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No occupation without representation (and other electoral musings)

Mickey Z. | If America wants to dominate the globe in the name of spreading democracy (sic), how about giving some love to the subjugated? For example, let’s extend the ballot to the citizens of occupied Iraq. more...  0 Comments

NYPD caught on tv beating up Tibet protestors in NY

-- | NYPD look just like viscious Chinese goon squad - busting up a free Tibet protest in New York. more...  25 Comments

An Open Letter to Sen. Barack Obama on the Subject of Faith

Scott Creighton | Conyers has recently claimed that his desire to begin impeachment hearings is being held in check because he is affraid that it may cost Sen. Obama his presidency. This presents Obama with a once in a life-time opportunity to step forward and truely lead this nation. more...  0 Comments

On A Roll To The Oval Office

Frank Moore | "The presidential race isn’t just Republicans vs Democrats. lndependent candidate Frank Moore wants to become the first disabled president since Roosevelt." This is a re-post from the UK magazine, "Disability Now". more...  0 Comments

Democrat’s New Spy Bill – Lulling Americans Into False Sense of Security

William Lewis | The war on terror and the war on freedom are nonpartisan issues. Both Democrats and Republicans alike have consistently voted for legislation that, through the illusion of protecting our families and our homeland, have actually removed critical components of the U.S. Constitution. Will the Democrat’s new FISA Spy Bill be any different? more...  0 Comments

Live web tv of S.F. anti-war protests on NOW

peacie | you can watch live on the internet more...  0 Comments

Of cows, banks and hookers.. Who is the IRS boss? a Goldman Sachs CEO Spitzer su

Wall St Watcher | The plot to entrap Spitzer was designed by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, someone Spitzer
had sued more...  0 Comments

3/19 Lee Siu Hin: 5 Years of U.S. Invasion At Iraq/What's Going On In Tibet?

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network | I still clearly remember on the evening of Tuesday March 18th, 2003 (Iraq time morning of March 19th).... more...  8 Comments

Bush v. Chavez - An Update

Stephen Lendman | Continued efforts to destabilize Venezuela more...  1 Comments


SP-USA (NYC) | Join thousands of other New Yorkers holding hands across 14th street in protest of the 5-year US occupation of Iraq. more...  3 Comments

Obama’s Blood and The Forbidden Truths

Richard Nadeau | "The latest media furor was over videotaped remarks from Obama’s former minister, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. The bloodhounds were soon barking and snipping at Obama’s heels demanding a renunciation of the pastor’s words."

more...  1 Comments

Sadness in Sarkozie

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Perhaps the tables have finally turned in the elaborate game that is French local politics more...  0 Comments

Slander and Invasion of Privacy: The New Tools to Stifle Dissent?

T. Brown | When "trolls" turn into stalkers...send harassing emails, attempt to invade your privacy, and call for others to "hunt you down" it becomes a matter of personal safety, not opinion. more...  2 Comments


Sex Workers Project | (New York City, March 14, 2008) – Eliot Spitzer resigned from his position as Governor of New York after being implicated in a prostitution scandal. The irony is that Mr. Spitzer’s office helped pass Anti-Trafficking Legislation in New York and specifically pushed through controversial provisions that we opposed, one enhancing penalties for clients of all prostitutes, and another that made trafficking into all sectors other than prostitution a lesser crime. As advocates for the protection, safety and human rights of sex workers and trafficked persons, we are not interested in Eliot Spitzer’s personal life. However, his resignation provides an opportunity to reflect on the counterproductive and moralistic policies that he supported as Governor.
more...  1 Comments

Yassin Aref's Struggle for Justice in Police State America

Stephen Lendman | Witch hunt prosecutions in America more...  0 Comments

Sex Workers Blow Spitzer a Farewell Kiss

SWANK, SWOP-NYC, PONY, Desiree Alliance | New York, NY - In the wake of former Governor Spitzer's resignation, sex workers and human rights advocates remain concerned about the representation and future of "Kristen" and other sex workers, who do not have the legal and social privileges that will be afforded to Mr. Spitzer. The identity of the sex worker implicated in this case has already been made public, a situation mirroring many a sex worker's worst nightmare. "Kristen's" exposure may entail not only bring her legal repercussions, but invasion of privacy, financial hardship and social opprobrium. more...  9 Comments

Threats From An FBI Agent

Sheikh Tarek Saleh | An Informant or FBI agent threatened me verbally that I am targeted by FBI and my life is in danger more...  0 Comments


Committee to Free Mehdi (NYC) | Seyed Mehdi Kazemi is a twenty year old homosexual in imminent danger of being executed by the government of Iran for what they describe as the crime of sodomy. Mehdi fled from Iran in November 2005 for Britain and has since escaped to Holland. Dutch officials now intend to return him to Britain despite the fact that British officials have already rejected his claim for asylum. more...  2 Comments

Reprimen medicos dominicanos

Cristian Cabrera | Disparos y golpes impiden médicos llegar al Palacio
Los 40 detenidos fueron liberados, condición para el Foro Social Alternativo(FSA) retirarse, luego que no pudieron pasar de la avenida México con Juan Bautista Vicini.

more...  0 Comments

The record of henharming Henhawk Hillary

Factory Farm Abolitionist | Hillary as well as being on the board of WalMart was their attorney at Rose Law
Firm and defended the glass ceiling which kept millions of women down. more...  0 Comments

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