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j.stone | HOLLYWOOD ES HIROSHIMA more...  0 Comments

REVOLTING: Ron Paul "Cleans Up Well" in Philly, Nov. 10 2007

Mike Flugennock | Ron Paul and his followers onstage today didn't just talk from both sides of their mouths, they talked from every possible side of their mouths that they could talk from at once – like generically handsome New Jersey State Assemblyman Michael Doherty, who accidentally let slip that Paul wanted to Bring The Troops Home so they could be used to enforce immigration law at the borders (what wanna run that by me again, there, Mr. Strict Constitutionalist?) more...  3 Comments

Nov. 13 Protest Demolition of New Orleans Public Housing

forwarded by Skinny John | Activists nationwide stand in solidarity to save
public housing expose and corruption
more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: Reforms take away what is gained through the struggle

El Libertario, Venezuela | *This is the editorial of the latest edition of El Libertario(Venezuela, #51, November 2007, now available -in spanish- in in which this mouthpiece of Venezuelan Anarchism set outs its position with regard to the Constitutional Reforms which the current Government seeks to impose on this country.
more...  1 Comments

La Leçon de français

Hoipolloi Cassidy | A striking fisherman in Brittany provides an evaluation of French President Nicolas Sarkozy more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Krugman thinks a big Democratic victory is needed to push progressive causes, yet asks the Democrats can really be trusted. more...  2 Comments

Hillary stiffs waitress/Obama bullshits grief striken

d.o. | Welcome to the top of the Democratic Party ticket. It's even worse on the other side with the Repugnicians. The problem actually is elitism and the basic disconnect inherent in a class-based society more...  0 Comments

Sean Bell: 1yr anniversary

forwarded by Skinny John | Please consider coming out. more...  1 Comments

Venezuela: another coup in the works??

Jorge Martin | On Monday, November 5th, the campaign for the constitutional reform referendum in Venezuela was stepped up with the call by retired general Baduel for a NO vote. General Baduel was a close collaborator of Chávez and remained loyal to him during the April 2002 military coup which briefly ousted him. In July of this year he resigned from his position as Defence Minister and retired from active military office. His attacks on the constitutional reform are part of a concerted campaign by the ruling class to prevent it from being approved in a referendum which will take place on December 2nd.

The amendments to the 1999 Venezuelan revolution were announced by Chávez after his election victory in December 2006 with the stated aim of bringing the Constitution into line with "Socialism of the 21st century". They were then formally proposed by Chávez in July, discussed throughout the country and passed with a whole series of modifications and additions by the National Assembly on November 2nd. more...  22 Comments

Kucinich's Resolution Survives Tabling Attempt, Is Referred to Judiciary Committ

Mr. Frodo | Full details thanks to David Swanson of Plus Kucinich Press Statement and Full Text of Kucinich's Speech on the Floor, with Three Articles of Impeachment Against Richard B. Cheney. more...  0 Comments

Anti-Authoritarian People of Color caucus at School of the Americas(SOA) protest

Anonymous | CALLING ALL ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN / ANARCHIST PEOPLE OF COLOR (APOC) for an Anti-Authoritarian People of Color caucus at the convergence to Shut Down the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC). more...  0 Comments

Mayor Bloomberg: We Love New York, But Hate Your Government's Rainforest Destruc

Lemurs | New York City's (NYC) Department of Parks and Recreation is
one of America's largest destroyers of rainforests, reports
New York based Rainforest Relief. Parks and other NYC and
state agencies including the Department of Transportation
(DOT) and NYC Transit use hundreds of thousands of board feet
of tropical hardwoods per year. New York City's use of ancient
forest timbers comes at great expense to the Earth's
biodiversity, ecosystems, climate and prospects for achieving
global ecological sustainability... more...  1 Comments

It’s Time to Fire Washington!

Debbie Lewis | What will it take to make them see our elected officials are not representing our interests and get up enough courage to step up to the plate and fire our representatives in Washington, DC? more...  2 Comments

Shame on Schumer

d.o. | New York Senator Charles Schumer has thrown his support to a U.S. Attorney General nominee who refuses to call waterboarding torture. Shame on Charles Schumer and shame on any New Yorker who would not condemn Schumer for his action. more...  4 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Diplomats don't want to be assigned to Iraq-- its too dangerous but they face being fired if they refuse. more...  1 Comments

The Sun Sets Early on the American Century

Philip S. Golub | This article appeared in: Le Monde diplomatique, October 2007.
Sometimes hope comes from outside the myopia and enforced conformity! more...  2 Comments

Nov. 16-17 March, Rally in DC against Hate Crimes, Police Brutality

forwarded by Skinny John | This is a critical moment for us to rally in Washington, DC for our human and civil rights. more...  0 Comments

Gang Member Is Convicted Under Terror Law

Jeanne | In the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, 36 states enacted laws that would guarantee harsher sentences in terrorism cases. Gov. George E. Pataki signed New York’s law within six days of the attack. Like the others, it was aimed at international terrorism organizations like Al Qaeda. more...  0 Comments

November 07 NYC Veteran's Newsletter with Listing of Events

Joseph A. Bello | November 2007 News and Listing of Events for Active Veteran's, Family members and friends in the New York City - 5 borough area. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: Insurgentes frente a la reforma constitucional

Espacio INSURGENTES | * Diferentes organizaciones y personas del país, con trayectorias en las luchas sociales, vinculadas a diversos planteamientos de izquierda crítica y anti-autoritaria, que hemos confluido en el espacio INSURGENTES, fijamos posición ante la “reforma” propuesta inicialmente por el Presidente de la República. more...  1 Comments

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