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Top 10 Myths About Disasters

Aftershock Action Alliance | Top 10 Myths about Disasters more...  0 Comments


Bayan USA | BAYAN USA, a national alliance of Filipino organizations in the US, together with several other allied groups, coordinated R.A.T.s in several cities in protest of Arroyo's visit, claiming the President will funnel any foreign aid, especially US aid, towards the proliferation of human rights violations, including militarization, counter-insurgency, politically-motivated killings, and abductions in the Philippines. Ironically, the Philippine government was recently elected a vice-presidential post in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), a major point of controversy for the families of over 1000 victims of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances in the Philippines. more...  2 Comments

HR 6304 Sets New Referendum; Fire all the Traitors!

Debbie Morgan | Our representatives have turned on us. It is very clear, with the passage of HR6304 in the House of Representatives, that it will be up to us to make a difference in this country. more...  0 Comments

GMA’s Dirty Laundry Aired for DC Public

Katarungan | A spirited bunch of protesters came out for a second day in a row to draw attention to the human rights crisis in the Philippines while President Arroyo and her junket attended a reception organized by the Philippine Embassy. The group was accompanied by a 10 foot tall puppet of GMA bearing her “dirty laundry” which included blood stained shirts, a paper bag signifying corruption, and an empty rice sack. more...  0 Comments

Protesters Send Advanced Team to “Greet” GMA

Katarungan | A day before their planned action, Katarungan: Center for Peace, Justice, and Human Rights in the Philippines sent an advanced team to greet President Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo and her “junket” at a scheduled dinner organized by the US Chamber of Commerce and the US-ASEAN Business Council. more...  0 Comments

Los Angeles Anti-Arroyo RAT Smells a Foul Regime

BAYAN USA | Philippine Consulate, Los Angeles – The anti-Arroyo RATs – "Rapid Action Team" traced the foul scent in the thick smoggy air of Los Angeles to the rotten Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) regime. Filipino Americans and their allies gathered around a trashcan with GMA situated in the middle indicating that it is "Time to Take Out the Trash." more...  1 Comments

NYC Venezuelan Consulate to Sponsor Independence Day Celebration Monday June 30

Simon Bolivar | Venezuela, along with our sister countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, is building paths toward a new independence from neo-colonialism. Find out more about this process Monday night from Bernardo Alvarez, Venezuela's ambassador to the U.S., Dr. Adina Bastidas, Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Venezuela's ambassador to Ecuador and Sen. Piedad Cordoba of Colombia who is working to facilitate a just and peaceful end to her country's civil war. This free event starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the SEIU-32BJ Building at 101 Avenue of the Americas, one block north of Canal St. Trains: A, C, E. 1 to Canal St. more...  0 Comments

Press Communique on the Third International Assembly of the ILPS

ILPS | The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) successfully held its Third International Assembly (TIA) from June 18 to 20, 2008 in Hong Kong. The assembly carried the theme, "Strengthen the peoples' struggle, unite to build a new world against imperialist aggression, state terrorism, plunder and social destruction!"

Two hundred sixty-five (265) participants representing 165 peoples' organizations attended the assembly. They came from 30 countries namely: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China (including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan province), Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, New
Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States. more...  0 Comments

Entrevista al Movimiento Libertario Cubano

Movimiento Libertario Cubano | * A mediados de junio de 2008 desde el colectivo que lleva la web contrainformativa ibérica se propusieron diversas interrogantes al M.L.C., grupo de afinidad del anarquismo cubano en el exterior. He aquí el texto completo de ese intercambio. more...  0 Comments

a CUNY Social Forum is on the way...

Maria | Over the last several months, CUNY students from across the city and the CUNY system have come together to create a strong foundation to facilitate cross-CUNY activism and to build a base of students/faculty willing and able to address the issues facing CUNY students. One of the ways we hope to learn more about issues to be addressed at various campuses is to organize a CUNY-wide Social Forum that will be take place in October. more...  0 Comments

WNU #951: No Prime Minister in Haiti, Missing Cubans in Texas

Week News Update | A group of undocumented Cuban immigrants who were supposedly "snatched" from Mexican immigration authorities by an armed commando on June 11 in the southeastern state of Chiapas have been located in Hidalgo, Texas. Chiapas justice secretary Amador Rodríguez Lozano charged that the "Miami mafia"--rightwing Cuban Americans living in Florida--financed the operation.
more...  0 Comments

March on the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN!

March on the RNC and Stop the War | Flier for the September 1st march on the RNC. more...  0 Comments

Cuba Solidarity- Henry Reeve Brigade- Hurricane Katrina and the official silence

posted by F Espinoza | In August 2005, hurricane Katrina lashed the United States southeast and brought the sea over the poorest neighbourhoods of New Orleans... more...  0 Comments

Passed HR 6304 Domestic SPY AMENDMENTS—choke 1st Amendment Rights

Dan Scott | House SPY AMENDMENTS—State, Persons Exercising 1st Amendment Rights “may be Considered” Agents of a Foreign Power. more...  1 Comments

The KC5 Frameup; author J. Patrick O'connor in NYC | The author of “The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal," J. Patrick O’Connor’s East Coast tour begins on June 23 with a two-hour appearance on WPFW, Wash DC’s Pacifica radio station on the “Jazz and Justice” show, guest hosted by Todd S. Burroughs, from 1-3pm, where folks can listen live or via the website’s archive at O'Connor will then be speaking in New York City on June 23, 7-9pm, at Baruch College, more info: …and on June 24, 2008 6pm @ the Brecht Forum, 451 West Street (btw. Bank & Bethune), see for more information. more...  0 Comments

Lejos de Dios, cerca de George W. Bush

Luis Agüero Wagner | La comunidad educativa universitaria del Paraguay ha reaccionado con estupor ante el nombramiento de un connotado colaborador de la dictadura neo nazi y pro-Washington del general Stroessner, el Dr. José Antonio Moreno Ruffinelli, como Rector de la Universidad Catolica de Asunción more...  0 Comments

Harlem Fightback Continues

Jaisal Noor | Whether it be in Occupied Territories in Palestine, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, or right here in New York City, the world is witnessing a new wave of corporate seizure and destruction of already scare affordable housing. This is just one part of Mayor Bloomberg's plan to transform New York, albeit the most ambitious. Under the current plan, 70 local businesses and hundreds of minority local residents will be displaced to make way for multi-billion dollar corporations to set up shop and continue to exploit our communities. more...  1 Comments

Protest Against Health Insurance Companies

Alex Nathanson | Protesters gathered outside the Midtown offices of GHI and United Health. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela Headlines #57 (June 10- June 20)

Michael Fox | Venezuela to Respect Disqualification of Candidates Accused of Corruption - United Socialist Party of Venezuela to Negotiate Candidates with Patriotic Alliance - New Venezuelan Finance Minister - Venezuela Launches New Social Program for Poor Children - Chavez Revokes Intelligence Law - INTERPOL Clarifies it Never Determined Authenticity of Laptops that Implicate Venezuela - Chavez Reiterates Call on Colombian Rebels to Release All Hostages more...  0 Comments

Doug Dowd's "At the Cliff's Edge" - Part II

Stephen Lendman | a stinging indictment of US imperialism more...  0 Comments

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