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Battle for New Orleans. HANO to Demolish Public Housing.

NOLA Solidarity | Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) is set to demolish public housing city-wide. If there is any question on the stance of New Orleanian residents on the imminent destruction of 82% of public housing, watch this video to hear affected peoples speak out for themselves. This is an ongoing struggle for the right to return home for the peoples of New Orleans. more...  0 Comments

Action Alert - Vote Solar

Basit Ikram | Don’t Let Congress Pull the Plug on Solar Energy, Jobs and Economic Growth.

Local Renewable Energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuel or energy imported from other regions.

Keep Our Country strong Like a Rock.
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1/19-21, Binghamton, NY, Tentative dates for NEast Unconventional Action conv.

Upstate Uprise Unconventional Action Faction | January 19-21, Binghamton, NY, Tentative dates for NEast Unconventional Action convergence against the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions! more...  0 Comments

The Proverbial "Digging to China" or How Deep is the U.S. Hole in Iraq?

Dr. Peter Stern | It is TRILLIONS of American tax dollars deep.

The depth of our hole is thousands upon thousands of American and Iraqi lives wasted in the digging. more...  0 Comments

Filipino Workers Vow to Continue the Struggle

PM & APL | PHILIPPINES: Statements by the Workers Party (PM) & Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL)

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12/2: Day of Action in Support of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution!

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY | At 11:30 AM, there will be AN EMERGENCY RALLY IN SUPPORT OF VENEZUELA'S BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION in front of the Venezuelan Consulate in Manhattan. The Venezuelan opposition will be there holding a protest against Constitutional reform at the same time - come show your support for the democratic process taking place in Venezuela! At 3:30 PM, there will be an event at El Maestro in the Bronx in support of the CONTINENTAL BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION (VENEZUELA, CUBA, ECUADOR, BOLIVIA, NICARAGUA). This event will feature special guests, as well as music, poetry, and video clips. more...  0 Comments

The Referendum in Venezuela: a marxist perspective

author: By Corriente Marxista Revolucionaria | On December 2 Venezuelans are once again called to the polling stations to democratically decide on a new step
forward in the revolution, through the ratification of the 69 articles that will reform the 1999 constitution. Against this reform we find international imperialism, our own bourgeoisie, the Catholic Church, that is, all the forces that have been holding back the development of our country and that for decades have benefited from the sacrifices and misery of the workers, peasants and poor, that is, the overwhelming majority of Venezuelans. On the side of the "Yes" is President Chávez and the great majority of workers, communities, peasants and youth who for decades - but especially since Chávez came to power - have been struggling to overthrow capitalism, to expel imperialism from the fatherland of Bolivar once and for all and to create a new socialist society in Venezuela as a first step towards a socialist revolution in the whole of Latin America.

The Revolutionary Marxist Current (CMR), as part of the Bolivarian movement and the PSUV, is issuing a call for an avalanche of votes in favour of the reform on December 2. This reform contains numerous progressive elements and is one of the most advanced in the world. The reduction of the working day to six hours, the right to vote from 16 years of age, the new forms of socialist property, the development of the popular power through workers', community and students' councils, etc., are some of the reasons why the workers and oppressed of Venezuela must massively vote YES. It is necessary to show our class enemies, capitalists, landlords, bankers and imperialists, our strength and give them another bloody nose as we did on December 3, 2006, when Chávez was re-elected in a historical victory. We have to hit them hard and demonstrate that despite all their manoeuvres they are not going to break the will of the revolutionary people. more...  2 Comments

Ben Nichols, professor and former mayor of Ithaca, dies at 87

madhatter | Ben Nichols, professor and former mayor of Ithaca, dies at 87
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PHILIPPINES: AKBAYAN condemns detention of journalists

AKBAYAN (Citizen's Action Party) | AKBAYAN (Citizen's Action Party) condemned the arrest and rounding up of journalists and civil society leaders and warned the government today against using the Manila Pen stand-off to launch another crackdown against opposition, saying that it should instead face the issues that led to the stand-off squarely.

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CIA memo details plans for Venezuela destabilization

Willie Mays |

James Petras reports in Counterpunch on a leaked CIA memo detailing plans to destabilize Venezuela before the Dec. 2 constitutional referendum. Analysts predict the referendum will pass.

The memo outlines a coordinated campaign of street protests, negative press coverage (take a look at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post over the past few days, especially the editorials and columnists), and fiscal pressure to force Chavez from power.

It's 1974 in Chile all over again, folks. more...  23 Comments

How can you help Mexican political prisoners

El Militante | International campaign to free Adán Mejía López and stop the persecution of Militante and the CLEP-CEDEP
Free the political prisoners!

The Calderon government, desperate in the face of its complete lack of legitimacy and its intense fear of the increasing class polarisation, has intensified the repression and criminalisation of social struggles, murdering and imprisoning many of the millions of worker and youth who have dared to raise their voices against the misery and oppression so predominant in Mexico.

For years the working class has been squeezed to no end, all the social tensions generated as a consesquence of this opened the way to insurrectional struggles such as that which occured last year in Oaxaca and, on a national level, against the electoral fraud.
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Musharraf takes off his uniform: Pakistan enters a new phase of the class strug

Alan Woods | Events in Pakistan are moving fast. Yesterday General Musharraf quit as army chief, and was hastily sworn as president on the same day. The general hopes that in this way he will win respectability in the run-up to the election promised for January 8. This sets the stage for a big shift in Pakistan. The splits and conflicts at the top are providing a breach through which the accumulated discontent of the masses is thrusting itself forward. Events will then take on a logic of their own.

