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Justice Is Just an Emotional Feeling: Judge Sabo’s 1995-97 Kangaroo Court

Michael Schiffmann, Journalists for Mumia | When on August 2, 1995 the defense tried to subpoena clerks from the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts as well as the Jury Commissioner of the County of Philadelphia as part of their PCRA petition argument that jury pools were not drawn “from a fair cross section of the community,” Sabo silenced attorney Wolkenstein and had her locked up in a jail cell instead. All subpoenas were quashed, leading attorney Jonathan Piper to state during the defense’s closing argument on September 11, 1995: “We have been precluded from presenting any evidence with respect to the racially-biased manner in which jury pools were selected in Philadelphia in 1982.” This is particularly stupefying since

Twelve and a half years later, the 3rd Circuit Court of appeals (1) denies Abu-Jamal relief on the question of racism in jury selection because of an alleged lack of defense data on the racial composition of the jury pool, the very question Wolkenstein tried to address when Sabo locked her up, and (2) declares that whatever Judge Sabo did during the PCRA hearings can no longer be part of any federal review, including his move to block the defense from getting hold of the data that the court now demands. more...  0 Comments

April 19 Chinese Global Day Protest Against Western Media Bias &"Tibet Indepent"

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network | Largely ignored by corporate media and self-censored by progressive media around the World, there's been Chinese organized global day of protest at dozen cities across the World and China to protests Western media bias and Against political and media bias against China on Tibet--France, CNN and BBC. more...  1 Comments

Fraude en Los Elecciones en Paraguay? Entrevista Con Fernando Martinez de Tekojo

Michael Fox | On Paraguayan Elections more...  0 Comments

Pope a Dope!

William Eon | Billions must pay.
With their lives.
Pigs do Fly! more...  0 Comments

Updating Sami Al-Arian - His Ordeal Continues

Stephen Lendman | His false imprisonment and torture. more...  0 Comments

Peter Hallward's "Damming the Flood" - Part II

Stephen Lendman | Part II of Hallward's superb book on Haiti. more...  0 Comments

Legal Aid Union Members' Protest Bar Association Award

100 NYC Legal Aid Attorneys | Yes, Schreibersdorf too once worked at The Legal Aid Society. Unlike Maxian, however, Schreibersdorf and several other of our former colleagues responded to Giuliani's attack by setting up a nonunion contractor, Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS), which successfully bid for millions of dollars cut from the unionized Society. more...  0 Comments

A Lack of Intelligence

charles | 9/11 commission: who they were, what they did and didn't do. more...  0 Comments

Call for proposals for pReNC 5.3 / RSVP deadline extension

RNC Welcoming Committee | The deadline for RSVPs for the pReNC 5.3 has been extended to April 25th. The pReNC 5.3 is the second national gathering for planning radical resistance to the 2008 Republican National Convention. It will take place on May 3rd in the Twin Cities. Please visit for more info about the event and how to RSVP. more...  0 Comments

Report from Beaver County: Bitterness, Hope and Obama in Western PA

Carl Davidson | Carl Davidson examines how the Obama campaign, and the attacks on it, are playing out back in his home turf. more...  15 Comments

Plan Mexico: The Merida Initiative Secret Documents. A $950 million Budget!

Friends of Brad Will | Bush's $950 million plan. Read the full pdf. more...  0 Comments

Plan Mexico: The Merida Initiative Secret Documents. A $950 million Budget!

Friends of Brad Will | Bush's $950 million plan. Read the full pdf. more...  0 Comments

Peter Hallward's "Damming the Flood" - Part I

Stephen Lendman | A superb history of recent Haitian history. more...  0 Comments

The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal: an interview with author J. Patrick O’Connor

Hans Bennett | In his new book, O’Connor argues that Abu-Jamal was clearly framed by police, and that the actual shooter was a man named Kenneth Freeman. O’Connor criticizes the local media, who, he says “bought into the prosecution’s story line early on and has never been able to see this case for what it is: a framing of an innocent and peace loving man.” more...  0 Comments

Union Square Boondoggle (Indypendent)

Alex Kane | The chain link fences are up around the north end of Union Square Park as the city prepares to launch a $20 million renovation that critics say privileges private business interests over the public good. more...  2 Comments

Tough Times in Queens (Indypendent)

Sophie Forbes | The Indypendent hit the streets in Queens to talk to residents about how the economic downturn the country has taken affects their daily lives. more...  0 Comments

Corporate media'a ABC has smoking gun on Bush warcrimes

oak | According to a top official, Ashcroft asked aloud after one meeting: "Why are we talking about this in the White House? History will not judge this kindly." more...  0 Comments

Destroying Public Education in America

Stephen Lendman | Privatization schemes to destroy public education. more...  0 Comments

NY RNC Delegation's Hotel

Helpful | Hey New York,
Thought you'd like to know, your state's delegate bloc at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be staying at:

Minneapolis Marriott City Center more...  3 Comments

Subway Stewardesses Fight Fair Hike

Alex Nathanson | In response to MTA fair hikes and a lack of improved services members of Boring Inc. have taken it upon themselves to become "MTA Service Specialists" and improve customer service on subways in New York. more...  2 Comments

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