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Museums and the preservation of the future.

Paul Werner | Workers for the French National Museum system have taken over a building more...  0 Comments

Which Killer To Vote For ?

Watchdog | With few exceptions, our presidential menu offers only homicidal candidates.
Public swing of opinion against the death penalty be damned. The USA must keep the death penalty in order to harden the population to all sorts of OTHER "wars", work safety violations, unjustified police shootings, the violence bred by the "drug war", industrial pollution, denial of true public health care, and contaminated products. more...  10 Comments

Columbia University, Harlem and the World

Brecht Forum | During the world-wide revolutionary upsurges of 1968, Columbia University was the site of a series of important and interconnected struggles. As the protest movements against the seemingly endless war in Vietnam continued to escalate in size and militancy, Columbia students and community members were simultaneously organizing against the Universities plans to expand into Harlem, displacing thousands of mostly black residents. These campaigns, targeting both the war at home and abroad, led to several interesting alliances and coalitions both on and off campus. more...  0 Comments

Jim Crow Ballfield Scheme on Randall's Island Annulled

New York Law Journal, January 31, 2008 | Approval of a bid to construct new sports fields and revamp 36
existing fields on Randall's Island has been annulled by a state
judge. Supreme Court Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich of Manhattan
held that concessions granted by the city's Franchise Concession
Review Committee to the Randall's Island Sports Foundation and a group
of 20 private schools was not properly reviewed under the New York
City's Uniform Land Use Review Procedure. more...  1 Comments

Italy's former President: 9-11 was a CIA-Mossad inside job

Truthseeker | Italy's former President Francesco Cossiga has told Italy's "most respected newspaper" [Corriere della Sera] that the 9-11 attacks "were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies."
more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | New book by David Levering Lewis discusses the Islamic culture of Al Andalus more...  0 Comments

February 10th! 7pm! RNC Welcoming Committee Roadshow comes to NYC!

RNC WC booking agent | Network, learn the lay of the land, and get the lowdown on the plans and logistics already in place to crash the convention this summer in Minneapolis! more...  0 Comments

NYC Wants Moore - Organizing Meeting

SP-USA (NYC) | While mainstream
candidates paper over these problems with empty
promises or proposals to expand the control of large
corporations, the Moore 2008 campaign provides
concrete proposals to address the growing class
inequalities in our city. more...  0 Comments


Jack A. Smith | Clinton, Obama and Edwards may be better than the Republicans who seek the presidential nomination, but none of them is capable of truly meeting the needs of the American people. When will progressives go beyond voting for candidates representing the politics of the center and center-right? more...  1 Comments

Margarita Lopez's role reversal and the NYCHA

Ann M. Schneider | Firebrand Margarita Lopez faced off with Rosie Mendez, current councilwoman for the Lower East Side on January 23rd when Mendez held a City Council hearing on the eviction practices of the New York City Housing Authority, on whose Board Lopez now sits. Long-term tenants can be evicted for flimsy reasons without ever seeing a Judge. The law currently only entitles residents to an administrative hearing at which the rule of evidence don’t apply. more...  3 Comments

Free The Mapuche Political Prisoners!! 1/29/08 NYC......Protest the Chilean Cons

La Peña Del Bronx, REBEL DIAZ | For 500 years , The Mapuche have resisted the colonial oppressors. Whether, Spain or Argentina or Chile the history of this proud nation has been one of resistance and struggle.

Under Pinochet, the Chilean government enacted terrorism laws against some forms of dissent and protest.

Much like our incarcerated freedom fighters here in the United States, the Mapuche have fallen victim to these laws, laws similar to the current "Anti -Terror" initiatives being practiced and implemented here.

Political Prisoner Patricia Troncoso has been on a hunger strike for 105 days in protest of her incarceration and of these "anti-terror" laws. more...  0 Comments

Harlem Community Forum Blasts Bloomberg's Gentrification Plan

Alex Kane | A “Harlem Community Forum” organized by Nellie Hester Bailey, director of the Harlem Tenants Council, was held on January 23 at the Ambrose Church on West 130th Street. Around 60 people came out to the event, which was billed as a response to the Bloomberg proposal to rezone 125th Street in Central Harlem. The six panelists touched on a diversity of issues including race, gentrification and the connection between this proposal and the Columbia University planned gentrification of West Harlem. more...  6 Comments

Low-Income New Yorkers Hold New Orleans Themed Funeral March To Mourn the Displa

Mike - Community Voices Heard | Group Targets Obama and Clinton to Move Forward
Timely Legislation and Promote Low-Income Agenda
more...  0 Comments

VOTE PSL in 2008: Reparations Now!

votePSL | The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is fielding a slate of candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections: Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice President. La Riva/Puryear demand that the Black community be compensated fully, with interest, for the historical racism and wrongs forced upon them by capitalism. more...  1 Comments

Starbucks Shortchanges Dr. King [Counterpunch]

Worker Freedom | In the watered-down version of what passes for history these days, what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was doing when he was assassinated is left out. In the current atmosphere of unbridled hostility to labor organizing, it's worthwhile to recall those final days of his life. more...  0 Comments

Are We Voting for Change?

Debbie Lewis | Do we really want change on Capitol Hill? We say we do, so why aren’t we looking for it? more...  1 Comments

Activism is NOT Terrorism! Today 7pm @ Brecht

NYCISPES | How are anti-terrorism laws used to restrict activists around the world? Who are the Suchitoto 13? Why are Puerto Rican activists in NYC being subpoenaed? Is the US still using El Salvador as a testing ground for state repression?
Join CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) as we explore these and other questions in depth with special guest speakers from the FMLN, the Hostos 11 and Puerto Rican Grand Jury Resistance Campaign. more...  1 Comments

Presidential Outlook 2008: Frank Moore on a "Web Work Of Caring”

C. Nicholl | "The guaranteed minimum income will be very different from welfare. Everyone will get it. So there will be no stigma attached to getting it. There will be no red tape, no entrapping rules, no case workers drained of their humanity, and the rest of the demeaning rituals of enforced head-bowing associated with getting public assistance. The guaranteed minimum income will be something you get as a citizen, something you can depend on." more...  0 Comments

State of NYC's Veterans Community‏

Joseph A. Bello | If Mayor Bloomberg (or any other elected official) really cared for veterans as they say they do then why do we (as a community) have to continue to fight tooth and nail just to get anything accomplished? Why doesn't the Mayor and/or Council Speaker meet with us in true partnership, discuss the issues and problems and find honest and open ways to address them instead of black-listing people, saying nothing, forcing it on the community and then saying they support veterans? more...  0 Comments

Borough President Stringer Promotes Cookbook | Your Borough President loves snap-eyed peas and healthy food. He supports community-based planning and did all he could to stop the Columbia expansion, over-development on the far West Side, and the proposed high-rises on the East Side of Manhattan.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: Honest not Slippery. more...  4 Comments

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