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Populist #13

Franklin | Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued more...  0 Comments

Big Organic Goes Synthetic (Indy)

F. TIMOTHY MARTIN | A rider attached to the 2006 Agricultural Appropriations bill passed by the Senate on Sept 22, threatens to undermine the Harvey ruling. According to the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a Minnesota-based industry watchdog group, the rider would allow more synthetic ingredients in foods labeled “organic” by the Department of Agriculture.
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Group says WV Governor broke promise on Marsh Fork Elementary

Coal River Mountain Watch | A citizens’ group and concerned parents of the children at Marsh Fork Elementary School in the Coal River Valley of West Virginia expressed disappointment in Governor Joe Manchin’s decision to drop his investigation of health concerns at the school. The school has gained attention over the summer as residents protested Massey Energy’s coal operations next door.
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JAY BACHHUBER | In its fight against police abuse in central Brooklyn, Cop Watch uses a variety of tech-
niques. Five to nine volunteers patrol the neighborhood for police activity. When they
come upon officers interrogating or arresting a suspect, they announce their presence and
begin filming.
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Freebees make Taser more palatable for lawmen

TASER IMHO | A Florida Sheriff has been caught by the press accepting an $800 Taser X26. And its engraved with his name !!!!!!!! more...  0 Comments

Bush Administration in a Budget Dilemma

Rainer Rupp | In 2006 the reduction or elimination of 150 federal programs is lined up. These cuts include vocational training, adult education, programs promoting the social interests of communities, environmental protection and heating subsidies for the poor. more...  0 Comments

Viva New Mexico! Aspartame Finally Imperiled!

Dr. Betty Martini | The Nation's eyes are on New Mexico. State Statutes on poisonous substances and adulteration can prempt federal. New Mexico set a precedent for the world to follow. Hearing to ban aspartame in July. more...  0 Comments

Anti-War Alphabet Soup (The Indypendent)

John Tarleton | With the Republicans and Democrats both supporting the war, the task of organizing an antiwar movement tends to
fall on left-wing groups that are little known even to many of the people who attend protests like the one held Sept. 24. more...  5 Comments

Looking For A Winning Strategy (The Indypendent)

A.K. Gupta | An examination of the anti-war movement in our special coverage of the September 24 protests in Washington D.C. more...  0 Comments

Breaking The Bank (The Indypendent)

Leijia Hanrahan | Reporting of direct actions during the September 24 protests in Washington D.C. more...  1 Comments

RIAA targets indie musicians, rappers, record store clerks

Lindsay Nash | This past summer, the RIAA raided various NYC record shops targetting them for allegedly selling pirated material. Employees were arrested. The story exposes the RIAA's tactics by using court documents to detail their undercover work. The story also explores the implications of the raids, and the effects that they will have on underground communities. more...  0 Comments

The U.S. Is The Problem, Not The Solution (The Indypendent)

A.K. Gupta | An analysis of Iraq's Civil War featured in this issue's anti-war movement center spread. more...  0 Comments

No Vote Without Hope (The Indypendent)

Marjorie Cohn | Laden with heavy security, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice paid a quick visit to Haiti on Sept. 27. Her mission: to reassure Haiti’s interim government that the United States wants the elections to go forward in November, and to see to it that President Jean-Bertrand Aristide does not return. more...  0 Comments

A Knock At The Door (The Indypendent)

Donald Paneth | A review of an anti-Bush art exhibition held at the Cooper Union and the South Street Seaport Museum more...  1 Comments

A Rare Look Inside North Korea (The Indypendent)

Diane Mason | A DVD review of A State Of Mind from VeryMuchSo Productions by Daniel Gordon about lives in North Korea. more...  0 Comments

Bird Flu: Evolution or Unintelligent Design?

Dave Lindorff | While a Dover, PA court battles over whether Darwin and God, our Creationist president is strangely worried these days about the evolution of a virus. more...  1 Comments

The Founding Fathers Oppose Miers Nomination

Siriota Blog | Federalist 76: "[The President] would be both ashamed and afraid to bring forward, for the most distinguished or lucrative stations, candidates who had no other merit than that of coming from the same State to which he particularly belonged, or of being in some way or other personally allied to him, or of possessing the necessary insignificance and pliancy to render them the obsequious instruments of his pleasure." more...  0 Comments

The Continuation of the French Show Trials

Antorcha | It has been three years now since the start of the Euro-repressive campaign of November 2002 paving the way for the arrest and imprisonment in France and Spain of about twenty communists, antifascists and supporters of political prisoners. more...  0 Comments

The G-String: Sex And The CDC (The Indypendent)

Amy Wolf | This issue's sex column takes a look at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's latest survey more...  1 Comments

Q & A with Harriet Miers

Harriet the 60 year old virgin | Hello, this is Harriet Miers. I am Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy at the White House, and I am delighted to be here to answer your questions this Friday afternoon. This is always a great weekend because we will all get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night. And given all that is going on, I have to say, we here at the White House are looking forward to that extra hour! more...  0 Comments

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