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New York Must Reject Real ID

NYCLU | The New York Civil Liberties Union calls on Gov. Eliot Spitzer to protect American values and reject the federal Real ID Act – a law that would create the first national identification system in American history and endanger New Yorkers’ privacy rights. more...  0 Comments

Judge Enjoins Retaliation Against Plaintiffs Seeking Overtime

Worker Freedom | A Manhattan federal judge has ordered a New York City seafood purveyor not to retaliate against workers who are suing the company for allegedly violating state and federal labor laws. more...  0 Comments

An Open Letter To All Present and Future Representatives and Senators on Capitol

Debbie Lewis on behalf of Every-Citizen, USA | Our Congressional Representatives should be put on notice for not representing We-The-People more...  1 Comments

Lawsuit against NYPD grows

NYCLU | The New York Times, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and a group of 21 academics from across the country plan to file briefs in support of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s refusal to disclose an electronic database detailing police stops of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, most of whom were black and Latino. more...  3 Comments

What You Might Not Know About Ron Paul, and Why You Should Know It

bov | Americans are hoping for a revolution, but I'm not sure the kind of revolution a Ron Paul America would bring will be what many think it will. Don't go with a warm feeling after watching a video or getting an email. Don't do that to the rest of the world. Look for yourself, then look again. more...  18 Comments

NYCLU Unveils New Advocacy Department

NYCLU | The New York Civil Liberties Union has launched an advocacy department to lead public advocacy campaigns to defend and promote civil rights and civil liberties throughout the state. more...  3 Comments

Free Speech Victory in Central Park Lawsuit

ANSWER Coalition | Free Speech Victory in Central Park Lawsuit more...  6 Comments

Close Guantanamo!

NYCLU | This Friday, Jan. 11, the NYCLU, ACLU and other human rights groups join together to call on all people opposed to torture and indefinite detention to wear ORANGE to symbolize their sadness and disgust with the national shame that is Guantanamo Bay. more...  0 Comments

Declassified letter exposes Democratic Party complicity in CIA torture

joe kay | Last week, the CIA declassified a February 2003 letter from Democratic Representative Jane Harman of California discussing the planned destruction of videotapes depicting the interrogation and torture of prisoners held by the CIA.

Harman requested that the CIA release the letter in order to show her supposed criticism of the agency’s plans to destroy the evidence. In a statement on the letter, Harman said that it “makes clear my concern about possible destruction of any tapes.” In fact, the letter only underscores the fact that the Democratic Party was aware of and supported the CIA’s secret policy of torture.

Democrats knew of plans to destroy evidence of interrogations, but made no serious attempt to stop it or inform the American people. Indeed, Harman’s “concern” was in effect an indication to the CIA that the Democrats would not challenge a decision to destroy the tapes and would not expose the agency if it did so. more...  0 Comments

Crimes of State

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Alberto K. Fujimori (once affectionately nicknamed 'El Chino' for his Asian features) faces a slew of criminal charges stemming from his years in power as president.

The former president faces charges from his 10 - year reign over Peru's version of a "dirty war" against virtually all opponents of the State. From armed combat against Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) and the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (known as the Tupamaros), to massacres of students and leftists by secret government death squads, the former president left behind him a legacy of blood. more...  0 Comments

American Economy First Concern of Voters

Dr. Peter Stern | Apparently, the Republican and Democratic parties and their candidates are "surprised" by that fact. more...  0 Comments

JFAV Asks De Venecia to Stop Raising False Hopes on Equity Bill

The Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) scored Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr.'s announcement last January 6, 2008 ” that the United States House of Representatives, headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has assured that a bill that would provide $90 million a year to Filipino World War II veterans is being prioritized in Capitol Hill." The Speaker quoted Pelosi as telling him during a telephone conversation in California, that they “will try to organize a financial package” for Filipino war veterans. JFAV claimed that Speaker Pelosi did nothing to get the equity bill pass this year. " more...  0 Comments

FBI, DOJ Caught Lying in Case of Briana Waters, falsely accused of "ecoterrorism

wildcat | Briana Waters is a devoted, loving mother and partner, a dedicated musician and violin teacher, and a caring friend to many. It has come as quite a shock to everyone who knows her that she has been wrongly accused of participating in a politically motivated arson at the University of Washington. These charges carry a draconian mandatory minimum sentence of 35 years in prison should she be convicted. Briana pled not guilty to the charges, first brought on March 15, 2006, and was released pending trial. more...  0 Comments

Mrs. Plummer vs. Speaker Quinn

Amadi Ajamu | On this frigid January morning, hundreds trekked to the U.S. Southern District Federal Court in Downtown, New York City to witness the civil case of Viola Plummer vs. NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn. They soon filled the courtroom to capacity. The overflow watched via satellite from another room, and more filled the halls. Clearly the Sonny Carson street name saga continues to resonate among Black and progressive New Yorkers.
more...  3 Comments

US Officials Sold Nuke Secrets: Whistleblower

Sunday Times | This is big. more...  0 Comments

On the Democratic Debate Debacle

Gore Vidal | I don’t know how many of you were as appalled as I was at the way that the presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich was totally erased from the last Democratic debate held in Iowa. This was a decision that was made, I can tell, jointly by the one-time voice of AIPAC, Mr. Wolf Blitzer, and, at the same time, The Des Moines Register-or whatever it is called-a paper of no consequence for the United States of America. more...  0 Comments

Dropping Out of Electoral College

madhatter | Dropping Out of Electoral College
more...  0 Comments

Why Ron Paul makes most sense for the Left

Stan Goff | Usually people of conscience are forced to choose the least damaging candidate in US elections. Despite Ron Paul's regressive stances on some important issues, we can get serious wins from him, certainly more than from any other viable candidate. The socialist author and special forces veteran Stan Goff here advances his case for leftists to register as republican as soon as possible and vote Ron Paul in their primaries.
(taken from more...  4 Comments

The Indypendent Goes to New Hampshire!

Arun Gupta | We’re sending Steve Wishnia to New Hampshire for five days to do some election coverage. He’s blogging for The Indypendent website and is writing the cover story for the next issue, which hits the streets in a week. While this is a departure from our usual reporting style, Steve can spin a good tale with his caustic wit, seasoned reporting skills and skeptical eye. He’ll be looking at larger issues of what’s motivating the electorate and what this election is really about, rather than doing the usual horse race coverage endemic to the corporate media. more...  1 Comments Obama's Win In Iowa | Obama's win in an overwhelmingly white Iowa may catapult him to the Democratic nomination. Iowans looked pass race and to the ideas and character of the candidate and chose Barack Obama (Dr. King would be proud). more...  2 Comments

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