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Mumia's Message to the Anti-War Protests: War Without End--Again

Mumia Abu-Jamal | War isn't a Democratic or Republican project - it is a corporate one, where both corporate parties play the game laid down by their sponsors and contributors.

Here we see the convergence between neo liberals and neo conservatives, who join in their service to corporate power. Their 'fight' (if it can be called that) is over who can represent their bosses best (and, by this, I don't mean voters!)

But, people, working through popular movements, can change how politicians think, speak, and even act. more...  0 Comments

City Councilperson tries to 'buy off' activist from Movement for Justice in El Barrio

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | Open Letter to Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito from Movement for Justice in El Barrio more...  11 Comments

House Passes Homegrown terrorism bill

Trevor Jones | The candle wick just grew a little shorter, friends. The U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 1955 (110th Congress), the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 on October 24th, 2007. The bill will create a commission to study the causes of "radicalization" and its prevention. more...  0 Comments


Mothers on the Move | Mothers on the Move (MOM) invites South Bronx Residents to meet with their neighbors and representatives in a People’s Assembly Saturday, October 27th 12pm to 3pm at the Iglésia Evangélica Española del Bronx (Spanish Church). MOM members will inform their neighbors of campaign advances and setbacks during 2007, and demand accountability from public officials on issues such as the $375 million designated for a new jail instead of a community center in Hunts Point. The Assembly will visit the home of at least one no-show public official at the end of the day.
more...  1 Comments


forwarded by Skinny John | We need your help! The Senate has decided to have a "cloture" vote on the federal DREAM Act tomorrow and our opposition is mobilizing in full force.
more...  2 Comments

Taxi Drivers Second Strike Deemed More Successful

John O'Hagan | Taxi drivers demand the halt of GPS units being installed in cabs, as well as union recognition. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance has taken the GPS issue to federal court. more...  0 Comments

Have you signed the Katrina Tribunal petition?

forwarded by Skinny John | Have you signed the Tribunal Petition to President Bush and the US Congress yet ? If
not, we need you to go on line at and sign it ASAP and to pass it on to at least 10 of
your family, friends, co-workers, and other contacts and encourage them to sign it
ASAP and to encourage their friends and contacts to sign it as well. more...  0 Comments

The FBI's War on Black Liberation: COINTELPRO and the Panthers

Ron Jacobs, | While also spotlighting the cases of The SF 8, Veronza Bowers, Jr., and Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown), Ron Jacobs writes that the new Mumia Abu-Jamal crime scene photos in German author Michael Schiffmann's book:

"cast more doubt on the state's case by apparently disproving the prosecution's statements that Mumia stood over Officer Faulkner and fired at him several times. The photos show no marks from the bullets that were supposedly fired in this fashion. In fact, the sidewalk was not damaged in any way. Schiffmann goes on to write: 'it is thus no question anymore whether the scenario presented by the prosecution at Abu-Jamal's trial is true. It is clearly not, because it is physically and ballistically impossible.' (p. 205) The remainder of the photos show a scenario that constantly contradicts the testimony of officers and witnesses (apparently coerced) and the nature of the scene they described in Mumia's original trial."

SEE PHOTO BELOW: The official police crime scene photo (not taken by Pedro Polakoff) also supports Schiffmann's "missing bullet divots" observation. more...  0 Comments

Is Dennis Kucinich an Alternative for U.S. Workers?

shane jones | Millions of U.S. workers and youth have come to reject the inhuman conditions the crisis of capitalism is producing: the War on Iraq, the Katrina disaster, attacks on immigrants, stagnant wages, cuts in social services, the health care crisis, and on and on. On the basis of events, consciousness is changing, starting with the most advanced and active layer of the workers and youth, and is increasingly directed toward a break with the capitalist system and its representatives.

