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Two Thumbs Down On Video Violence (IndyKids)

Amanda Mendez & Diana Fernandez | The January/February 2008 IndyKids is Out!

The new issue includes a primer on sneaky housing loans, a full-color spread on global warming, the end of the death penalty in New Jersey, a look at New Year's Celebrations around the world, a review of Dr. Suess' classic, The Lorax, and more!

Go to www.indykids. net to download the paper and teacher’s guide, find out how to get copies and subscribe.

 http://www.indykids .net/teachers/ index.html
for the Teacher's Guide that accompanies the new issue.

Free copies of the new issues are currently available in New York City at:
• New York Indymedia office, 4 W. 43d St., 3nd floor, Manhattan
• Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St (between Stanton & Rivington), Manhattan
• Revolution Bookstore, 9 W. 19th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenues), Manhattan
• Julia de Burgos Cultural Center, E. 106th St & Lexington Avenue, Manhattan
• E. 96th St branch library, 112 E. 96th St., Manhattan
• Aguilar branch library, 174 E. 110th St., Manhattan
• Jackson Heights public library, 35-51 81st St., Queens

IndyKids is a new free newspaper and teaching tool for kids in grades 4-8 and high school English language learners. IndyKids aims to inform children on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to inspire a passion for social justice and

P.O. Box 1417
New York , NY 10276
Phone: 212-592-0116
Email: indykids@indymedia. org
Web: www.indykids. net
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IndyKids Cartoon (IndyKids)

Gary Martin | more...  0 Comments

Obama, race and the African American community

Alex Kane | Around 75 people gathered at the Ambrose Church on West 130th Street in Harlem for a discussion organized by the Harlem Tenants Council on race, the African American community and Barack Obama. Activists from a variety of causes including police brutality, housing and political prisoners talked about what the candidacy of Obama meant to the black community. more...  5 Comments

EZ Supply Workers Win Reinstatement

Worker Freedom |
January 15, 2008

An NLRB judge recently ruled in favor of the IWW in the case of 13 workers who were terminated from EZ Supply last winter. The workers were ordered to be reinstated and paid backwages. The amount of backwages is to be determined at a compliance hearing that will take place in the near future.

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Corruption in Finland - Finnish Chancellor of Justice to Investigate U of Helsin

N Rockefeller | The Finnish Chancellor of Justice is currently investigating for
possible irregularities and discriminatory treatment after the Swedish
School of Social Science released documents relating to their decision
to reject an internationally renowned SPACEPOL expert's candidacy for a
limited track researcher position. more...  0 Comments

Using Bhutto for Imperial Gain

Stephen Lendman | Bhutto killed for imperial gain more...  15 Comments

G.E. pulled Kucinich from Nev. debate

CSD | Yucca Mountain is the site of the proposed Yucca Mountain Repository, a U.S. Department of Energy terminal storage facility for spent nuclear reactor fuel and other radioactive waste. It's a pet of General Electric who owns NBC. more...  0 Comments

Lawyer: How to get rid of electronic voting

Eleanor White | Lawyer finds Constitutional way to get rid of electronic voting more...  0 Comments

Brazil: prior censorship against Paraná State's governor is absolutely reprehens

Sergio Murillo de Andrade | The president of the National Federation of Journalists (Fenaj), Sergio Murillo de Andrade, ranked as "absolutely reprehensible" the court decision that establishes prior censorship in Radio and Television Paraná Educativa.
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Progressive wake-up call: It’s Edwards

d.o. | The actual issues are what’s critically important, whether they are addressed by a woman, a black man, or a white man matters less than whether thousands more die in Iraq; whether the U.S. Constitution remains intact; whether the climate crisis worsens; or whether bread lines once again become common in this nation.
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Kosher Meat Company Loses Legal Fight to Union

Worker Freedom | It has not been a good week for AgriProcessors, the world’s largest kosher slaughterhouse. In addition to a falling-out between two of its kashrut certifiers, the company recently lost an appeal in federal court and continues to field attacks from the slaughterhouse workers’ union. more...  0 Comments

Picket line protests repression of striking miners in Cananea, Mexico

Internationalist Group | NEW YORK, 12 January -- The attack by over 800 state and federal police and Mexican army soldiers, aimed at dislodging striking miners from Cananea (Sonora state), was answered with a protest picket in New York. In front of the Mexican consulate, some 20 demonstrators proclaimed their solidarity with the mineworkers, who have been on strike since July 30 against terrible safety conditions at the Cananea complex and against government attacks on the workers. more...  4 Comments

US Corporate Elite Fear Edwards

randy repost | US Corporate Elite Fear Candidate Edwards
By Kevin Drawbaugh

Friday 11 January 2008 more...  7 Comments

The Venezuelan Revolution at the crossroads

Alan Woods | The Venezuelan revolution has inspired the workers, peasants and youth of all Latin America and on a world scale. Over the past decade the revolutionary masses have achieved miracles. But the Venezuelan revolution is not completed. It cannot be completed until it expropriates the oligarchy and nationalizes the land, the banks and the key industries that remain in private hands. After almost a decade this task has not been accomplished and this represents a threat to the future of the revolution.

The Venezuelan oligarchy is bitterly opposed to the Revolution. Behind it stands the might of US imperialism. Sooner or later the Venezuelan revolution will be faced with the alternative: either, or. And just as the Cuban revolution was capable of carrying through the expropriation of landlordism and capitalism, so the Venezuelan revolution will find the necessary resolve to follow the same road. That is really the only way.

The Bolivarian Revolution is now at the crossroads. It has reached the critical point at which decisions will have to be made that will have a determining influence on the fate of the Revolution. The role of the leadership is decisive at this point in time. But here we find the greatest weakness. One can say without fear of contradiction that if a genuine Marxist party had existed in Venezuela with roots in the working class, the socialist revolution would have been completed long before now. But such a party does not exist, or rather, it exists only in embryo. That is the nub of the problem. more...  0 Comments

Homeless Face A Cold Fight (Indypendent)

Alex Kane | Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) intake facility for homeless families in the Bronx was home to the “sleep-out” protest Dec. 13 against the Department of Homeless Services’ policy of denying people emergency shelter. Frigid temperatures did not keep homeless families, community leaders and activist groups from voicing opposition to the Department of Homeless Services (OHS) policy in the form of a candlelight vigil, defiant chants and a press conference. more...  0 Comments

Mexico: miners attacked, EMERGENCY PROTEST in NYC

Internationalist Group | An emergency picket has been called for Saturday January 12 at 3 p.m outside the Mexican consulate in New York to protest a police attack on striking miners in Cananea, Mexico. more...  2 Comments

Mwxico: miners attacked, EMERGENCY PROTEST in NYC

Internationalist Group | An emergency picket has been called for Saturday January 12 at 3 p.m outside the Mexican consulate in New York to protest a police attack on striking miners in Cananea, Mexico. more...  0 Comments

Time to Get Rid of Primaries!

Dr. Peter Stern | The traveling circus is back! more...  0 Comments

Guantanamo on the Seine

Hoipolloi Cassidy | A French support group for immigrants claims American officers brutally beat an immigrant being deported to Africa. more...  0 Comments

Fraud US-Style: Fake Videos and Elections

Stephen Lendman | We're being lied to. more...  1 Comments

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