The dictatorship has been brought to its knees by mass demonstrations and protests and by the intolerable contradictions that afflict Pakistan at all levels. As we predicted, the return of Benazir Bhutto brought millions of workers and peasants onto the streets. This is not thanks to, but in spite of, the policies and conduct of Benazir, who is an ally of US imperialism and until recently was attempting to reach a compromise with Musharraf.

The return of Benazir Bhuttto and Nawaz Sharif, and the formal exit from the army of General Pervez Musharraf spells the beginning of the end for the dictatorship, which has run out of steam and is collapsing under its own weight. Although martial law is still in place, the dictatorship has been exposed as a paper tiger. Its days are numbered. more...  1 Comments

Another CIA sponsored Coup D'Etat? Venezuela’s D-Day

Negroponte "US war criminals" Watch | Apart from the deep involvement of the US, the primary organization of the Venezuelan business elite (FEDECAMARAS), as well as all the major private television, radio and newspaper outlets have been engaged in a vicious fear and intimidation campaign. Food producers, wholesale and retail distributors have created artificial shortages of basic food items and have provoked large scale capital flight to sow chaos in the hopes of reaping a ‘no’ vote. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Strikes in Greece and Italy, as well France, show that European workers are fighting neoliberal "reforms". more...  1 Comments

Democrats shift further to the right

patrick martin |
Six weeks after he denounced the American media and US politicians for undermining the war effort in Iraq and called for an all-out mobilization of American power to win victory, the former US commander in Baghdad, retired Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, delivered the official Democratic Party response to President George W. Bush’s weekly Saturday radio address.

The selection of Sanchez to make the broadcast November 24 is a calculated decision by the Democratic Party leadership to adopt a standpoint on the war in Iraq that criticizes the Bush administration largely from the right, rather than the left. The Democrats have rebuffed the desires of the vast majority of the American people, including those whose votes placed the Democrats in control of Congress a year ago, who want an end to the war as quickly as possible.

Sanchez commanded US forces in Iraq from June 2003 to June 2004, the period immediately following the US invasion. He is indelibly linked to two episodes in the bloody record of American oppression in Iraq: the murderous onslaught on the city of Fallujah, then one of the strongholds of Iraqi resistance to the occupation, and the abuse of captured Iraqis in the American military prison at Abu Ghraib. more...  3 Comments

Venezuela: The economic tug of war between revolution and counter-revolution

By Erik Demeester | A recent report from Datanalisis (1) [the Venezuelan statistical service] revealed what already many people knew and suffered from. Scarcity of basic foodstuff is becoming intolerable. This study established that milk, beef and sugar have become very difficult to find. Other products like chicken, cooking oil, cheese, sardines and black beans are also very scarce. The analysts who compiled the report interviewed 800 people in some 60 different shops, supermarkets and markets, both in the private sector and the public distribution network, Mercal. 73,3% of the places visited had no milk powder for sale. 51,7% no longer had refined sugar, 40% had no cooking oil, and 26,7% no black beans, a basic staple in Venezuela.

Two thirds of the shoppers declared that they experienced food scarcity to one degree or another in the shops where they usually buy. Queues of a few hours, sometimes up to four hours, to buy some milk are no longer the exception. This is reminiscent of the situation in Chile when wholesale economic sabotage was used against the left-wing Popular Unity government of the 1970s.

Without giving in to the panic stories and exaggerated reports of the right-wing media, we must understand that this is a serious situation. The bosses have even threatened to extend this situation into the first quarter of 2008, especially because of the uncertainties related to the questions of private property included in the new constitutional reform. They are grabbing the revolution by its throat. more...  0 Comments

Our Wealth-Oriented Economy: "America, the Beautiful ain't so pretty any more"

Dr. Peter Stern | Where, oh where, has America gone? more...  0 Comments

Impeachment is Back on the Table

David Lindorff | Here is rock-solid evidence from a man who, as press secretary, was privy to the inner workings of the White House, of a vile conspiracy involving the two top men in the Bush/Cheney administration, as well as their top three staffpeople, to expose the identity of an important CIA undercover operative, Valerie Plame, and then, when caught, to obstruct a criminal investigation by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, into that crime. more...  0 Comments

Hundreds of thousands of students march for Chavez and "yes" in the referendum

By Leonardo Badell and Darrall Cozens | They came in their tens of thousands, in their hundreds of thousands. They came from schools, from colleges, from universities, from teachers' unions and trade unions, and from the Social Missions concerned with education. They came in their red shirts with different names but all saying the same thing, Si in the referendum. Here in Venezuela learning is on the order of the day. Everyone is studying in one way or another, everyone is a student, so they came in all ages.

We gathered in the Plaza de Venezuela and as each minute passed we grew in numbers. In all parts of the gathering crowd there were sound systems belting out different rhythms and people were dancing, singing and shouting slogans. It was a carnival atmosphere with a serious message. The small group of students also dressed in red but with No placards quickly disappeared after having been confronted by revolutionary students shouting "No pasaran", they shall not pass.

We moved off chanting slogans such as "Eduacion Primero para el hijo del obrero; Educacion después para el hijo del burgues" (Firstly, the children of workers should be educated and only then the children of the bourgeoisie), "Obreros y Estudiantes, Unidos en Combate" (Workers and Students united in Struggle) and very importantly "Alerta, Alerta, Alerta Camarada, Que ya esta Preparada la Resistencia Armada" (Watch out Comrades, Armed Resistance is Ready). As the slogans were shouted red flags were being waved. more...  0 Comments

Dec. 1st and 2nd, Rally @ Venezuelan Consulate in Support of Const. Reforms!

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition | On Sunday, December 2, the Venezuelan people will go to the polls once again to vote in a referendum to reform the country's constitution. People in the United States who support social justice need to stand with the Bolivarian Revolution in the face of U.S. government threats and media lies.
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