It is in this context that Dennis Kucinich, a six time congressional incumbent from Ohio, who is now in his second run for U.S. president, has generated interest among those disaffected with the “business as usual” politicians. Kucinich presents himself as a “progressive alternative”, and to his credit he stands out favorably on many issues when compared to the rest of the mainstream candidates. He has been a vocal and consistent opponent of the War on Iraq from the very outset, calling for a full withdrawal of U.S. troops. He has said that if he wins the presidency, his “first acts in office will be to cancel NAFTA and the WTO”. He is also the only presidential candidate who openly opposes for-profit health care in favor of a national single-payer system. more...  3 Comments

Bush invokes threat of “World War III”

patrick martin | The press conference held by President George W. Bush Wednesday was, like all of his press appearances, full of non-sequiturs, evasions and political bullying. Bush called the news conference to present himself as an opponent of excessive federal spending, by which he meant a few billion for children’s health insurance in the bill he vetoed last week, not the hundreds of billions his administration has squandered on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the trillions in tax cuts for the rich.

The routine of his 20th press conference of the year was broken only when Bush was asked about the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Tehran, widely seen as undercutting the Bush administration’s campaign to isolate Iran and pave the way for military action against it. Putin took part in a meeting of the five states bordering on the Caspian Sea, each of them pledging not to allow their territory to be used for military action against any of the others. more...  1 Comments

Sheriff Joe arrests owners of the Village Voice

Sheriff Joe | Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the thug who boasts that he is the meanest Sheriff in the world and who runs the gulag prison called “Tent City”, which serves as the Maricopa County Jail arrested the owners of the Phoenix New Times, who also own the Village Voice. The New Times routinely runs articles that portray Sheriff Joe as the thug and criminal which he is. more...  62 Comments

Clinton vs Giuliani: Two Sinister New Yorkers May Face-off

Jonathan Nack | What makes both Clinton and Giuliani particularly sinister and dangerous are precisely their toughness, intelligence, and competency combined with their respective characters and world views, and their ultimate allegiance to the corporate capitalist establishment. more...  0 Comments

Iraq Moratorium events taking place tomorrow, the third Friday of the month.

John O'Hagan | Tomorrow will see three events being held for the Iraq Moratorium. One by Military families speak out, the second by New School SDS and the third by Harlem residents asking for peace. more...  1 Comments

Friday for Andy Stepanian!

backhaver | What:
Benefit Show for Andy Stepanian!
of the SHAC7

1087 Broadway (between Lawton and Dodworth Streets, above Goodbye Blue Monday), Bushwick, Brooklyn more...  1 Comments

Why the Democrats Have Problems with their Base

Thomas Riggins | The problem is the Dems dependence on corporate welfare to survive more...  4 Comments

Promised Social Change in Ecuador

Stephen Lendman | Hope for social change in Ecuador more...  0 Comments

Mumia on Senator Clinton: "The Aura of Inevitability"

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Hillary R. Clinton is running on a record of failure. For, while she is admittedly a popular Senator, who has paid due attention to some of her constituents, she is part of a Congress that has been woeful in its failure to rein in a power-mad presidency on the big issues, of war and peace, of torture, secret prisons, wiretapping, and the like.

Millions of people went to the polls in November 2006 with a message in the bottle: end this damned war.

They have been frustrated because their apparent victory has been as hollow as a hula-hoop. more...  0 Comments

O22: Noose Found in 2 NY Cop Shops; Hempstead Last Month & Williamsburg in '01

love | Yet another reason to show at this year's Monday, October 22 Protest Police Brutality March; WEAR BLACK.
Found about 16 articles at Google News about Hempstead incident; link below. Choose one and read it.
Article regarding Williamsburg incident is located on page 2 of article list, titled "Cop files suit saying he too found a hangman's rope"
And a song called "I Really Like the Cops" more...  0 Comments

Beyond the Wall: Sources of Iran’s Terror Campaign in Balochistan

Belaar Baloch | At present, the Baloch are suffering a “second revolution.” Under the leadership of Khomeini’s faithful followers, there are those who vow to take the revolution back to its roots. This new generation of followers has recently renewed their hostility towards the Baloch and other ethnic groups, particularly those concentrated in bordering regions. more...  1 Comments



Gather 4pm at Marcus Garvey Memorial Park (124th Street & Fifth Ave entrance)
for march to indoor rally at St. Mary’s Church (521 W. 126th Street) more...  1 Comments

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