight Against Starbucks Over Anti-Union Operation

Worker Freedom | Coffee Giant on Trial in New York, Faced with Complaint in Michigan more...  0 Comments

Genocide of Baloch people in IRAN and PAKISTAN

International Friends of Baloch People | Appeal to world to stop genodie of Baloch people in Pakistan and Iran . Know about Baloch people , secular people suppressed by religious fanatic regime of Iran and dictatorial imperial punjabi regime of Pakistan . Know the truth . more...  0 Comments

Philippines: Another Scandal rocks Arroyo regime

FDC & Akbayan | Wearing white elephant masks to depict the potential character of the controversial national broadband network (NBN) project, members of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) staged a picket outside the Senate Tuesday in time for the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the project won by Chinese firm ZTE Corp., and stressed its debt burden on the Filipino people.

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Anti-Recruiting Actions in East Harlem

Xavier Tayo | From El Barrio – East Harlem for Peace and Justice:

Join a Vigil

End the War in Iraq & Bring our Troops Home Now!

On Sept 21 and every Third Friday of the month until the war in Iraq ends, Peace actions will be held in communities across the USA. Members of the El Barrio-East Harlem community who live and work here have chosen to be part of this effort and invite you to join the Vigil. Let the US Army recruiters know our commitment to peace and our concern for the lives and safety of our young men and women in the military.

Youth want School, Housing and Living Wage Jobs-Not War!

El Barrio – East Harlem for Peace and Justice

Friday, Sept. 21st
6:00-7:30 PM
103rd St. & Lexington
At the US Army’s East Harlem Recruiting Center
more...  3 Comments

SDS initiates first Iraq Moratorium

John O'Hagan | The New School chapter of SDS had its first event named the Iraq Moratorium. The Iraq Moratorium will become a monthly event that will put continual pressure to end the war, and give the antiwar movement more of a presence. more...  0 Comments

Tourture of Baloch people is Justified -- Pakistani Minister

International Friends of Baloch People | "There are some cases of torture for investigations, to know the news and know the network and to enter into the network.In my opinion, for such kind of people and things, you know you have to do something like this."
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SDS Marches to Times Square Recruiting Station for 1st Iraq Moratorium

Michael Oman-Reagan | This afternoon about 40 members of the New School and Hunter College Students for a Democratic Society were joined by other activists and people from the street as they marched up 5th Ave and through Bryant Park to Times Square. more...  6 Comments

Reviewing Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"

Stephen Lendman | The human wreckage of disaster capitalism more...  0 Comments

Support Ethiopian Political Prisoner Daniel Bekele

free 'em all | Dear friends,

On October 8 2007, less than a month from today, my cousin Daniel Bekele will be judged by an Ethiopian court on charges of treason. As you know, Daniel has been a political prisoner for the past two years. If he is found guilty, he could receive the death penalty or life imprisonment.
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BALOCHISTAN - ICJ - Articulating the case and educating the West

Nagesh Bhushan | Baloch intellectuals should make use of these available avenues without taking these emails seriously. Pakistan may raise preliminary objections similar to what Mrs.Laurence Blairon of Information Department mentioned. However this matter will be decided by the court. more...  0 Comments

Use of 'anti-terror' legislation targets activists at home and abroad

one | people in el salvador remain incarcerated b/c of their organizing to end mining abuses and privatization of health care there. The El Salvadorean an anti-terror law was inspired by the patriot act. Another gift of the u.s. government to thepeople of el salvador and the world.

Take action here! more...  0 Comments



more...  0 Comments

NYC Broke Law Approving Randall's Island Waterpark: Comptroller

BY KIRSTEN DANIS | The Parks Department broke a city law by giving a secret extension to the developer of a Randalls Island water park after the company blew the deadline to line up financing, a top city official charged yesterday.

Aquatic Development Group was supposed to have money in place for the $168 million project by spring. When that didn't happen, Parks officials just moved the deadline to this month - in violation of contract rules, Controller William Thompson said.

"Yet again, the Parks Department has shown an utter disregard for transparency and accountability," said Jeff Simmons, a spokesman for Thompson more...  2 Comments

RESIST and PROTEST BUSH as he visits the UN

MOR | As the world's heads of state meet in New York City , billions around the globe will watch, witnessing how Americans respond. This year we will be in the streets of New York rejecting Bush's claim to speak for us. more...  4 Comments

BALOCHISTAN : "Holistic approach" for development or exploitation ?

BSO-NA.ORG | These 3 articles point the motivation behind the eagerness of Pakistani government to develop Mega Projects in Balochistan . If one connect them , the main player is China ,these "trade and industrial corridor " from Balochistan to China will not benefit Baloch people in anyway . more...  0 Comments

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