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Obama Supports Homegrown Terrorism Bill

Jessica Lee, The Indypendent | Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama says that he will support the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959). According to the automatic email responses constituents are receiving from his office, Obama appears to be straddling the fence between preserving civil liberties and being tough on terrorism. more...  2 Comments

Protesters Counter "Murdered by Mumia" Media Blitz, Demand Freedom Now for Mumia

Partisan Defense Committee | Chants of “Mumia is innocent! Free him now!” resounded outside NBC studios in New York on December 6, as Maureen Faulkner and right-wing radio broadcaster Michael Smerconish appeared on the Today show with Matt Lauer to push their book, Murdered by Mumia. The book rehashes police and prosecution lies used to falsely convict Mumia Abu-Jamal of the killing of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner on 9 December 1981. With a decision on Mumia’s case by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals due any day, the book makes its purpose clear by placing front and center the call to execute this innocent man. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Although they have the power and the mandate to end the war the Democratic leadership is giving Bush a free hand to continue the killing. more...  0 Comments

Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan Mark 2nd Anniversary of Green Scare

Alex Kane | Around two-dozen members of Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan and others braved the cold and held a demonstration on Herald Square, at West 34th Street and 6th Ave., marking the two year anniversary of Operation Backfire and the Green Scare. The protest started at 1 pm and lasted till about 2:30 pm, and was held in the middle of a shopping mayhem atmosphere, with hundreds pouring into Macy’s. more...  1 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: "Hillary Answers the Tough Ones"

Mike Flugennock | Yet another morning finds my wife flipping between early-morning news programs at 6:30am, this time landing on CNN's "American Morning" shitfest which, this particular morning, was running highlights of the previous evening's Donkeycratic Party "debate". Needless to say, of course, I emerged from my REM state just in time to hear that dopey-assed college chick asking Hillary Clinton if she preferred "diamonds or pearls?" to which Her Hillaryship answered -- in classic Clintonian fashion, "I like both"... more...  0 Comments

More MEDICARE Health Care Myths: "Prescription Drug Plan Good"

Dr. Peter Stern | The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan: Is it working? more...  0 Comments

Sunday! Stand Up for Daniel McGowan at Herald Square

@ Friend | Join Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan for a
demonstration as we
commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of Operation Backfire
and resist the
government’s attempts to conflate dissent with
terrorism. more...  2 Comments

The Core: Part 1. The Economy of Lies

Scott Creighton | One of the suspects was tricked into thinking he was taken to Saudi Arabia, thinking that would terrify him into talking. And in fact, he became quite relaxed. The first time he met the interrigators, he gave them the personal private cell phone number of a member of the Saudi Royal Family and told them to call him, and he would set them straight! This is the story about the three Saudi Princes...And these were the tapes…
more...  0 Comments

The Ron Paul Counter Revolution

Workers International League | “The rights of all private property owners, even those whose actions decent people find abhorrent, must be respected if we are to maintain a free society.” - Ron Paul

Ron Paul SupportersGiven the lack of a mass working class party in the U.S. and the instability that characterizes the current state of affairs on a domestic and global level, there is enormous pressure to “vote for somebody”. It is therefore not surprising that some workers and youth are curious about Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s bid for the Presidency. His primary draw is his vocal “anti-war” stance, which gives him some distance from the majority of Republicans and Democrats in Congress. It is mainly on this issue that his supporters find support for the so-called “Ron Paul Revolution”. An example of this could be seen in the nation-wide regional anti-war demos of October 27th, where small contingents of his supports came out in various cities to promote his campaign.

But does Ron Paul offer anything that can truly be called a “revolution”, or is he more of the same from the capitalists’ ranks? Should workers and students in the anti-war movement, or in general, give him support in any way?

