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New Orleans: Defend Jamie ‘Bork’ Loughner

Infoshop News | Jamie "Bork" Loughner, a housing activist, and disabled worker, who has relied on public housing for safe and affordable shelter, was arraigned on a politically inspired charge of possessing a false explosive device in Orleans Parish Criminal Court on January 29th, 2008. more...  0 Comments

Ilegalizar PP y PSOE

justicia y territorio | Pedimos solidaridad a todo el Mundo, para que se investigue por parte de las instituciones y colectivos pertinentes, nacionales e internacionales si, como sospechamos, se debería iniciar un proceso para la ilegalización de los partidos mayoritarios PP y PSOE del Estado Español, ante la plaga de corrupción, ingobernabilidad e impunidad de todos estos años, que pretenderían continuar con estas Elecciones Generales adelantadas. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: ... Autonomous struggle from the ground up!

El Libertario, Venezuela | * Issue #52 of El Libertario is out In its editorial we reaffirm the commitment of this voice of Venezuelan anarchism to maintain a critical viewpoint on the country's realities, as well as our stand in solidarity with the struggle for liberty and equality. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: ... ¡lucha autónoma desde abajo!

El Libertario, Venezuela | * Comienza a circular el # 52 de El Libertario, en cuyo editorial se reafirma el compromiso de este vocero del anarquismo venezolano por mantener una visión crítica sin concesiones sobre la realidad del país, así como su propuesta de lucha consecuente en favor de la libertad e igualdad en solidaridad. more...  0 Comments

Obama: The “Best Face” For Imperialism

White Mask | Sullivan writes that a (ruling class) “consensus” agenda for endless war and increased repression will be in effect regardless of who is president. He challenges the reader to pick who could best implement all this in the face of global isolation and profound domestic alienation. And, in the process, he sheds light on the real role of elections in this society.
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Between Rap and Reggae

Mumia Abu-Jamal | For while inner city poverty gave birth to a music that spoke to conditions of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and East Coast life in worsening ghettoes, reggae emerged from the slums of Jamaica, where the poor were informed, not only by their poverty, but by the decades long socio-religious movement of Rastafarianism, which, with its return-to-Africa ethos, gave a future vision of hope to people in largely hopeless conditions. more...  0 Comments

$1.2 billion fence adds little or no security

Luis Alberto Urrea - San Francisco Chronicle | This hotly contested stretch of sand and cinders stands to become a beneficiary of the $1.2 billion border fence that will seal off the southern American border.... more...  0 Comments

Ward Heelers Anonymous

Trotsky the Horse | We are shocked! Shocked! To discover that votes were miscounted in the New York Primary! more...  0 Comments

Barack Obama: White Power in Black Face

dejitarob | When you talk about a presidential election where they're going to spend more than a billion dollars, a lot of forces with a whole bunch of money are promoting him for their own reasons. Not because of what's important to Africans, but because of what's important to this element of the ruling class. more...  2 Comments

Obermann: Bush's "panoramic invasion of privacy" is terrorism

David Edwards and John Byrne | MSNBC commentator Keith Obermann declared Bush guilty of terrorism for playing the fear card in an attempt to get the House to pass retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies that illegally helped the US government in its warrantless wiretapping program. more...  0 Comments

The 2008 Elections and The Peace Movement

Richard Nadeau | Even if the Democrats win, the progressive peace movement needs to continue to “bear witness” to the crimes that our government, the CIA, and the Pentagonians are committing in foreign lands against people that have never harmed or attacked America. more...  2 Comments

Moonbats for Obama

Trotsky the Horse | In which the great existentialist Marxist philosopher takes a hike. more...  5 Comments

The Obama Myth and the Greater Problems of Reality

RAl-N0 | Even if Obama were as progressive as we'd like, he'd still only be scratching to surface of deep-seated cultural problems. more...  0 Comments

Borough President Scott Stringer comes out with new cookbook

A fan | Scott Stringer is a fiery advocate for community-based planning. He was instrumental in demanding that only 50% of the public fields on Randall's Island be sold to private schools; and he lent his good offices to the cause of Columbia expansion when he announced a 'deal' which only the University and two sell-out front groups approved of. He's a great cook! more...  3 Comments

US to hold 9/11 show trial at Guantánamo

Joe Kay | The US military on Monday announced charges against six individuals it alleges helped plan the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The six prisoners—all of whom have been held incommunicado for more than six years, deprived of any legal rights or representation, and subjected to illegal and abusive interrogation methods—are to be tried in a single trial before a military commission at the Guantánamo Bay prison camp. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for alleged war crimes.

With the announced charges, the American government is setting in motion a vast show trial within its drumhead military tribunal system. The aim is not to arrive at the truth of what happened on September 11 and who was responsible, but to intimidate popular opposition to the occupation of Iraq and bolster the “war on terror,” which has served as the basic pretext for a vast expansion of US militarism abroad and a wholesale assault on democratic rights at home.

The process announced Monday is a travesty of justice and an affront to any conception of due process. The timing of the announcement and likely time-table for the proceedings—due to unfold in the midst of the 2008 presidential election campaign—point to the reactionary political calculations underlying the project. more...  1 Comments

International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims: "End Waterboarding"

Jonathan Dale Rapoport | "Following the recent admission by the CIA that it has subjected three terror suspects to “waterboarding”, IRCT Senior Medical Consultant Bent Sørensen confirms that waterboarding is indeed a form of torture and the IRCT stresses that action must be taken to prosecute the perpetrators all along the chain of command and to prevent all forms of torture and ill-treatment always and under all circumstances." more...  0 Comments

Calderon a fraud Mexicans reject

Bradley Roland | Calderon stole the election to push through Plan Mexico and ensure that growing protests against NAFTA could be crushed. more...  1 Comments

Philippines: Greed, Corruption and Illegitimate Debt

FDC & PAID | Greed is defined as an excessive or uncontrolled desire for or pursuit of money, wealth, food, or other possessions especially when this denies the same goods to others. It is reprehensible acquisitiveness, an insatiable longing for power, and supremacy in order to advance individual interests at the cost of other's well being.

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Barack Obama - White Power in Black Face!

Uhuru News | "He hasn't said the word black out of his mouth, not even to talk about the color of his suit or his shoes! He cannot address the suffering of African people." more...  1 Comments

SULU MASSACRE (Mindanao, Philippines)

Anak Mindanao | “Despicable, loathsome, ruthless…” These were the words of Anak Mindanao Representative Mujiv S. Hataman on the latest tragedy in the province of Sulu , particularly in the coastal town of Maimbung , which claimed the lives of a 4-year old child, Marisa Payian, 9 year old Wedme Lahim, teenagers Alnalyn Lahim, 15 and Sulayman Hakob, 17. Three other civilians were also killed, Kirah Lahim, 45; Eldisim Lahim, 43 and Narcia Abon, 24. A certain Pfc. Ibnul Wahid of the Army's 6th Infantry Division who was said to be on vacation was also killed.

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