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“Antiwar” candidate Kucinich backs leading Democrat in Iowa primary

jeff lassahn | Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has announced to his supporters in Iowa that if he does not reach the 15 percent threshold of votes needed to proceed to the second round of nominating the party’s presidential candidate, he “strongly encourages” them to vote for Senator Barack Obama. This further underscores the cynical and deceptive nature of Kucinich’s campaign and his supposedly leftist, antiwar stance.

Kucinich’s statement states, “In those caucus locations where my support doesn’t reach the necessary threshold, I strongly encourage all of my supporters to make Barack Obama their second choice. Sen. Obama and I have one thing in common: Change.”

Obama is one of the top-tier Democratic candidates and is thoroughly in line with the militarist strategies of the ruling elite. Just like the Democratic Party as a whole, Obama’s criticisms of the Iraq war are not about ending it, but how to make it succeed. Currently he advocates a partial withdraw from Iraq to re-focus on the “war on terror.” He has called for more troops in Afghanistan, and unilateral US military incursions into Pakistan. more...  46 Comments

Arch neo-con to write for the Times

Barry Grey | On December 30, the New York Times published a brief item on its inside news pages bearing the nondescript headline “The Times Adds an Op-Ed Columnist.” The columnist in question, the article reported, is William Kristol, whom the newspaper described as “one of the nation’s leading conservative writers and a vigorous supporter of the Iraq war.”

Kristol is, in fact, one of the most prominent and notorious ideologists of the Republican neo-conservative right. His father, Irving Kristol, is considered one of the founders of American neo-conservatism.

A protégé of Rupert Murdoch, William Kristol is the editor of the Weekly Standard, perhaps the most prominent Washington voice for militarism and neo-colonialism abroad and the assault domestically on the social conditions and democratic rights of the American people. Kristol, 55, co-founded the publication in 1994, reportedly with financing from Murdoch. more...  0 Comments


jeffery mcnary | acusations always fly during the political season. there may be some truth in the current rodeo. more...  0 Comments

Danbury, CT: Protest Plan to Deputize Police as ICE Agents

m(A)tt | Immigrants rights activists state wide believe that
this is a dangerous, and horrendous policy for the
city of Danbury to enter into. Danbury will be the
first city in the State of CT to accept the
implementation of this program, and immigrants rights
advocacy groups from various communities all over the
state realize that what happens here in Danbury as a
result of this program, could easily effect their own
communities in the future. more...  3 Comments

ChooseYourVote.Org Interviews Presidential Candidate Frank Moore

Richard Linza | ChooseYourVote.Org Interviews Presidential Candidate Frank Moore on Family Life, Political Experience, Personal Career, Who He Admires Most, Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, Iran, Military, Counter-Terrorism, Immigration Policy, National ID Card, Security Agencies, Gun Control, Drug Policy, Medical Marijuana, Entitlement Programs, Medicine and Medical Care, Taxes, Budget, Dollar, Economy, North American Union, Environment, Energy Policy, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Net Neutrality, Federal Judges, Education, Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, and Miscellaneous ... more...  7 Comments

Baseball, Steroids and Our Elected Officials

Dr. Peter Stern | Baseball may be on to something. Instead of chastising the sport and its players, maybe we need to review it further.

If it would increase their batting averages in making good decisions for the majority of the community, would it be wrong to permit elected officials to take steroids? more...  0 Comments

Yet another "heroic" NYPD Officer

Hammerhand |
A city police officer was arrested Thursday on rape charges after allegedly pressuring his karate student to repeatedly have sex with him.

Police say Officer Trent Young, 39, was arrested on his way to Manhattan's 26th Precinct.

Police in Young's hometown of Middletown, New York say a 15-year-old student says she signed an "oath of obedience" back in 2005 when she achieved her green belt. According to police, the girl was told as part of the test she needed to remove her clothes. She was then sexually assaulted.
more...  3 Comments

East Harlem Denounces City Council's Columbia Expansion Plan

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | East Harlem Community Denounces City Council's Approval of Columbia University's Expansion Plan more...  4 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Goldwater's toxic views return to poision another generation more...  4 Comments

Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status

citizen | Washington D.C. – 19 December 2007. Lakota Sioux Indian representatives declared sovereign nation status today in Washington D.C. following Monday’s withdrawal from all previously signed treaties with the United States Government. more...  1 Comments

New York City responds to New Orleans demolition vote

citizen zip | There will be a response in NEW YORK CITY to the government's decision to destroy people's housing, homes, and neighborhoods in New Orleans. . . . and in Harlem.

We will defend our homes, our lives, our art, and our children's future - in New York City and in New Orleans! more...  8 Comments

Fencing-Out the "Aliens"

Dr. Peter Stern | "The ongoing promotion of a bad idea does NOT make it a better option!" --- Peter Stern
more...  1 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: This Holiday Season, Remember The Missing

Mike Flugennock | Indeed, at every challenge to the Constitution and Liberty, The Missing were...MIA. When the time came to stand and fight for what was right, the MIAs were Missing, but not forgotten. Even today, with Freedom on attack from all sides, you can count on The Missing to be...MIAs. So, now, let us pause and Remember The Missing. more...  0 Comments


Sue Basko | Paul Modrowski, convicted of Murder 1 on an accountability basis for supposedly lending his car to a supposed killer -- who was acquitted -- seeks release from prison for Christmas. more...  0 Comments

Stop NYC from Bulldozing Washington Square Park

Mitchel Cohen | City Council Chair Christine Quinn is using her office's discretionary funds to help pay for the chainsawing of at least 32 trees in the Park in the next few weeks, and the razing of much of the Park to suit NYU's corporate desires. more...  28 Comments

Sonny Carson Specter Haunts Speaker Quinn

Amadi Ajamu | Mayoral hopeful, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's attempts to curry favor among Blacks since her Sonny Carson Avenue debacle that split the City Council down racial lines, have proven catastrophic. Quinn keeps stumbling on Mr. Carson’s legacy.
more...  3 Comments

N.O. Housing Organizers Call for All-Out Support As Vote Approaches

The Coalition to Stop Demolitions | The Coalition to Stop the Demolitions would like to thank all of our allies and supporters throughout the United States and the world who came and stood with us in New Orleans or took action on the streets your city, or who called, emailed, or faxed the New Orleans City Council, Mayor Ray Nagin, Senator Vitter, the Senate Banking Committee members, etc. Your support played a pivotal role in helping us attain the victories we accomplished last week in halting the demolition of three of the four major public housing locations in New Orleans. more...  4 Comments

Impeach Cheney -- take action

richard myers | Please join 100,000 of us, sign Congressman Wexler's online petition calling for impeachment hearings. more...  23 Comments

New Orleans: Bork Chained to Bulldozer at B.W. Cooper Homes

Infoshop News | Affordable housing and homeless advocate Jamie "Bork" Loughner has chained herself to a bulldozer this morning at the B.W. Cooper housing complex in New Orleans. more...  0 Comments

Looking back on the Clinton legacy

info update | Many of us have been hearing
much about being bared from many of our National Park regions. more...  1 Comments

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