Ron Paul has been involved in U.S. politics for some time now, but the key issue for workers and youth to understand about him is that in his nine terms in office as a Republican, he has focused above all on turning back the wheel of history to a more “ideal” form of capitalism: a “pure” bourgeois constitutional republic. more...  10 Comments

Petition to Oppose H.R. 1955/S. 1959

Cha-Cha Connor | Petition set up to gather as many signatures as possible to be sent to the U.S. Senate asking them to refuse H.R. 1955/S. 1959. more...  1 Comments

A scram-bag for your brain

Paul Werner | A scholarly book on German and Austrian refugees from Nazism suggests some parallels with today... more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Senate Dems want to cut foreign aid to save money while giving a blank check for the Iraq war! more...  0 Comments

Dissecting the Two-Party System

Workers International League |
It often takes direct experience to better understand one’s surroundings; whether it be a toddler’s mastering of cause and effect, or for our purposes, realizing the Democratic Party’s true nature. This latest life lesson has been taught to us by the Democrats themselves, who, public opinion cast aside, have continued to support the Iraq War, not to mention other collusions with the Republicans on many matters that represent “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

Millions who had sincere illusions in the Democrats have been shocked at how rapidly the illusory divide between the two parties has disappeared, especially over the last few years. Explaining this process in a way that doesn’t place the blame on this-or-that individual becomes increasingly urgent. We must explain the common class interests shared by both parties so that working people can begin the process of building our own political alternative. Otherwise, the current situation of war, inequality, and racism will only continue to intensify.

The key fact that helps explain the policies of the Democrats is that they, like the Republicans, are parties that represent the capitalist class (this seemingly abstract generalization will be confirmed later by more concrete examples). At its base, both political parties are not responsible to any working-class organization or oversight, aside from elections that are held years apart and controlled and manipulated by large financial interests. What the two parties are really responsible for is the well-being of the capitalist owned and operated economy, which relies on maximizing profits at the expense of workers’ wages, and demands that U.S. corporations outperform their foreign capitalist competitors. more...  4 Comments

Thursday Free Movie Screening: Maquilopolis

Time's Up! | Thursday, Dec 6, 8pm
Free screening of Maquilopolis: NAFTA, Maquiladoras and Pollution in Mexico
With guest presenters Jim Mays from the Sierra Club & Betta Broad from Earth Day New York.
Location: Time's Up!, 49 E. Houston St more...  0 Comments

Stop the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

Anne Lewenberg | Since September 11th, every time we turn around it seems as though the government is using the word terrorist to terrify people into cooperating with legislation that is annihilating our civil liberties. From the Department of Homeland Security, to the Patriot Act, to the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act, to the latest Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. We have seen the toll that this has taken on the anti-globalization movement, immigrant's rights, the Muslim community in the U.S, and the environmental justice movement. more...  1 Comments

Venezuela's Social Democracy Hits A Speed Bump

Stephen Lendman | Venezuela's democratic spirit will rebound from Sunday's electoral setback. more...  5 Comments

Impeachment: Will Congress Grant the Desires of “We the People?”

Debbie Lewis | It has been a month since our Democratically run Congress heard Rep. Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment. When will they do their job and do the people’s bidding? more...  0 Comments

BALOCHISTAN : Herbiyar Marri detained by British authorities

International Friends of Baloch People | Exiled Baluch Patriot Herbiyar Marri has been arrested by British authorities, his house and the entire neigbourhood in London has been cordoned off. The property is being searched and his family has been evacuated. This incident has been prompted by the Pakistani authorities to pressurise and curb Baluch human rights workers. more...  0 Comments

Gujarat Polls 2007 - Is the Congress throwing in the towel ?

Indian | By attacking Modi and the BJP with rhetoric borrowed straight off the Islamist Theasaurus, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress are sending two signals. The first is that the Congress has thrown the towel in Gujarat. It can no longer hope to attract the majority vote in Gujarat and hence its leadership has given up on appealing to the Hindu Majority. The second signal the Congress is sending is to the Muslim Vote Bank across the rest of country that when it came to the crunch in Gujarat it took on Modi and hence it can still pander and appease despite Nandigram and Taslima more...  0 Comments

STOP the Police State Bill

forwarded by Skinny John | The Senate will vote this week (as early as Tuesday) on two critical measures: The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act and the Peru Free Trade Agreement. Already passed in the House, both bills will be taken up in the Senate this week and both issues need your attention. Read more below and use the links to take action!
STOP the Police State Bill more...  1 Comments

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